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05:17:50 PM Mar 19th 2011
edited by HersheleOstropoler
I'm uncomfortable calling this "the first standalone" when Equal Rites and Mort were standalones when they were written too.
01:39:56 PM Jul 12th 2011
With the exception of The Light Fantastic and maybe Wyrd Sisters depending on whether you count Equal Rites, every single Discworld book up to this point has been a standalone when it was written. It's perfectly legitimate to call it "the first standalone" in hindsight.
05:40:17 AM Aug 27th 2011
Besides, it's also been ages since this book was written, it's fairly certain that by now, we won't ever see a sequel in the "Pyramids" theme. At the time, you couldn't have called it the first standalone, but looking back now, you definitely can.
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