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05:12:21 PM Dec 12th 2014
Is it worth adding a Trivia subpage for Write What You Know? Pterry was a journalist long before he started writing novels...
07:46:02 PM Dec 12th 2014
I think so. You could go to the FAQ page to ask the admins.
01:23:54 AM Dec 13th 2014
Is it really worth its own page?
01:32:36 PM Aug 18th 2010
When Mr. Pin kills Mr. Tulip, he mentions he doesn't want to see him suffer. Does this fall under Pet the Dog / Mercy Kill?
03:30:16 PM Apr 1st 2011
I really don't think so. He only says that as a sort of excuse.
03:30:09 AM Apr 4th 2010
Mike Rosoft: Removed
  • Fridge Logic: Otto is a vampire. He takes photographs for the newspaper during the day.
    • Ankh-Morpork is analogous to England, is severely polluted, and is therefore almost always cloudy or smoggy and usually safe for vampires. The book mentions this (at least, one of them does). Additionally, Discworld Vampires don't really find sunlight as difficult to deal with as most others; it merely disorients in most cases, rather than burns. And very bright light (such as Otto's salamander flashes) does turn him to dust. He gets better.

I'll add that vampires (e.g. Sally) can survive in daylight if they are protected by thick clothing; and, after all (as the Wikipedia article on Discworld undead says), on Discworld all vampire myths are true, even the mutually contradictory ones - they just aren't all true for the same vampire.
05:17:28 AM Sep 30th 2011
There is a contradiction across books: in Carpe Jugulum, Vlad is adamant that only decapitation can seriously inconvenience a vampire, and this is proven when Mightily Oats chops his father's head off with the battleaxe, thus making it an unanswerably holy symbol revisited in Unseen Academicals.

yet here in The Truth, Otto Chriek is decapitated by the bad guys: he is seen to ask the Dwarfs later to roll his head over to where his body can find it to pick it up and re-attach it. He then remarks that "this stings a bit", but is otherwise able to return to active life. Maybe Otto comes from a different part of Überwald to the de Magpyrs?
07:09:05 AM Sep 30th 2011
Could be; as Pterry has mentioned, all vampire myths are true, but they're not all necessarily true for all vampires.

Also, as you mentioned, in CJ, the chopping was done by a newly-christened holy symbol being swung in faith by a devout clergyman. In The Truth, it was a knife swung by a desperate low life.
05:27:18 AM Jan 4th 2013
In Carpe Jugulum, there is a list of methods to dispose of a vampire depending on the area the vampire comes from, implying that to each vampire applies the folklore of their origin. Add to that the general power of belief on the Discworld, and it could be easily said that what the vampires believe to be harmful to them is harmful to them. (Mightly Oats's axe was also bolstered by his belief, after all, and after they were "Weatherwaxed", the Magpyrs complained that "everywhere they look they see something holy").

The Magpyrs were "raised" (for want of a better term) in the classical vampire folklore, and had to break away from it using all these techniques, which made them very dangerous. Otto and Sally are probably more "modern," Friendly Neighborhood Vampires, and as such they may work by a completely different archetype.
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