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02:08:13 PM Dec 31st 2013
Err, why is there a link to the Playing With Going Postal trope on the page for the Discworld book? Was someone a little confused? And can I take it down?
03:28:31 AM Jan 1st 2014
The links are created automatically. There's nothing we can do about them.
06:52:05 AM May 27th 2013
I think a better page quote could be used; What do you guys thin of this: (And the idea of changing the page quote)

"If somewhere, any possible world can exist, then somewhere there is any letter that could possibly be written. Somewhere, all those cheques really are in the post."

The quote is in Chapter 6. It is on page 192 on my edition.
08:13:10 AM May 28th 2013
I think a better page quote would be Moist's line about running before you can crawl. That's really more emblematic of the book as a whole than that line.
08:54:01 PM May 28th 2013
I agree with Mr. Death.
01:46:49 AM May 31st 2013
Should I go ahead and change it to the line about running before you can crawl? Also, what chapter is it in?
07:28:45 AM May 31st 2013
I'm not sure what chapter, either 6 or 7. But the quote is:

"Run before you walk! Fly before you crawl! Keep moving forward! You think we should try to get a decent mail service in the city. I think we should try to send letters anywhere in the world! Because if we fail, I'd rather fail really hugely. All or nothing, Mr. Groat!"
05:26:55 AM Apr 12th 2013
  • Series Continuity Error: When Vetinari is informing Moist that Mr Pump will hunt him down anywhere in the world if he tries to escape he points out that although Mr Pump only moves four miles an hour, he never does anything else, so he's moving non-stop and four miles an hour is 672 miles a week...except that it isn't. Not in Discworld it isn't. Thanks to the curious trait of a Discworld week being eight days instead of seven, at four miles an hour is 768 miles a week.

This is wrong and I will remove it. It is said a few times in this book and earlier ones Owned Golems, like Mr. Pump, do have a contractual day off. So on the evening of the eighth day to evening of the next, he wouldn't move to advance on Moist.

Vetinari is just not telling Moist about the day off because he's Vetinari.
10:30:42 AM Feb 1st 2012
That last paragraph could be better. Not going to attempt as I'd be worse than useless.
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