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11:40:16 PM Feb 7th 2014
I don't think Hellfire is really a good example of a Villainous Breakdown. Frollo's already proven that he's ok with killing Roma people pretty much for being Roma, and we're clearly not supposed to think he's a good person based on the way he treats Quasimodo...
09:17:59 PM Jan 26th 2016
In that scene, he definitely killed his redeeming qualities. At least he had some respect for God, but now, he doesn't care.
11:26:40 AM Mar 26th 2012
Does This Remind You of Anything?: The Lawful Evil Antagonist singing about how much he desires the resident sensual brunette? In a church? With the sound of people praying in the background?

I may be really dumb here, but still: what is this supposed to remind us about? Thank you.
09:40:20 AM Jul 4th 2012
I don't get it either... does anyone know?
01:11:53 PM Mar 1st 2013
Judge Turpin from Sweeney Todd?
11:34:35 AM Mar 18th 2013
Hardly. Johanna and Lucy had golden hair, and I don't remember churches featured in Sweeney Todd.
01:51:58 AM Aug 12th 2013
I looked in the history for clues, and apparently it was Tosca. I've updated the entry.
11:21:50 PM Nov 22nd 2011
Back when the movie was released i didnt manage to see it but i did receive several toy from the Mc Donald's happy meal from the movie. And for some reason, there were 2 Frollo's toy, one with the black dress like in the movie and another identical but in white dress that aparently NEVER used. It wasn't even the Archdeacon from the movie, just Frollo in a white costume. And i thought when i was a kid that maybe he has split personality or that he just uses one for the public and one for when he is alone. Then after finding out about the books and how Frollo is VERY different there than the movie makes me wonder if this a call back to the books? or they are making a mistake and spoiling the books??? kinda of how some toy makers made action figures from (for example) Batman: Mask of the Phantasm that revealed a plot twist by having a toy of the villain revealing its face when you remove the mask. Not sure what kind of trope does this belongs
10:59:21 PM Apr 19th 2011
Why did this entry merit removal?

  • Cry for the Devil: Frollo has perhaps the best Villain Song in the entire Disney Animated Canon because of this trope. Behind closed doors he prays to the Virgin Mary for protection from Esmeralda's "witchcraft," which he wholeheartedly believes is driving him to sin through lustful, burning desire. He begs Mary to either burn Esmeralda in Hell or deliver her to him as his love to free him from his sin. He may be a vicious Knight Templar, but he truly wants to be a good man, struggling with powerful inner deamons he cannot control.
    Frollo: God have mercy on her...God have mercy on me...
08:05:37 PM Apr 2nd 2010
So, I just wanted to check: How is this a Deconstruction? It's dark, to be sure, and better for it, but I don't see it thrusting any idea's flaws into the sun for all to see.
06:30:31 PM Apr 3rd 2010
It isn't, really, for exactly the reasons you describe. Entry removed.
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