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11:01:21 AM Jun 13th 2012
Korra, the Action Girl lead, has gotten buttloads of Ship Tease with her Tall, Dark, and Handsome companion Mako, who's also a talented fire bender — the most resentful and rabid Zutara shippers not only latched on these two and claimed that they were "Bryke's apology to Zutara shippers" (. . .), but they have started to bash the crap out of the local cute girl, Asami Sato, whom they see as a threat. (Warning: the link contains MASSIVE slutshaming and misogynistic language against Asami, and enough animated gifs to make your browser crash). The whole situation is nicely summed up here as well.
  • There were also a lot of people around online to note a truly massive Double Standard—Asami became The Scrappy for many for asking out the unattached Mako, whereas Tahno (who flirted with Korra, but is a Jerk Ass to Asami's Spoiled Sweet) became an Ensemble Darkhorse.
  • Not as severe, but Bolin and Tahno have also been bashed just because some people ship them with Korra.
    • However, many Makorra shipper admitted to feeling very awkward or saddened when Korra kissed Mako one day after her date with Bolin, only for Bolin (who'd even brought her flowers) to witness the kiss and run off crying. It takes the rest of the episode for them to even function as a team again. This even led to some switching ships.
  • And apparently, Mako is getting hate too. It looks like some viewers identify so uncomfortably much with Korra that they think she is entitled to Mako's affections, therefore Mako having some chemistry with Asami means that he's a shallow Ungrateful Bastard who only judges women for their looks (which brings lots of Beauty Is Bad and slutshamey pre-judgements in regards to Asami herself), and that he doesn't "deserve" Korra's love. It's more obvious when we see that a good part of said Vocal Minority ship Korra with Mako's brother Bolin, whom they see as "the right choice" for bonding more easily with her (bringing some Unfortunate Implications about Korra owing Bolin love because he treats her well).
    • And then, there are the "Makorra" 'shippers who insist—even after seeing how devastated she was at finding out that her father was working for the Equalists—that Asami must secretly be Daddy's Little Villain. Or the 'shippers who think Mako is standing in the way of a Korra/Asami pairing.
    • And, you know, they're ignoring the quick but poignant moment when Korra tells Mako that Asami needs him right now, signaling to most non-Makorra fans that she's let go of that for now.
  • Pema got a lot of hate after episode six when we found out the person Tenzin used to be with was Lin Bei Fong. Some shippers have claimed Tenzin only went for Pema because she was young and willing to have children, and plenty are accusing her of being a home wrecker when all she did was confess her feelings, even when Tenzin says that his relationship with Lin was failing anyway.
    • The whole "accusation of being a homewrecker" thing wrote itself in episode five with the arguably obnoxious way she described this love triangle, stating that the other woman was "wrong" for Tenzin, and throwing that into her advice for Korra to follow her heart — which Korra took to mean "take what you want", creating a Makorra moment where Korra essentially pushed Mako into cheating on Asami. This was all before the confirmation that the other woman was Lin (during which Korra even called Tenzin a "heartbreaker" in an almost congratulatory tone), let alone Lin's subsequent moments of awesome in battle which don't seem to be set to stop anytime soon. Knowing how familiar Bryke are with the rabid shippers now, it's almost like they set her up for this trope on purpose.

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