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04:14:12 PM Aug 5th 2013
Not too sure if the bit I added to the Windows example should be there, but felt it relevant to point out that not everybody's Windows experience was that great at all in the early days. Maybe I'm biased since Win98 was the first Windows version I had at home full stop (having used Acorns before that) but I do recall my Win98 usage being constantly plagued by errors. Probably the "Windows begins in cycles" actually is like a cosine wave offset by a quarter-cycle- starting at zero and getting worse before it got better.

Also not sure where Win95 would fit in, as in my estimation it was the beginning of the now-classic Windows desktop environment and was a huge improvement over Win3.1.
05:14:12 PM Aug 5th 2013
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Actually, deleted the whole thing. Whilst it's possible to (tenuously) suggest that the bugs in Win9x/ME constituted Microsoft's Dork Age, this was probably offset by the leaps forward Win9x actually made (prior to ME). And let's be honest, it was the period that really established Windows as the dominant OS.

Also started writing it based on misunderstanding of the trope meaning.
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