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09:33:32 AM Mar 8th 2014
What about when Flame Princess was paired with Cinnamon Bun instead of Finn in "Red Throne"? That's a total downfall of all Finn XFP shippers for life. That example should be on the Die for our het ship section.
07:19:29 PM Dec 16th 2013
um...Hi. In the the western animation. I put the examples into three folders. The first "Die for our Het(straight pairings) ship, the second, "Die for our Ho Yay Ship and the third extra (Die for our Incest,etc Ship)(....I wasn't sure where to put Ben/Gwen). I hope this is alright. There may be some examples in the first folder I missed or left in the wrong folder(because I'm not familiar with the show or it's fandom) If that's the case, please correct it for me.

I also gave South Park it's own page of this trope. I'm very sorry, if there was any inconveniences and I hope I didn't cause any trouble.
11:58:51 PM Dec 16th 2013
Thanks for taking the time to sort the examples and index the new page properly. :)
09:38:32 PM Mar 28th 2011
The Transformers entry is a little vague. Is it all right to delete it if someone doesn't expand on it?
06:15:55 PM Sep 26th 2010
This Total Drama entry:

  • Alejandro (the new male contestant) gets quite a lot of hate from Harold/Leshawna, Geoff/Bridgette and Tyler/Lindsay shippers, and anybody who ships Heather with anybody else. Of course, this is sort of a Justified Trope with everyone but Heather—-he never had any interest in those other girls, he was just toying with them for his own villainous purposes.

Does he really? Based on checking fanfiction.net a few times to see if there is anything interesting  *, I can say that he's usually paired with Heather if anything.

I think that entry was written before the third season started, and back then it gave speculation on what was about to happen. The entry was then editted to the way it was now.
07:00:54 PM Aug 6th 2010
edited by Rebochan
Reverted to the Daria/Tom image since that's an event that is so unspoileriffic its in It Was His Sled territory (the show ended eight years ago and the entire final season was about those two dating), while apparently the Total Drama Island example actually is a spoiler for a currently running series. I don't watch that show, but since it looks like the page was updated with the express purpose of adding that detail, I'm going to wager it's pretty current.

If that image wasn't a spoiler, I'd have prefferred it, if only because it shows such a nice shot of a guy freaking out at a ship in progress.
07:54:57 PM Feb 12th 2011
...And I pulled that Daria/Tom image because it was too much of JaFaaC.

    Original (with caption) 

Snarky Girl hooks up with Preppie Guy. Heads explode. Fandom is never the same.

The reason why I'm not putting this on Image Pickin' is because IIRC there was some conversation about the main DfoS page, and since the link isn't at the top anymore I guess the discussion was locked with the final saying being that this is best left imageless.
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