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04:30:26 AM Feb 3rd 2013
The description says the film opens in the late 1880-s. Elsewhere, it is stated that most of the film takes place in the 1880-s. However, the film itself takes place roughly twenty years after the opening scene (Tarzan is a baby in the opening scene and a young adult in the rest of the movie). So either the film opens in the 1860-s, or the majority of the plot takes place in the early 1900-s.
01:24:49 PM Jul 19th 2012
Is tarzan's interaction with Jane really "getting crap past the radar" - that's more for sneaking inappropriate stuff through. Tarzan was very open and obvious with what was going on (the whole point being Tarzan didn't know any social standards) - nothing really was being snuck past the radar there.
04:34:29 AM Feb 3rd 2013
Getting crap past the radar is not about the characters sneaking inappropriate stuff through - it is the creators of the movie sneaking inappropriate stuff in it. A character peeking under another character's skirt in a children's movie definitely counts.