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12:56:23 AM Sep 21st 2013
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Pulled from Earworm.Advertising due to NSFW link and possible Content Policy violation. (Broke link.)

  • Parodied: [[www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm 9 Ukl UL Tjo It's dildo, it's dildo...]] {NSFW note }

Note content: It's a song about dildoes, did you really think it would be something you want playing in your cubicle?
12:59:22 PM Apr 23rd 2011
Moved this from the main page because it was improperly sub-bulleted to the Kit-Kat jingle entry.

If you know where it was supposed to be, go ahead and put it back in the right place.

08:57:52 AM Sep 15th 2010
Questionable examples please anyone who knows if it really is an example of an advertising jingle speak up.

This one sounds and looks more like someone incorporated the name of the company into a song, rather than it being an actual jingle:

Examples cut because all they were was a Youtube link that is now gone, or because there's no information except the words to the jingle or da-da-da-doo-ish stuff.

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