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01:55:14 PM Jan 8th 2015
The Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs entry reminds me of a Nova program I saw recently about the Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian. Apparently, the large burial mound at the site was said to contain YET ANOTHER army of the things, a river of Mercury, everburning brazers, all set under a complete star chart/zodiacal constellation set into the roof! It's quite possible that there were some enemies buried underneath all that as well (prolly some hapless workers, at the very least).
10:26:23 PM Jul 10th 2014
Out of curiosity, what the hell does a Pathfinder RPG have to do with a book from the Discworld series? Really now, I'm not seeing any relation between the two, but here they are connected.
11:56:04 PM Jul 10th 2014
It's just that our page system doesn't allow to separate two works with the same title. There is a large overhaul of how we run pages in the pipeline but it will take a while.
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