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01:15:25 AM Jun 17th 2012
I'm of the opinion that the entire anime medium itself is caught in a collosal Dork Age where the prevailing trends are fanservice-bordering-on-outright-porn (usually of disturbing prepubescent-looking characters) and mindless moe with actual PLOT being a offhand consideration, if they bother with it at all. I mean, just compare the series coming out these days with as little as 5 years ago and it's just plain depressing how much more generally SHIT everything is. It's like The Dark Age of Comic Books for anime, only with Hotter and Sexier (and Refuge in Vulgarity) rather than Darker and Edgier. But I'm not sure if the Dork Age trope is meant to be applied to a medium as a whole, even if it is because of recurring trends affecting the majority of properties. Would it be an appropriate listing?
02:46:50 AM Jun 17th 2012
No. It would not be appropriate. This is a YMMV trope, but that does not mean a whole medium can come under it. Not all anime comes under what you're saying.
02:05:46 PM Jun 17th 2012
I'd say no. That falls under Nostalgia Filter.
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