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12:21:17 PM Dec 23rd 2015
edited by Krendall
For the sake of clarity, Samus had only fought Ridley twice in Other M. Yoshio Sakamoto didn't consider the Prime games canon when he made Other M, so those fights shouldn't be considered on whether or not Samus should be "over" Ridley.

Basically, Samus defeated Ridley in Metroid/Zero Mission and killed him in Super. I guess the idea is Samus thought dealing with Ridley was behind her, but then he shows up alive again in Other M.

I'm not agreeing with the PTSD incident, I'm just trying to clarify the rationale behind it.
07:43:48 AM Dec 24th 2015
The interview everyone keeps citing does not say he didn't consider it canon. It says he considered it another, separate part of the story but still definitely part of the story.
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