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02:29:03 PM Jun 12th 2010
Ultimate Jan - went through the msin archive and Googled, found very few fics with Ult Jan in at all. One did mention her abuse somewhat dismissively, but the author included a note stating that domestic abuse was a serious issue and that the character was being dickish. So I don't think this is justified, and have removed it. Perhaps original editor can provide examples?
05:04:24 AM Jun 23rd 2010
Puff Puff says in his/her edit reason: "They exist. The fandom's not *that* small."

Can you provide examples, please? The Ultimates Steve/Tony fandom *is* small - in fics outside that fandom, she's clearly not dying for their ship.

The section removed says "Any fic that references Janet van Dyne after she walked out on Steve (even though that gets her out of the way of the OTP) can be expected to be snide at best and vicious at worst." I have read several fics referencing Ultimate Jan after the events referred to, and I don't recall any fics that were snide or vicious; it's clearly not 'Any fic'. Can you link to examples of snide and vicious fic, please?
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