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07:57:54 AM Apr 13th 2016
edited by DenisK21
Two issues with the Broken Aesop section. 1. Doris's defeat. He solved the problem from his own present perspective. He foresaw the consequences of making Doris, and corrected the mistake in his OWN time, an act comparable to taking a left at the fork in the road because you can see the dead end on the right from where you currently are. Just how is solving the problem in your own present the irresponsible choice? Waiting to solve it in the future rather than taking care of it first chance you get just sounds like procrastination to me. And the alternate solution provided by whoever wrote that entry STILL means negating a future event. 2. Bowler Hat Guy's supposed "murder". Um, hello? He's Goob! Goob was never Ret Gone, what are you even TALKING about!? Lewis once again solved the problem in his OWN time so that Goob has a happier future, meaning Bowler Hat Guy has a happier present/future, because Bowler Hat Guy IS Goob. Is whoever wrote this implying that we're committing mass murder-suicide every time we make a decision and change the future?
11:31:18 AM Jun 18th 2013
Would someone give me the link for the Nightmare Fuel page?
11:55:31 AM Jun 18th 2013
NightmareFuel.Meet The Robinsons.

I assume you want to create the page, since it doesn't exist yet.
12:35:37 PM Jun 18th 2013
Yes, thank you.
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