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04:40:06 PM Mar 24th 2013
edited by azul120
Joey's actions and remarks towards Kaiba in the episode where he arrives at Duelist Kingdom. Kaiba makes it clear that he intends on saving his brother from Pegasus after he kidnapped him and refuses to take part in the Tournament saying he'll find his way into the castle and save him. But Joey will have none of that after his remarks and claims that their problems are bigger than his. Uh Joey, your a brother right? Right, and you need the prize money to save your Sister's eyesight right? Right, so if Serenity was captured by them your going to do whatever it takes to save her from them, look at Yugi wanting to save his grandfather and yet he acted as if Kaiba had the nerve to do things his way instead of sticking to The Power of Friendship. Kaiba didn't even plan on dueling Pegasus and winning the tournament as that was a last resort, he planned on sneaking in and busting Mokuba out and gettting out of there before anyone knew he was there. It wasn't until Pegasus pulled a Sadistic Choice on him that that happened. And heck, Kaiba was actually being civil towards them even thanking Yugi for saving his Deck until Joey opened his mouth and talked smack about him. Kinda made me glad when they dueled it was a Curb-Stomp Battle.

Hid this entry because it didn't happen exactly as such originally. It was a result of stuff being lost in translation via both early series and dub.
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