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01:13:39 PM Feb 9th 2011
Does anyone else think the Hetalia examples here warrant their own page now? There's rather a lot of them, after all.
01:17:12 PM Sep 16th 2010
Edited the page to include the bashing of Ulquiorra/Orihme after coming across this. Which one might have been able to brush off as one loony fan...if it wasn't for the 5,000 downloads and comments approving of the picture.

I can understand not agreeing with a particular pairing, but CHRIST. Is decapitation of the girl really necessary?! I mean, what was the whole point of that?
01:41:06 PM Sep 16th 2010
Oh, I forgot to add I also edited Ichigo/Senna to the page. I watched the movie on youtube and was...fairly surprised by the amount of hate for the girl. More than a couple of Ichigo/Rukia shippers were commenting how happy they were that she was dead. There were also a few stray comments attacking the ship on deviantART.
05:29:29 PM Oct 18th 2010
Did you know that some people call Senna a Mary Sue?
01:35:11 PM Oct 19th 2010
I'm also aware that those same people ignore that in the movie Ichigo himself points out Senna's flaws. And to no surprise they tend to be Ichigo/Rukia shippers.
06:18:32 AM Aug 12th 2010
edited by Babylon_Harlot
Apparently this place is all about ignoring what Ichihime shippers do and only taking into account their POV. Last time I checked this page was about all sorts of misbehaviors from all ship factions, and not only about Ichi Rukis and Ulquihimes.

Saying Ulquihimes hate Uryuu is pure projection. I've seen bashing of him being a limp-wristed flamer on places like FLOL, the Ichihime forum, but never in Ulquihime circles.

06:41:33 AM Aug 13th 2010
edited by thea
Those quotes have been there uncontested for months, which means that either people didn't deem it questionable enough to warrant suspicion, or they saw the proof themselves that they do not need any links to convince them. You questioning it now just because you disagree with people's opinion of your ships doesn't negate the fact that they existed to others before you, that people saw enough of that kind of behavior it ended up being posted here.

Apart from that, for someone who continuously asks for proof, you don't provide proofs either. You ask proof in the trope page rather than bringing it to the discussion page where it belongs and when people question you on your bias because they've seen you trolling tropes and a certain ship's fans before, you throw a strawman out there and blame the site for being biased. Rather than convince people that no, you're not just bashing a pairing's fan to even the score and that you've actually seen this stuff, you just insist on what you want while adding nothing to the discussion. Is it a wonder people dismiss your posts? You start as a troll, question posts that have been there for months, and then frame your posts with obvious bias against a ship. Yeah, that would go over well.

If Ishida has been consistently bashed as a limp-wristed flamer in places like FLOL, the Ichihime forum, then just POST the links you want so that people won't question you on your obvious bias. It's as simple as that. Stop blaming TV Tropes for being biased against your pairings when you don't exactly help it by trolling pages and throwing blame everywhere.
12:16:13 PM Sep 16th 2010
Butting in here to add my two cents.

Even though I can't agree with Ichi Hime shippers bashing Ishida because I don't participate in that part of the community, I will say I haven't seen any Ulqui Hime shippers bashing Ishida. Ever. Sorry, but I'm editing this out. It doesn't even make sense for them to go after Ishida really.

Please provide a link to discussions from Ulqui Hime shippers if you wish to argue this further.
04:23:45 PM Aug 11th 2010
Orihime: What LESSON are you talking about ? This is ridiculous, there are similar things posted back and forth, still you think that "This is a grand scheme because it talks about Ichi Hime". Please explain yourself, because your actions are extremely naive.
05:26:11 PM Aug 11th 2010
Barona: I cannot believe your hypocritical actions. Your reasons make no sense, and now you are accusing me of some "Ship to Ship combat" ? This is a trope about extreme actions shippers take, if you are going to allow one similar comment, you will allow them all, or you will allow none. It is simple logic, it is how rules work. It has nothing to do whatever you ship and try to protect out there.

Orihime said, "that was Ichi Hime bashing". Here's bashing from left to right, you cannot exclude some of it away just because it hurts you if you let everything else stay.
05:26:14 PM Aug 11th 2010
edited by Barano
Personally I don't care about this Ship-to-Ship Combat, I just find it funny that: 1. An entry related to Orihime shipping is trolled by yet again, by the same "I'm just concerned!!1!" people who trolled the Ship-to-Ship Combat entry a while ago; 2. The disgruntled editors complain about how horrible the entries are, yet the "amendments" are obviously biased, spiteful and stink of Ship-to-Ship Combat. 3. You keep pointing at TV Tropes policies, yet fight to keep an obvious flame in the main page. But I'm sure that it's not because you're trying to have a jab at fans of a certain ship. :D

Btw, the Bleach entries have been like that for months without anyone complaining, even though there are quite a lot of shippers on all sides at this wiki, so I'm kind of wondering about you and Babylon Harlot suddenly deciding that it's a DISGRACE OMG.

Please do keep on wanking, I'm highly entertained. :) Just follow your own advice and do it here and not in the main page.

Also: I don't think fandoms need to worry about being denigrated by this TV Tropes page, little incidents such as this show that rabid fans are pretty adept at giving a bad name to their ships. I'm honestly sorry for sane shippers, on all sides.
05:43:23 PM Aug 11th 2010
The "lesson" remark was directed to Babylon Harlot. From what I know, she's the one who wrote the entry on "Orihime and Ichi/Hime fans think Orihime can do no wroooooong" and is trying to revive the Bleach wank from Ship-to-Ship Combat. Hencve why I basically told her "dudette, we know you have tried to start wank about it in other places, so don't start it now"

Exact link here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=Main.ShipToShipCombat&more=t The relevant exchange is in between Babylon Harlot and Nyscha. I just don't want such stuff to be repeated here, you see. :/
05:59:05 PM Aug 11th 2010
Sleepwalker: "Here's bashing from left to right, you cannot exclude some of it away just because it hurts you if you let everything else stay."

This would have gotten an agreement from me if not for the fact that Babylon Harlot has consistently bashed one ship and its shippers as far back as April and trolled a tvtropes wiki page because she thinks the site is skewed to one "side" of the Bleach shipping wank. Orihime got it wrong: the exchange between Babylon Harlot and Nyscha isn't the relevant part; it's the edits BEFORE that, when Babylon Harlot hadn't yet signed her posts with that name that bear mentioning.
06:13:09 PM Aug 11th 2010
edited by Sleepwalker
Barona: Lol, that's it.

First of all, I haven't ever touched any "Ship to Ship Combat" entriez. And I am complaining about how this whole section is already a joke slandering people without any sources to back things up, THEN I see someone coming with a comment that says "it's actually vice versa sometimes" and FFS AN INTRUDER WHO CLAIMS OTHERWISE-movement happens and you heroes come not only to delete the comment but pissing me off when I do what I think this place is for and try to reason with you. Why is it so important you to stick with this, if you are "Oh not caring about any Ship to Ship combat" ?

And I'm not keeping any flame on the main page, you are, smartass. You constantly remove the entry without valid reason trying to convince how you are not butthurt at all, just doing your job because of a grammatical mistake. And talking about how I want to "jab at certain ship", don't you feel embarrassed of how hypocritical you are by talking stuff like that and yet shining a light of a scared little shipper all over your way of communication ? :D:D Because it sure looks like the most honest reason here was from Orihime: "This is clearly Ichi Hime bashing".

Tropes get edited all the time, there's always comments added. Go ahead, maintain your beliefs of "secret scheme to bash on Ichi H Ime!11!" but that alone tells enough about what goes in your mind

Get your act together yourselves, I'm not the type to stick around for some crazy shit like this. I'm already satisfied with the lulz you are willing to give when I tickle your panic button a little. :D:D

Oh and you can always get entertained by getting on your knees and suck this here like you are used to baby <3
06:14:52 PM Aug 11th 2010
Orihime and Thea: Thank you for keeping it polite unlike your friend there. I'll answer you guys soon.
06:23:22 PM Aug 11th 2010
Okay so apparently Barona's here the only one who couldn't talk sense. Hopefully nobody else don't get offended by that.. little remark.

I understand your point about bashing earlier. However, I didn't see attempts for bashing in Babylon_Harlot's post, but rather just wanting to state about probable misunderstandings.

However, I'm already signed out from this case with my comment to Barona. Thank you for explaining yourselves though.
06:25:02 AM Aug 11th 2010
edited by
I thinks that the whole Bleach section is becoming a big joke since most of Bleach related "information" is starting to be fan bashing by rivaling shippers, denigrating whole fandoms without any source to back up their claims but one's word. Are Wikis really meant for this kind of behavior? Bringing one's own bad experiences here to have a "revenge"?
05:24:14 PM Oct 18th 2010
I've read over the Bleach section many times, a couple dozen I believe, and I don't get where you are coming from. How are the people commenting bashing any particular pairing? Sure, they are talking about fan bashing that they see others do, but goodness... that is what 'Die For Our Ship' is about. It is about one particular pairing wishing harm to a character simply because it interfers with the pairing.

And before you start saying their claims are hersay because they don't back them up, seriously, what other fandoms link to the proof? That would lead to flame wars, which is why people DON'T post the links. You may also not believe that what these people say are true. However, I have had the unfortanate chance of knowing, every SINGLE one that is currently on, is in fact true.
02:13:03 PM Nov 4th 2010
edited by Sleepwalker
You gotta point about not posting links, however, I also happen to know many of those same claims and know that many of them are either 1.) highly exaggerated 2.) things that both parties are guilty of in equal ways even though the "opposing party" likes to insist that it's only a problem for the other one.

But well, Die For Our Ship is about that like you said. It's just that it's very funny seeing that these kind of things circle around the internet, where usually fans tend to make the other side look bad by claiming either exaggerated things or things they are equally responsible of. It's just that for many fans like that this is just another weapon of ship war and the motive for posting things is not to share objective stories but ease one's spite. It isn't "fact" anymore or anything like that its the opinion of the loudest one depending on the board where they are speaking. I'm sure you are familiar with this thing if you know any shipping fandoms so maybe you now know where i'm coming from right ? But I guess nobody can't really control this kind of stuff so whtv.
04:31:08 PM Aug 9th 2010

  • Much less creepy are the Sousuke/Tessa shippers, who seem to just have the (arguably legitimate) point that a dogged nice girl is a much better fit for the emotionally repressed/stunted sergeant than an over-the-top tsundere who also happens to be his assignment to protect. Where people fall on that seems to depend largely on whether they themselves prefer heavily tsun-tsun girls (Kaname, who sometimes makes Asuka look sane, or heavily dere-dere (Tessa). The fact that Sousuke seems to have fallen in love with literally the first girl to show him any kind of attention makes it (for some) more about timing than true love.
  • Some, of course, throw open the doors, claim that neither Tessa (too nice, too innocent, way too aggressive, and being his commanding officer) nor Kaname (too much of a self-righteous hag, too domineering, and being his assignment) really fit Sousuke correctly, and ship Sousuke/Mao, Sousuke/Kurtz, Sousuke/Gray (hand-waving the latter's death at the hand of the above-mentioned psychopath, Sousuke/anyone else in the series.
    • And to elaborate on the aforementioned aspect of "timing" and that Kaname was the first girl to ever show him any emotional attention, this is the main argument as to why numerous people felt that Sousuke should have ended up with Nami (in the novels). She has all the good similarities of Kaname (strong-willed, willing to stand by Sousuke, is crazy about Sousuke), is more of a "dere" Tsundere, and has a lot more in common with Sousuke (they're both AS nuts). For Sousuke to have actually contemplated letting Kaname and Mithril go, and pretty much just elope with Nami and retire with her... a lot of fans argue that that's saying a lot.

Since these read like FandomPreferedCouple not Die For Our Ship. There maybe be die for our ship that this these pairings, but these entries read like an justification.
03:51:23 AM Mar 11th 2010
edited by ManwiththePlan
Trimming the Shaman King examples, since they're not onyl full of natter but of pairing hate...

  • Shaman King
    • Yoh/Anna vs Hao/Anna
    • Hao/Yoh and Yoh/Tamao or any Yoh/yaoiship, shippers openly bash Anna. More of the Anna bashing actually comes from other Yaoi fangirl shippers and the Yoh Tamao shippers, not really many from the Hao/Yoh side.
    • Likewise, Yoh/Anna shippers (though not alot of them) bash Tamao because of her one-sided crush on Yoh. GET OVER IT!!! ANNA AND YOH GET MARRIED!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER SHE WAS NEVER A THREAT TO THE SHIP TO BEGIN WITH!!!
      • Hao/Yoh??? How does that even work? I mean first off they are twin brothers but they are also each a half of the ORIGINAL Hao Asakura, their ancestor...reincarnated! I can't wrap my brain around that! I mean their basically the same person! So they...er...him loves himself(ves)?????
      • Now you understand WHY Bleach fans get headaches from Hichigo/Ichigo fangirls and InuYasha fans get headaches from Kagome/Kikyo fangirls/fanboys!
    • RenHoro fangirls (well sects of the fandom) have their axes sharpened for Horohoro's Spirit Alley, Kokoro, because she basically killed their ship when it's revealed she's really the spirit of a girl that was Horohoro's first love (still loves her) who died, and basically became sort of a gaurdian angel for Horohoro...dawwww! Ruining Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as always bitter fangirls? Though because of their bitterness that Horohoro is proven to be straight and not gay, they take rage out on her.
      • Even more hilarious when Horohoro already PROVEN he was straight early on! "No fair! I've never even had a girlfriend yet!...(sad mumble) I want a girlfriend."-Horohoro. That was like a middle finger to all RenHoro fangirls around the world
    • RenHoro fangirls also hate Jeanne. Because Jeanne is the biggest contender in sinking their ship! In that, Ren married her, and she and Ren have a son in the future named Men Tao Many expressed they wished she got killed off. Bitter much?
      • FYI, Ren too also killed their ship when he stated, he wanted to MARRY A GIRL "she can't be annoying, and has to be shorter than me."-Ren
    • Lyserg/Jeanne shippers are mad about Ren/Jeanne getting married not enough to want Ren dead over it....or hold against him...but they do hate the Ren/Jeanne pairing
    • Ren/Jun vs Jun/Bai-long
    • Ren/Pirika vs Ren/Tamao
    • Horo/Pirika vs Horo/Tamao
      • Horo/Tamao and Ren/Tamao shippers REALLY wanted Pirika to die!
        • Though to be fair, so does most of the Saman King fandom. She wasn't exactly a liked character. Practically everybody hated her.
      • Practically everybody's an idiot, then.
    • And let's not forget the ever popular....Hao/Anna vs Hao/Jeanne (vs also Hao/Tamao)
    • Ryu is hated by anyone in the Tamao fandom, because, he hit on her-and is ugly. Likewise for Lyserg fans-because he hit on Lyserg-and he's ungly...not that it matters, I mean have you ever heard of a Tamao/Ryu or Ryu/Lyserg shipper???? Why hate Ryu if those pairings don't even really exist or are just the SUPER MINORITY!!
      • Plus Ryu is a huge bag of awesome! No reason to hate him! Looks are a pathetic reason too!!! So what if he isn't bishounen!?
      • Not just Ryu, poor Chocolove hardly got shipped with anybody either!!!
    • Thank goodness for Faust and Eliza, nobody to stand in the way of their love. (or their shippers love for them.)
      • Cept maybe Eliza's death, being she's now just a ghost-Faust's Spirit Alley. That kinda separated them.
        • Well until Faust died (for their ship) so now they are together again in death! that solved that problem!

How can people miss the point of the trope so BAD? This is to report examples of shipping-based character bashing, NOT to engage in petty and whiny Ship-to-Ship Combat and thow official couples around to spite and insult alterna-shippers. Thanks for making me fucking embarrassed of liking not only Ren/Jeanne, but more than one pairing for Ren Tao (Ren/Lyserg, Ren/Horo, Ren/Jeanne AND Ren/Lyserg/Jeanne, if you wonder); I guess that makes me worthy of a painful and horrible execution, according to the bitter and bitchy Ren Jeanne shipper/s who wrote the example).

PS: Yes, I ship Ryu/Lyserg btw. It was my first Shaman King ship after Yoh/Anna and Tamao -> Yoh. :P

02:08:02 PM Mar 11th 2010
Wow. Even with the trimmed examples, I could still see the screen practically covered with the poster's spittle. I know almost nothing about Shaman King, but I still felt obliged to trim it down even further and remove all bullet points that were basically just Ship-to-Ship Combat examples instead of Die for Our Ship. If you're going to make a series' example that long, at least keep it well-reasoned, coherent, and unlikely to incite rage in even sane shippers!
02:23:56 PM Mar 11th 2010
The funny thing is, this was all one person talking to herself. She also splooged all over the Bleach entries. :/
03:35:46 PM Mar 11th 2010
  • reads the page history*

. . . What.

Holy shit, I hope I never was this bad. And never ever become so bad as well. x3
06:10:42 PM Mar 11th 2010
Rewrote a good chunk of the examples on the page (hope no one minds; I really have no life >_>) and moved the canon DFOS example listed under Sailor Moon to Murder the Hypotenuse where it better belongs.

...Aaand apparently the same person did something similar to the Bleach entry at Ship-to-Ship Combat. Just WHAT were they trying to accomplish with these schizophrenic entries?! O_o

I also hope I never become this bad. If I ever do, feel free to bitchslap me. :3
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