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01:55:57 AM Apr 28th 2015
With regards to the Wham Line, "All the wizards were wazards", could anyone inform me if 'wazard' has a specific meaning? The only definition I've found is 'a golfing water-hazard', which doesn't seem apt. I suspect it's simply a made-up rude-sounding word, being reminiscent of 'wazzock', but I consider it a duty to understand as many of Terry Pratchett's jokes as possible.
09:42:24 AM Apr 28th 2015
edited by MrDeath
It's a pun.

Wizard —> W 'is' ard

Wazard —> 'Was' ard

I.e., the wizards were, but now are not.
05:26:38 AM Nov 9th 2013
I find it interesting that 'Sourcery' is Terry Pratchett's least favourite book, because it's definitely my favourite; the story's exciting, there's a lot of really great character development and the emotions just write themselves.
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