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10:17:35 PM Aug 4th 2013
Regarding this Wham Episode bullet:

  • The end of New Flames and Old reveals Justin has a flame power mark on his back between his shoulder blades, revealing that he not Dex was summoning the fire creatures unknowingly.

We can see during the dojo scene the fire beasts coming out of Dex's halo much like we see the dragon come out of Dex (and you notice both the fire guys and the dragon disappeared when Dex was put in the sleeper hold). It seems much more likely that the magic mark on Justin was giving him the power he used to beat up the fire guy at the comic shop.

The main reason I could see for arguing otherwise is parallelism to the Rhoda case, but in the Rhoda case we saw her enlarging the boar. No such sign was included in New and Old Flames.
10:57:25 AM Aug 5th 2013
Yeah, Justin's tattoo is what gave his attacks an extra kick, not summoning fire monsters. It's specifically mentioned several times that the shape of the tattoo is completely unconnected to the power it grants. It's still a bit of a Wham Episode (though not to the extent of the Rhoda one), just not for that reason.
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