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09:33:58 PM Mar 17th 2013
  • Arc Words: Lu-Tze reminding everyone of Rule One, which is "Never act incautiously when facing a small wrinkly bald smiling old man!" He proves it by beating the tar out of the new personification of Time.
    • But only because Time was holding back, which was entirely according to Lu-Tze's plan.
      • Possibly; his fighting style was described as using time itself as a weapon.

A whole new twist on using an enemy's strengths against him. But what else do we expect from Pratchett!
02:28:13 PM Apr 28th 2012
edited by DoktorvonEurotrash
I take issue with this (under Sdrawkcab Name):

According to Pratchett, he only realized who Soak really was a minute or two before Lu-Tze did, and ran into a bathroom with a pen and a piece of paper to check to see if it was recognizeable when it's mirrored.

That's... a very odd way to write a key character, and not what I read. My understanding was that Pratchett always intended for Ronnie Soak to be Chaos, but didn't realise until way into the story that his name was "Kaos" backwards.
08:35:24 PM Apr 28th 2012
Hmm, I thought I read that somewhere but I cannot find any thing in the annotations online. Well I think deleting it would be within reason.
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