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08:38:48 PM Dec 20th 2012
In regards to Johnnye removing my mention of the Truth in Television about queuing theory, I assumed this was a good example because it is such a strange point not many would know is actually true. That's why I added it in.
08:30:36 AM Dec 21st 2012
I may be wrong, but I don't think we usually note examples of particular situations being Truth I.T., it's more about tropes themselves and/or the way they're used — that is to say, we don't generally give T.I.T an entry on trope lists in its own right. Happy to see what others think about it though.
11:34:50 PM Nov 26th 2012
To whoever noticed the Monopoly shoutout, brilliant. I never caught that. :D
06:04:33 AM Sep 11th 2012
Why is Gladys listed as Straw Feminist after her change of heart? All she does is abandon the ridiculous notions of lady Waggon and get on with her duties. She was not even formally appointed as Moist'secretary, let alone domestic help, so there's nothing man-hating about her stopping that. what's so "straw" about that?
11:39:20 AM Feb 18th 2012
edited by johnnye
How would you describe the Cribbins subplot in trope terms? I've mentioned it under "Shaggy Dog" Story but I wonder if there's something more specific for an odd little B-plot which only tangentially affects the main story before resolving itself equally inconsequentially. I'm not sure if it quite fits under Red Herring Twist, because Cribbens does force Moist's hand regarding revealing his shady past.

"Shaggy Dog" Story: A B Plot — Cribbins recognises Moist as Albert Spangler, and blackmails him with the threat of revealing his secret. He tells Cosmo, but Moist confesses to his past before they can reveal it. He tracks Moist down for a Post-Climax Confrontation... and his dentures explode, putting him in hospital.
10:31:07 AM Jul 18th 2011
edited by Kalaong
I haven't read the book yet, but does Pratchett go into the "voluntary inflation" problem?

If a fiat currency is purposefully inflated, there's an economic boost - people perform labor for an expected salary, which is paid in paper, which, if not spent immediately, inflates and is thus less valuable. The same amount of resources are produced, but those who do it consume less of them.

It works just fine unless the workers realize they've been robbed.
11:26:32 AM Feb 18th 2012
Nope, don't think that gets a mention. If anything, since paper money is such a new concept, the public are initially skeptical about its value.
11:15:23 AM Jul 9th 2011
It might just be coincidence, but some of the points raised on the Making Money tropes page sounded interestingly as though they'd been lifted from our own modest effort to make deeper sense of Pratchett, the Terry Pratchett L-Space Wiki.




we don't mind, guys, we really don't, as we're all working to the same goal here. I've even given TV Tropes' Discworld pages a shout-out link in the relevant parts of the Wiki.

It might be nice to get a name-check, though! A reciprocal link somewhere might be nice?
02:32:11 AM Apr 26th 2011

The "bigger fish" element - the snails-to-mongooses sequence - actually happened in real life. IIRC it was in New Zealand but the place may not be correct.
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