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12:19:00 PM May 10th 2013
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Editing Tips states not to have more than one quote on a page. I cut the Nostalgia Critic quote because the movie he talks about can't be discontinued because it's not in continuity with anything else. But here it is for future reference:

"There's a reason so many people don't believe this movie exists. Because quite frankly we don't want to believe it exists. It's so horrible that we as human beings don't want to believe that we created it."
08:15:32 AM Jul 9th 2010
How does pretending the Michael Bay Transformers films don't exist not qualify as discontinuity? It seems like the textbook definition to me.
09:50:35 AM Aug 18th 2010
edited by triassicranger
Don't the live action films take place in their own continuity? You cannot throw out an entire continuity, for that isn't Discontinuity. Discontinuity is the act of cutting out events that don't sit well in a continuity.

Beast Machines, for instance, can be thrown out for it takes place in the same world as Beast Wars.
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