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03:11:06 PM May 1st 2016
Can the complaints about racism against Muslims be cut? On the subject of racism, that humans can be divided into different races, religion really doesn't matter, as it is independent of biology or ethnicity, doubly so when it comes to evangelical religions that spread by proselytizing people regardless of race.

Equating race and religion is offensive to me, and considering what that lead to in both the first and second "world wars", probably someone else too.
09:44:53 PM Feb 6th 2016
Hmm..not one entry for Season 14. Guess they're Growing the Beard
07:18:10 AM Mar 28th 2016
More likely, the entire userbase just gave up after witnessing Stewie give birth to human-dog-hybrid abominations.
08:05:13 PM Aug 26th 2015
Cutting Snowy Wolf's entry for Christmas Guy. Referring to the characters as "it" and generic names because they've devolved into one-note stereotypes is a bit silly. But telling the writers they are worthless, pathetic scum who don't deserve to exist for doing something you didn't like on a television show? Holy motherfucking shit, dude.
09:12:28 PM Aug 26th 2015
I put it back with some rewriting and the toxic parts cut. (Also note that "It" Is Dehumanizing is never intended to be a positive trope and is usually intended to show what a huge asshole the person using it is, so unless you're comfortable with calling yourself an asshole...)
12:03:26 PM Oct 20th 2014
Signature request

  • For someone who is a Family Guy hater (and a passionate one at that), I actually liked this episode, but only because The freaking Simpsons was in it. However, there was the ending fight between Peter and Homer that had me sighing and rolling my eyes. WE GET IT. It's a reference to all of Peter Griffin's chicken fights in previous episodes, which is an old "joke" that I never found funny in the first place. It's just an Overly Long Gag that goes on way too long. It's not funny. It's annoying as hell. If the writers of FG would realize that soon, they would stop recycling other boring jokes like "Cool whip". Yeah, I'm ravingly positive that this show will never get back on its feet ever again and should just kick the bucket.
12:05:01 PM Oct 20th 2014
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12:06:12 PM Oct 20th 2014
Already has one

  • Chilliwack: In a cutaway gag, Peter straight-up KILLS a man with a shot put. Everything is shown. The victim's pained grunt, the grapefruit-sized dent in his skull, and lots of blood. Why did Peter do it? Because whenever he wants to let off some steam, he lobs a shot put into a crowd, and makes it look like an accident. In other words, "Because I felt like it." Our protagonists, everybody.
12:07:32 PM Oct 20th 2014
Already has one:

  • Cookie Man: The religious jokes were pretty cruddy, but those are nothing compared to what happened at the end. We see Evelyn admit her wrong (acting VERY promiscous around Peter, which made Peter very uncomfortable). Petter also admits that he too got carried away and saw her as a new "mom". We get something that is seen as very heartwarming, BUT because the writers have to be dicks, while Peter is hugging Evelyn, he accidentally crushes her back and kills her - what does he do? Panic? No. He just pretends that nothing happened, expecting the cemetery groundskeeper to take care of the mess. It's moments like these where the writers like to yank on our chains by making the characters feel like they're good people, but at the end, it's like they learned nothing at all from it.

  • Tropers/Cookieman: The plot of the episode proves how unlikable Lois and Donna truly are. They get mad at each other over how they treat their children, with Donna being viewed as an abusive parent and Lois being viewed as a neglectful parent. Donna spanks Chris (who is not her child) for breaking a vase, and it ultimately ends up with them forbidding not only them for seeing each other, but forbidding their husbands too. I honestly found this very pointless and distasteful, plus Lois and Donna didn't even make up that much at the end - they just made up for the sake of Peter and Cleveland.
12:09:36 PM Oct 20th 2014
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Already has one.

  • DL Abaoaqu: This episode was nothing more than a big ratings trap. Brian was killed off for, like, two episodes only to be brought back. All manner of petitions and tribute art went out in protest of the move, when it was more than likely that they were going to bring back Brian anyway (look into how long it takes episodes to be made). MacFarlane played his foolish fans like an instrument in an attempt to get more people talking about this show when interest is ebbing. The Mysterious Mr. Enter pointed out that the fans begging to bring Brian back gives Seth more reason to use him as a bullhorn for political sermons and antireligious propaganda. "[Brian] is overcome with gratitude," said MacFarlane; I say "Screw you and your fans."
12:13:15 PM Oct 20th 2014
  • marioandsonic: There are a lot of reasons this episode deserves to be on here, but I'm going to go with my biggest one: The lead up to the death scene itself. Right after Brian gets hit, we see the family run out to him in panic. Now, you'd expect this whole scene to be a tearjerker and very emotional. But instead, a few seconds after the family runs out, a squirrel runs up to Brian, kicks him in the head, spits on him, and says, 'That guy sucked!' Cut to commercial. Way to go, writers, you just destroyed any amount of emotion or seriousness you were going for. Then after commercial, you'd at least expect this to get better, right? No! We have to see a pointless scene involving a headless chicken that's being played for laughs! This is just painful. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes regarded as the worst handled death scene in the history of animation.
12:21:51 PM Oct 20th 2014
Already has one.
  • Mhj0808: What makes it worse is that Peter's Muslim friend is depicted as a completely friendly, laid-back, and amicable guy before he randomly reveals himself to be a terrorist. And then all of a sudden, he's a full-on psychopathic "death-to-America!!" stereotype who doesn't flinch before he tries to blow Peter's head off. What. Ok, number 1, it's just plain stupid because how many murderous and anti-American terrorists do you think in real life would get so chummy and have drinks during his off time with a bunch of Americans? It just defies logic, and it's bad writing. Number 2, I'll elaborate when I say bad writing; you don't radically change a character's personality halfway through the episode without even making an attempt at foreshadowing. Number 3, so you're saying that no matter how friendly or normal a Muslim person is, they're all really just crazy terrorists? Way to be so progressive Seth. Even dumber; in a desperate attempt to save face, they have Joe deliver the "not all Muslims are terrorists shtick" to Peter, which would noramlly be just fine... except every Muslim in Quahog in this episode turns out to be a terrorist.

12:28:26 PM Oct 20th 2014
Already has one

  • Redjirachi: The fact they even expect us to buy him getting away is a dethroning moment to me. No matter how much he's paying his employers, I'd think most of them wouldn't be so sociopathic that they wouldn't spill the beans on a cure for freaking CANCER! Especially considering they'd probably become filthy rich and famous from revealing said cure, so even a total sociopath would have the motivation to do the right thing. Actually, scratch that: there's no good reason why Carter didn't reveal the cure for cancer! He'd probably multiply his net wealth and become BELOVED from such an act, which doesn't even require a conscious to figure out. Instead the writers choose to make him a total Karma Houdini because they're clinical sociopaths "herp derp it's funny." God, Mr Burns isn't this cruel.
12:32:47 PM Oct 20th 2014
Already has one.
  • monkeyman224: Even though I really enjoyed this episode, the ending really pissed me off. At the end Stewie tells Brian that he's "forever grateful" to him for saving his life. Apparently Stewie forgot that the whole damn thing was Brian's fault in the first place.
11:07:55 AM Nov 19th 2014
Admits he's already posted one.
  • White Rose Samurai: I know there's a one entry per troper rule, but I feel the need to bend it because the end of this episode made me realize that Brian has no redeeming qualities. None. The plot involves Brian breaking his nose and losing all his teeth, which results in Quagmire, of all people, paying for his surgery and Brian becoming a real estate agent after he's mistaken for one. Anyway, Brian sells Quagmire a shithole condo and tries to hide from him for 72 hours so Quagmire can't use the escape clause. When Quagmire confronts Brian at the motel he's hiding in, Quagmire states that his already low opinion of Brian has sunk even lower. Brian starts to give a speech about how he respects Quagmire for calling him out on his crap all the time and how he thinks Quagmire is just trying to be his friend, since he payed for Brian's surgery. Then it's revealed he was just running down the clock and now Quagmire is stuck with aforementioned shithole condo. I'd be lying if I said Brian didn't deserve getting all his teeth knocked out again by Quagmire.
09:50:33 PM Nov 30th 2014
already has one

  • CC Prime: Plus, you know, the whole "Republicans want anarchy!" thing probably wasn't the most sensitive or accurate statement they could have made. Between this and the aforementioned Bush/Civil War nonsense, I'm starting to think that they keep using these jokes not because they're trying to be funny, but rather, because they simply have some kind of bitter grudge against all non-liberals. It doesn't help that Brian was once again the one to explain the "evils" of the Tea Party to the audience, and EVERY Tea Party supporters portrayed as absolute morons who don't have a clue what they're doing.
06:07:00 AM Jan 22nd 2015
Pick one.

  • thespecialneedsgroup: I was okay with that joke because I'm fairly certain that in real-life the vast majority of people in that situation would recognize their sibling long before anything actually happened. But then they go home and Meg implies that she'd be open to fooling around with Chris again. Sibling sexual abuse, that's...I guess "funny" what they were trying for? Later episodes would imply that they actually did continue some kind of sexual relationship. Congratulations, Family Guy, you've turned Meg into a sexual predator who abuses her younger brother. Comedy gold.
07:16:16 AM Apr 28th 2014
I just saw "Baby Got Black" last night. It's another decently hilarious episode and I don't see anything that's DMOS.
03:39:49 PM Jun 13th 2015
You do realize that's your opinion and not everyone feels the same way?
07:50:22 AM Apr 27th 2014
I feel that I must respond to this comment on "Extra Large Medium".

"Palin responded, basically saying Dude, Not Funny! and that's when Mac Farlane got on his famous soap box and fired back with his 'You're a hypocrite and I'm right!' defense and even went so far as coercing the actress from the episode who actually is a young girl with Down's syndrome into making a statement backing him up, dragging her into his mess and trying to use her to legitimize his immature behavior."

First of all, this is factually wrong. The actress, Andrea Fay Friedman is not a young girl, she's a grown woman. She was 39 when the episode aired. Second, "coercing"? "Dragging"? What? As I said, she's an adult. She is perfectly capable of speaking for herself, and it's downright insulting to assume that she did not respond to Palin on her own volition.
06:00:20 PM Apr 13th 2014
I just saw "The Most Interesting Man in the World". It's decently hilarious and I don't see anything that's DMOS.
05:00:55 PM Apr 13th 2014

  • Airport '07: Brian still holds a grudge against Stewie for beating him up, even though Brian had earned the beatings in the first place AND had already pushed Stewie in front of a freakin' bus!
10:02:45 AM Apr 7th 2014
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I just saw the episode "Herpe, the Love Sore" last night. I admit it. That episode was terrible.
11:45:08 PM Apr 6th 2014
I think it would be easier if we just say "The majority of Season 12"
12:07:06 AM Apr 7th 2014
No, because this is about moments.
05:42:47 PM Mar 30th 2014
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I'm now watching the new FG episode "Secondhand Spoke" and I'm 100% sure that this is going to be another DMOS episode for us tropers, mostly because of the Aesop Amnesia / Canon Discontinuity (sooo, we're all just going to forget that Peter spoke out against the cigarette company at the end of "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington"?).
05:41:10 PM Mar 16th 2014
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I'm now watching the new FG episode "3 Acts of God" and I think this is going to be another DMOS episode for us tropers. :(

Update: Finished watching the episode. I admit it that this episode is terrible. I found four things that are DMOS:

1. The portrayals of Jerusalem and India

2. Another so-called autism joke

3. Brian still not believing in God's existence even after Peter and his gang saw him

4. The final scene which is yet another Butt-Monkey / Yank the Dog's Chain for Meg
06:45:17 PM Mar 10th 2014
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Because the rule says one moment per troper, I'll leave my other DMOS here in the Discussion Section. Below is my DMOS to the FG episode "Grimm Job":

  • Ecclytennysmithylove: Originally, I posted my agreement with Mr Thorfan 64 that the Muslim Emo cutaway in "A Fistful of Meg" was terrible (hell, I expected no more All-Muslims-Are-Terrorists stereotypes from Seth MacFarlane/Family Guy writers!). But now my new DMOS will have to be on the "Little Red Riding Hood" segment from the episode "Grimm Job." It’s starts off pretty funny, especially with Little Red Riding Stewie and the Big Bad Brian interacting with each other, but it then goes downhill when the Woodsman Peter steps into the house and maniacally kills the Big Bad Brian and Grandma Pewterschmidt with a chainsaw. I'm not saying that this segment is terrible. I'm just saying that even though the sad Truth in Television that the original fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood" was quite violent (that’s probably why Seth MacFarlane/Family Guy writers used the chainsaw scene to poke fun at it), that chainsaw scene is pretty violent enough to deserve FCC complaints. Fortunately, the only saving graces for me were the "Jack and the Beanstalk" and the "Cinderella" segments.
09:04:56 PM Feb 8th 2014
One moment per troper
  • Mr Thorfan 64: The scene in A Fistful of Meg where a Muslim Emo is shown who says "Death to America." Really? REALLY? The writers just decide to go with the All-Muslims-Are-Terrorists stereotypes, just like Religion Is Wrong, Christianity will attack you if you show free will, All Jews Are Cheapskates, and all this War on Straw. If religious people did this towards atheists they would be called intolerant bigots yet it's fine for Family Guy to do this. I really want to emphasize I don't want to seem offensive towards atheists, really I don't, but the writers are being such hypocrites. It's like using the Marquis de Sade as an example of a typical sexually liberal atheist.
01:10:08 PM Jan 15th 2014
Lin Taylor, you can only pick one DMOS. I've pulled this one since it was added further down the page; if you would like it to be your DMOS instead of the one currently on the page, feel free to swap it in.

  • Lin Taylor: The part of this episode that really gets to me is the resolution: Brian and Stewie destroying Superstore USA with a tank. As has been said several times on this page, when Family Guy tries to mix wacky humor with serious politics, it tends to fail, and this is no exception. Hundreds of thousands in property damage, more than a few casualties (even ignoring them killing off the annoying one-joke caddy manager)...but it's okay, because they gave Not-Walmart a black eye! This one sequence combined Peter's worst Karma Houdini antics with Brian's smug political crap.
11:20:48 AM Dec 27th 2013
Could somebody note the episode this was from?

Radical Ed: Now, I can take jokes at the expense of a group I'm part of. When it comes to Jewish jokes, I can laugh at myself and my people, as long as it's in good taste. But when Family Guy made the joke "It's no thrill for a pig to touch a Jew either," that went beyond Dude, Not Funny!, it didn't cross the line twice, it just crossed the line and remained solely on the side of incredibly offensive. It wasn't funny, it wasn't clever, it was just rude, insensitive, and offensive beyond belief. That does it. I'm done with Family Guy. I've managed to laugh at their Jewish jokes up until now, I could enjoy them from other shows, but not this one.
08:08:23 AM Jan 28th 2014
It's from "You Can't Do That on Television, Peter".
05:55:36 PM Mar 10th 2014
Thank you.
11:48:49 PM Dec 16th 2013

  • Jade Eyes 1: The second part of Brian's argument is just as bad: "[W]hat kind of God would put you in a house where no one respects or cares about you? Not even enough to get you a damn mumps shot!" Uh, The Bible is full of stories of devout believers who endure horrific circumstances (hell, the entire book of Job is devoted to one), yet are ultimately vindicated because of their faith in God. Any Christian, even a "baby" one like Meg, could easily shoot this down.

One moment per troper, Jadeeyes; please leave this or your previous moment on the page.
08:02:10 AM Dec 16th 2013
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  • Austin DR: Well, it's official, Brian is back. I'm not too happy about it. Don't get me wrong, I understand that people were upset that Brian died, but, really, was it really worth the effort to write angry letters to the creators and force them to rewrite Brian back into the show even though they didn't really care for him as a character? The creators are to blame for this too. They chose to do what the fans thought they should do for the show and not what the writers wanted and what they thought was best for the show. I have officially lost respect for the writers.

Rewrites (as well as reanimation. Several episodes are made at once, right?) for an animated show can't be that quick. I'm not a fan of either, but I'm sure I've read several times that shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons take over six months to make.
07:40:43 PM Nov 29th 2013
Hello, I'm new to TV Tropes. I just want to let you know that yesteday I added my DMOS for Family Guy:

Ecclytennysmithylove: I find the episode "Vestigial Peter" overall pretty funny, especially Peter's tiny twin Chip. But the only reason why it became a DMOS for me was because of the scene where Peter and Lois are at the mall checking on the mall directory. Peter finds the "You Are Here" marker and suddenly notices the "Sniper Is Here" marker also on the directory, which is then followed by a bloodshed. Keep in mind that this episode was aired about two or three weeks after the Westgate shopping mall attack incident in Nairobi, Kenya, which happened on September 21. Seriously, Seth Macfarlane, Too Soon.
07:03:10 PM Nov 19th 2013
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  • The scene in A Fistful of Meg where a Muslim Emo is shown who says "Death to America." Really? REALLY? The writers just decide to go with the All Muslims Are Terrorists stereotypes, just like Religion Is Wrong, Christianity will attack you if you show free will, all jews are greedy, and all this War On Straw. If religious people did this towards atheists they would be called intolerant bigots yet it's fine for Family Guy to do this. I really want to emphasize I don't want to seem offensive towards atheists, really I don't, but the writers are being such hypocrites. It's like using Marquis de Sade as an example of a typical sexually liberal atheist.

Seriously, what is it about Family Guy that gets so many people to break the DMOS rules?
06:59:48 PM Nov 29th 2013
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I'm thinking Seth Mac Farlane really needs to watch over the writers to make sure they don't do anything that involves line-crossing. One time, he called out on them for doing the Boston Marathon cutaway in the episode "Turban Cowboy" that shockingly predicted the Boston bombing incident. :(
11:14:37 PM May 12th 2013
Super Saiya Man, you've already got one on. This is your latest, so it's being pulled.

  • Super Saiya Man: What, no outrage at the absolutely despicable Aisan Stereotype of 'Mr. Washy Washy' that was okayed?
11:30:53 PM May 12th 2013
Ditto Animeking1108.

  • Animeking1108: Turban Cowboy. I was almost praying to God they weren't going the route they went, but they did. First, there's the main plot where Peter befriends a Muslim man. However, they later reveal, in true Seth MacFarlane fashion, that he's a terrorist. After the terrorist was captured, Joe announces that all Muslims that live in the area will be under constant surveillance. Brian, the Author Avatar, is even shot down when he points out the post-9/11 paranoia. Finally, there was Quagmire's behavior. The way he talked to Brian was expected (telling him that he should be leashed outside), but telling Joe that he has no say in what matters in the Olympics because he's crippled. It seems Quagmire has become the new Author Avatar, putting him in the right about the Muslim being a terrorist.

05:19:03 AM Oct 29th 2013

  • Julayla: Agreed. Meg has been bad before, but this... it shows that Meg is way too far gone. She's even crossed the Moral Event Horizon, despite her learning her lesson. And Kent did had a right to call her a complete psychopath at the end. And Brian's encouraging Meg to get someone drunk on purpose? Not cool.

You already have one Julayla.
05:22:24 AM Oct 29th 2013
Quackey Trope, you have one.
  • Quacky Trope: The first few minutes of that same episode, where Brian seduces a number of women and uses Stewie's time machine to make out with them during horrific events in American history; including the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the Hindenburg disaster, and the segregation era. It makes you wonder why, out of all the places in time he could have chosen, did he go to the absolute worst? This troper found it absolutely repugnant and sickening, and what makes it worse is Brian and one of his dates saying that restaurants were quieter when they were segregated. I can't even begin to describe how furious that comment made me feel, but it, and the scenes before it were the reasons why I immediately changed the channel right after the opening credits were over. There's also Unfortunate Implications with Brian dating so many women at what seems like the same time. Just when I didn't think I could hate Brian any more than I already do, the writers keep giving me more reasons to.
05:24:01 AM Oct 29th 2013

  • Mr Jeperson: For me, it's the moment in 420 during the "Bag Of Weed" song where we get the snarky couplet, "When stupid people need a thrill/They rent The Rocketeer." Yeah, because it's so much more intelligent to love a show which increasingly consists of "Hey kids! Remember this famous film?" non-jokes that could happily grace a Seltzer Berg production, than to love an intelligently-written, beautifully-made action adventure film. Such unwarranted sniping from such an increasingly lousy show really got on my wick.
08:19:38 PM Jan 4th 2014

  • Super Saiya Man: I quit Family Guy about two seasons after the second revival and sometimes watch for a Bile Fascination. I decided to check out Life of Brian after I heard the incredulous: Brian, the Creator's Pet of the series was killed off. I thought it would be worth showing how they did it. Going in, I expected to see Brian already on his deathbed and the rest of the episode showing the flashbacks of how it got there. You know, what a normal, quality show does when killing off a popular, favorite, or Creator's Pet character. Instead...we open in the most blatant racism Family Guy has ever done, with all the Native Americans being typical stereotypes which haven't moved on past the 19th century. You know Family Guy writing staff, I'd expect more from you but considering you think bigotry-this time blatant bigotry without trying to be ironic is funny I hate to meet you people in real life. Are white people in the 19th century mindset in the 21st Century, Family Guy? No! Culture does not stagnate! If it did it dies out! Even with your last use of Native American jokes, which were nearly as bad in the season 1 episode "The Son Also Draws" at least it showed they were doing it ironically for tourists for their Casino. Next, we see after Brian and Stewie fix their mistake in the past, Stewie demolishes his time machine and calls it 'too much trouble'. There could have been an easy way to do this without it seeming like a forced slap to the face to the watchers: 1.) That last time travel trip irreparably fried its internal circuits. 2.) Their last trip destroyed said time machine via feedback or the guns they were carrying going off. Those are just off the top of my head but it seems like I put more effort into it than the fricking writers! In the end, the time machine's dismantled, taken to the dump and crushed and Brian, acting uncharacteristically upbeat and still preachy suggests they take a street hockey net home since its in great shape (forcing an Recycling gag to us too unintentionally)! After that, we get another pointless cut away before going back to the present with Brian and Stewie setting up the nets they got and Stewie running back into the house to get his kneepads. Without even checking traffic, Brian turns his back to the direction of the traffic to finish setting up the nets and a speeding Prius comes down the street, the driver intentionally (people who think its murder-pointing to Quagmire) or unintentionally (hard to see someone bent over) in the end...Brian is hit by the car. This could have been done extremely effectively by a Gory Discretion Shot, just the sound of the impact would have been enough. But no, we see it in extremely gory and realistic detail and then we get the insulting comment of the squirrel. And then we get another anti-Semitic joke. Finally, they are at the hospital where Brian is hooked up to life support but doesn't have much time left...they actually handled that part effectively, but it still came a bit forced. Now the episode could have ended here, but that'd make it only 15 minutes long. Instead, we get a funeral (where Quagmire instead of comforting his watching the Sox game during it) while the family members all say their goodbyes...and Joe gets bothered by yet another racist stereotype. A month passes after the funeral and then Lois decides to get a new dog just then and there...grief takes longer than that. Lord knows we waited for nearly a year in my house before we got our cats after Whopper, my dog and best friend died. Now we meet the Replacement Scrappy for Brian: Vinnie, an Italian Stereotype...who is strangely a bit more tolerable than Brian was in some ways. However, Stewie doesn't accept him until they bond over some common grief they have (Vinnie lost his owner, Stewie lost his dog). Now...if the episode did this correctly it could have been what won back the crowd. Brian dying should have been the focus, not all the racist stereotypes and Jew jokes and pointless cutaways. A lot of filler could have been cut and we could have got something not only heart touching, but make us genuinely sad to see Brian go in an Alas, Poor Scrappy way. Instead...we got another contender for the worst episode of Family Guy. Brian's death is so forced and drawn out and gory, and finally the introduction of Vinnie who isn't so bad.
08:20:43 PM Jan 4th 2014
  • Boobtuber: Aside from the fact that Brian dies and gets an insensitive reaction from a squirrel and Quagmire, it came out of nowhere. Sure, this might be a metaphor for death in Real Life, but no, instead of choosing a potential Scrappy like Lois (YMMV) or Quagmire to be killed off right out of nowhere they choose a character who, despite having a Broken Base, is still an enjoyable character to see and pretty much one of the only redeeming characters in here. And he gets killed off. And there are unacceptable unsympathetic moments following it. If this makes a "Worst Deaths in a Cartoons" list or "Worst Family Guy Episodes" list, I'm hopping right on board. Good job, Family Guy. I have lost my faith in this show's decision making now.
09:20:31 AM May 10th 2013
Magic Man, I pulled the second of these — one moment per troper. I'm leaving both of your entries here in case you'd rather pull the first instead.

  • Magic Man: In my opinion, that's not the worst part. For me, it's the fact that Stewie just takes it like some whipped dog! I mean, when has Stewie ever just put up with Brian's crap in the past? Even at the end when the status quo is returned, it just makes it look even more awkward because it's just inconsistent characterization. One minute he's with Brian he's all smug, confident Stewie (he's usual self), the next he's just some simpering little bitch.
  • Magic Man: Also, the save-face scene with Joe pointing out that not all Muslims are terrorists and that Quagmire shouldn't be too quick to label all of them as such is alright, but it becomes kinda toothless when pretty much ALL the Muslims featured in the episode ARE shown as terrorists.
09:23:14 AM May 10th 2013
Wormtail was the one who added those.
10:03:41 AM May 10th 2013
Very very odd. Should we change the signed name of the one still on the page?
10:19:56 AM May 10th 2013
I think we should pull them and call out Wormtail on this.
07:33:45 PM May 10th 2013
  • Magic Man: In my opinion, that's not the worst part. For me, it's the fact that Stewie just takes it like some whipped dog! I mean, when has Stewie ever just put up with Brian's crap in the past? Even at the end when the status quo is returned, it just makes it look even more awkward because it's just inconsistent characterization. One minute he's with Brian he's all smug, confident Stewie (he's usual self), the next he's just some simpering little bitch.

Contributed by Wormtail96, not Magic Man.
12:45:51 PM May 15th 2013
Happened again. I'm sending Wormtail a PM.
12:42:31 PM Apr 12th 2013
Removed extra moments for a single troper.

  • EponymousKid: Ditto. Despite not being gay myself, I was very upset with that episode. At one point a bunch of gay men just start having sex with each other, total strangers, in public, because they hadn't been properly instructed on the use of baseball bats; that gag was insulting to the audience, irrespective of orientation.
  • EponymousKid: Not only did Seth think the portrayal was sympathetic, he was surprised anyone had a problem with the episode. In fact, he said if he were in Brian's shoes and had slept with Ida, he would be disgusted, too, because he's not gay. I know Seth's involvement with the writing process is limited to pitching and vetoing jokes in the writers' room, but it just goes to show you how ignorant the staff is about the issues they try to tackle (well, lampoon).
01:12:43 PM May 3rd 2013
Extra moments beyond the limited one:

  • The Dog Sage: Well, obviously that joke was necessary, because that show's taking up the only non-Simpsons spot on the Fox Sundays animation block. And obviously Seth needs it for his fourth show about an idiot, his wife, his son, his daughter they don't know how to write for, sociopathic small child/creature, and talking animal.

  • Bored Me: 12 and a half Angry Men. Ironically, the most infuriating thing is that except for just one hangup, this actually was a great episode. But Carter Pewterschmidt all but admitted to murder in order to frame an elected official for murder. His own son-in-law, no less. I know the writers would reply by noting that "the rich get away with crimes all the time", but A: I don't watch comedic, adult cartoons to have the grim facts of reality slammed in my face 24/7, and B: More importantly, it's not true, at least not to that degree. Yes, the wealthy and powerful get more leeway than the rest of us, that is true and always has been. But there's a limit. Ask Bernie Madoff. At the very least, have Carol Pewterschmidt kick her dad out of her life, maybe Lois too. This is actually more infuriating to me than than the avalanche of suck that was Seasons 6-9, because otherwise? This show is getting better again.
12:39:30 PM Jan 17th 2013
Guys, we have a problem.

Some tropers apparently do not get the rules, which are pretty simple. One moment to a troper. ONE.

There are a few tropers which are ignoring this rule. I am going to Ask That Troper, and anybody with more then one entry at a time on the DMOS page will have their moment pulled.

If this keeps up, I will recommend this page be locked until the season is over, at least.
11:05:15 AM Feb 25th 2013
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This crap's been going on for more than a year. Just now I had to pull the chain on somebody who thought they were above the rules. I'm beginning to think this should be locked, period.
12:55:03 PM May 3rd 2013
Plus some people think Seth is writes every episode of Family Guy. These should be edited... Now.
12:56:49 PM May 3rd 2013
If people add more than one, you can purge the latest ones.
02:26:15 PM May 10th 2013
Actually, I believe you are supposed to delete both.
04:42:58 PM Dec 10th 2012
Quacky Trope, I pulled your moments because you posted two. Pick the one you dislike the most, and put it on.

  • QuackyTrope: The first few minutes of that same episode, where Brian seduces a number of women and uses Stewie's time machine to make out with them during horrific events in American history; including the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the Hindenburg disaster, and the segregation era. It makes you wonder why, out of all the places in time he could have chosen, did he go to the absolute worst? This troper found it absolutely repugnant and sickening, and what makes it worse is Brian and one of his dates saying that restaurants were quieter when they were segregated. I can't even begin to describe how furious that comment made me feel, but it, and the scenes before it were the reasons why I immediately changed the channel right after the opening credits were over. There's also Unfortunate Implications with Brian dating so many women at what seems like the same time. Just when I didn't think I could hate Brian any more than I already do, the writers keep giving me more reasons to.
  • QuackeyTrope: Yet another one for Lois: In Friends Without Benefits, Meg is nervous about asking a boy out, so she comes to Lois for guidance. At first Lois makes it sound like she's about to say something motherly and reassuring but, of course, the moment is completely torpedoed when she delivers a textbook example of emotional abuse to Meg, basically saying, "With all that women have accomplished in this day and age, you shouldn't be worried about asking a boy out. Sure, it's stupid and desperate and something I wouldn't do, but your not me, are you?" leaving poor Meg to hang her head down and say in a forlorn tone, "No, I'm not." Absolutely disgusting. I turned the channel because I realized that once again, the writers can't do a single Meg episode without stomping all over her for no reason. Not to mention Lois just seems to get worse and worse to the point where she's arguably beyond redemption. It's no wonder this page is so full.
11:46:18 AM May 9th 2012
I know this may sound rather nit-picky, but in one old revision of the SSP episode's page on Wikipedia, it was said that Meg allowing her family to abuse her just so they can be happy made her, and I quote: "something of a Christ figure". As a Christian, this really blows my mind. Now I understand that our Lord and Savior suffered all the while living on this earth and died on the Cross for our sins, but I cannot grasp whether the type of suffering that Meg allowed herself to endure from her family is the good kind, which Christ endured, or the kind that is totally unacceptable. It begs an explanation.
02:29:08 PM May 10th 2013
I'm not sure what you mean. What is the "good kind" and the "unacceptable kind"? In both cases, they allowed themselves to suffer in order to save others who did not deserve to be saved, if I understand the article correctly.
09:07:14 AM May 7th 2012
Can someone do something about the last entry in DMOS - Family Guy (the one by Disney23)? It doesn't explain much, if anything at all. We don't even know what the DMOS in question is.
10:48:33 AM May 7th 2012
^Pull it over here and say in the edit reason that it should be expanded a bit. Or just PM the troper in question.
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Here it is "Disney23: Meg gets a chance to find someone who truly loves her...but then... "

It only is a short sentence with a couple links to a couple tropes, and it really doesn't explain why exactly the moment is D Mo S. I personally haven't seen the episode so I can't edit it myself but I hope this helps someone explain this entry more in depth.
01:20:42 PM Jul 21st 2012
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Filipinos natively speak Tagalog, or another native Philippine language, not (usually) Spanish (anymore). More Filipinos speak English than Spanish, due to recent US influence. Are we allowed to correct details like this?—Meant to be a new topic, sorry.
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You guys, we really need to talk.
It says right there, and on many other pages, "One moment to a troper."
So why have I not once, not twice, but three times, possibly more, come across instances in which tropers have had as many as six entries to their names, one of which came up after I spent a pretty big length of time trying to get rid of just that?
Everyone who submitted multiple DMoS entries: I want you guys to pick one, and only one. Let me know which one it is, and I'll get rid of the rest of your entries.
I don't want to do this. I shouldn't have to do this. But if you guys can't be counted on to enforce the rules yourselves, it will pretty much be necessary for me to get myself involved.
And seriously, if you guys can't keep to rules, I am prepared to ask about adding this one to the list of locked pages.
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11:53:31 PM Oct 12th 2011
Some of the Seahorse Seashell Party entries incorrectly state that Brian suggested the "lightning rod" idea to Meg, when it was Meg herself when it came up with the idea.

P. S. Has anyone transcribed Meg's speeches from this ep. yet?
08:35:37 AM Oct 28th 2011
I agree the worst thing Brian did when he and Meg were talking in the end of the episode was agreeing with her on the lightning rod theroy and even that's being harsh. Seahorse Seashell Party was definitly a DMOS but the entries which mention Brian as the person who suggested the lightning rod idea should be deleted.
02:59:36 AM Oct 11th 2010
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Topic was deleted
05:42:46 PM Sep 27th 2010
There's an entry on Road to the Multiverse by Jamilee. I think it should be deleted since it misses the point. Everything about the universe without Christianity is how the world is more advanced scientifically. So I'm pretty sure Meg is hot because genetic engineering got rid of any genes that lead to unatractive people. After all if it was surgery why stop while she was still one of "the ugly ones?"
12:47:22 PM Sep 30th 2010
Eh, don't worry about it. If people want to blow their DMOS load on a joke they dislike, let them roll with it. Stops them kicking up another fuss later on down the line.
02:32:45 PM May 10th 2013
^^ That IS the point of the entry. That this is a universe where women are genetically engineered to be more attractive hardly sounds like an ideal world.
01:02:42 AM Sep 23rd 2010
Ugh. Just made a clean-up of the page. People, I don't give a flying toss how 'literally offended' you are at Family Guy: one moment, signed, without natter.
10:16:35 PM Sep 6th 2010
I don't watch the show, but do we need a picture? It looks like a good example, but since we have to sing entrys now it seems out of place.
06:47:16 AM Aug 25th 2010
Am I the only one who thinks that complaining about episodes like "Not all Dogs go to Heaven" and calling it "an anti-theist Chick Tract" is kind of missing the point? This show (and many shows of the similar kind) is about parodying cultural phenomena. They have parodied a huge amount of other groups of people, such as christians, gays, pro-lifers and whatnot. People belonging to such groups will inevitably get offended when they are getting parodied and their arguments are presented like straw men. Well, you know what? Atheists (or "anti-theists", or whatever you want to call it) are not exempt. They get parodied as well. And seemingly rather successfully, looking how much some people get offended by it.
11:44:36 AM Aug 5th 2011
Just seems like the religious have their heads shoved where they believe the sun shines, they can't take a joke and believe nobody has a right to criticize them. One might argue this proves the point the episode was trying to make.
02:38:42 PM May 10th 2013
So what if they mock atheists? That doesn't change the ridiculousness of the arguments used.
07:22:39 PM Nov 10th 2013
It should also be noted that the show has a bias in atheists seeing as to how they've yet to make an clear joke about them .
03:54:42 PM Jun 13th 2015
@L Bcrimson: THANK YOU
02:02:15 PM Aug 4th 2010
Seriously, if we're just gonna delete everything on these pages except for 2 short entries, why does Family Guy, Simpsons, Zero Punctuation etc. even need their own DMOS pages. We should just re-add them to their parent pages if so many entries can't be tolerated.
12:32:33 PM Aug 4th 2010
Old entries that were cut

Old entries that were cut.

"Not all Dogs go to Heaven"

Well, here it is. The worst offender of the worst offenders. Enjoy.
  • The episode can basically be described as an anti-theist Chick Tract, was the most jarring Dethroning Moment of Suck I have ever seen. There were so many Chick parallels; the old man in the sky "disproof" was similar to anti-evolutionist "I've never seen a monkey give birth to a human" sentiment, and after telling Meg her very existence proves no benevolent force exists, Brian tells her the physical universe is better than God, mirroring Chick tracts ending with "God is going to send you and everyone you know to hell for existing (one minute later) God loves you so much." I watched most of Moral Orel without getting offended (meaning I didn't see all of it, not that any of it offended me), so that should give some scope on how ridiculously hateful the episode was.- SNES Master KI
    • Not to mention the above quote of "her very existence proves no benevolent force exists" is said with a complete straight face. It's not meant as a joke. It's not meant as an insult to her. It's meant as a fact. Danny Smith is the one that is the creator of this. Fridge Logic applies and means that he's therefore a non-benevolent individual that hates everyone and everything. I'll be completely honest, I watch Moral Orel and laugh at its portrayal of 'straw Christians'. Mostly because I know that most of them aren't like that, and it's a small vocal minority. But if the people who make the show want to focus on them so and empower them, it's their choice to do so. But this show, it truly hurt me and hurt my feelings. But then I've noticed that Family Guy has become more and more about being a mouth piece for far-left liberal and atheist beliefs and less about being funny. Really, if you're going to have a show be a mouthpiece, stop saying it's just for jokes, and say what it is: your own personal propaganda machine.
      • I always saw the Meg statement as an extension of The Writer's general misogyny, interpreting "Meg" as basically "any woman who isn't hot". In this way, the statement makes vaguely more sense, but becomes so much more disgusting as a result.
      • I think Brian shows his true colors here. He insults Meg for being ugly... this coming from a dog. I don't know what happened to "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but Brian apparently doesn't care. What he sees as "ugly", is totally irrelevant to God because He created what He believes is actually good. It's also worth noting that Brian completely disregards Meg's Christian messages as a whole. Whether or not you agree with a religion, any at all really, a lot of them have genuinely good messages of not stealing, not lying, and so forth. Most people of any religious affiliation (including the non-religious) would probably attest to this. Furthermore, Brian comes off as a HUGE hypocrite when he criticizes Meg for being some "crazy, outspoken, conversion-happy Christian", but it turns out that it's okay for him to convert her into an atheist. Man I love double standards.
    • Oh thank you for seeing the exact same problem I saw. The argument isn't even an attempt at logic, it's just "If God existed, he would've made Meg pretty." To sum up, if God existed then the atheistic creator of the cartoon would've have drawn a single character in an attractive manner. Dear Krishna, Mr. MacFarlane! Does he actually consider that a realistic reason to not believe in a God? The strangest part is that Brian's statement is accepted as a reasonable argument and the entire book burning is put to a halt and all the townspeople, who had started behaving like Nazis after becoming more religious, go back to being normal.
      • Similar to how most atheists won't spend their entire time trying to prove that everyone who is religious is an idiot Nazi and most atheists are actually quite fine with people practicing whatever religion makes them happy. But Danny Smith is the exception that proves the rule.
        • As an atheist, I was still somehow offended. It was either going far beyond the realms of parody in terms of portraying Christians, or it was the whole bringing great shame to atheists everywhere. It was just plain painful to watch.
          • The whole town converts back instantly too. Apparently Meg's existence is a pretty strong argument.
            • The really ridiculous thing is that in early seasons Brian was at least semi-religious. He had a Bible handy at times ("And the Lord said, Go Sox," in response to someone wondering what the bible verse people frequently referenced at ballgames was) and he was the only one who recognized the plagues when Peter made himself a false god, slapping Peter and declaring "God. Is. Pissed."
  • That episode doesn't even pass the Fridge Logic test - God and Jesus are characters in the show, as is the Grim Reaper! Brian's venturing into Flat-Earth Atheist territory saying that God doesn't exist in a universe where God can be found picking up women at the bar, all for the sake of being a mouthpiece. Also, as a liberal agnostic who used to like Family Guy for totally non-political reasons, I've just gotta comment that sharing his world views doesn't make the recent Author Tract format any less preachy or condescending. The show just plain isn't funny anymore.
    • Crap, at the end of the episode, it even showed that Brian's hypothesis that even though God doesn't exist (except that he does on the show), the universe is an amazing and wondrous place is wrong, as the universe was actually a molecule in the lamp on Adam West's nightstand.
    • Wasn't there an episode where Meg became pretty and at the end of the episode it was concluded that being pretty wasn't good for her and she switched back to being ugly of her own free will? Which means that Meg choosing to not be pretty means there isn't a God because if there was a God he would've gone out of his way to interfere with her free will and force her to be attractive. Head Desk, Head Desk, Head Desk.
  • Not to mention that they managed to get the entire Star Trek: The Next Generation cast to cameo and barely used them in the weakest guest appearance comedy yet on the show. I had all but given up on the show for a while, but being a TNG fan decided to sit for this one, my blood pressure steadily increasing as it became increasingly obvious that I was subjected effectively to a bait-and-switch (though I don't blame Fox for promoting the cameo, given what a train wreck the entire episode became).
    • The first line of the episode implied that Star Trek convention-goers rarely see sunlight. Guess they wanted to pull out the fresh material right away.
  • For the first half of the episode it seems to explicitly set up the moral that you shouldn't discriminate against someone for their faith or lack of one, or that maybe Meg just happened to take her religious belief a little too far... but nope! According to Family Guy, Christianity = BAD and Atheism = GOOD.
  • Let's put it this way: this episode was so bad that even Seth had to eventually apologize for just how blatantly stupid this episode was in Jerome is the New Black (Quagmire's brutal tirade against Brian, that many consider Glen's Crowning Moment of Awesome). This is the same man who approved "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" and yet THIS was the thing he apologized for. Seriously, it's that bad.
    • The worst part. The single worst part of all of this... is that at the end of the episode, where someone calls out Brian, FINALLY, someone calls his bullshit, he comes home crying...and Stewie comforts him and tells him it's okay and not to worry about it. Brian has always been Stewie's first target. Sure, there's some serious Foe Yay, but he ALWAYS goes the hell after Brian. And he comforts him. Comforts him and removes that nagging doubt that he's not a complete and utter failure of a character. Someone get me a beer...
  • The biggest irony of this whole mess is that Brian's speech at the end of the episode was supposed to be his Crowning Moment of Awesome. Instead it wound up here.
  • One has to wonder what the point of this episode was: was it meant to turn Christians into atheists? Make atheists shun their friends and family if they believed in, well, anything? Were we supposed to agree with Brian and admit that the majority of Americans are evil idiots because they believe in something? WHAT. WAS. THE. POINT?
  • The reason why Meg became a Christian in the first place was because her life was starting to really suck. In other words Danny Smith arrogantly assumed that the only reason religion exists is because peoples' lives tend to suck every now and then...never mind the fact that Brian's big argument that converts the whole town to atheism is "Peoples' lives tend to suck every now and then." So, um, the exact same thing except with atheism. Not much a difference, is it?
    • It also implied that the only reason people believe there isn't a God is because people's lives suck. Not because atheism is what makes sense to some people or anything. Of course not. It simply must be that all atheists are what they are because the God they don't believe in is a jerk. This episode made this atheist want to scream.
  • This atheist was extremely offended that the episode portrayed Christians as if they were total morons. This is not the 13th fucking century, very few theists are that radical; not all of them are going to try to convert you or run you out of town. Have some class.
  • It didn't help that the only Christians they portrayed are the vocal, extreme minority. Yes, some Christians still practice book burning but the same logic can be applied to everything: some men cheat on their wives so does that make all men evil? No.
  • Possibly, Brian's argument is what Christians refer to as the "problem of pain": why would God, who is Omnipotent and Omnibenevolent, allow for abusive parents, rapists, mustard gas, war etc? (In Real Life, it's a highly contested issue within the Christian faith alone.) Brian's argument might've held some water if handled properly. Instead, it came out as: "Meg, a fictional character has a really crummy life; ergo a benevolent God cannot exist." This episode, it seems, was nothing more than a logic-free Take That! not only at Christianity, but any type of faith in the unseen.
    • I want to say that first off, I am a hardcore Christian. However, this is my biggest problem with most of the quotes on this page...I feel like we're all totally missing the point. Brian's argument wasn't so much "Meg is ugly, therefore, God can't exist," it was more "Meg, why do you believe/trust in a God that allows all of these horrible things to happen to you?" (Her family hating her, her friends making fun of her, etc...) I think Brian's argument makes a little more sense than we give it credit for, but at the same time, he doesn't fully understand the Christian faith either to make a statement like any case, it still fits nicely on this page.
    • Yeah that's what I figured, it didn't seem like he was calling Meg "ugly" or anything, to me it seemed more like he was commenting on that the fact that nearly EVERYBODY that makes eye contact with Meg considers her ugly and is repulsed by her(not to mention the way overrused gag of her being mistaken for a guy), and he uses that logic to convince her that god dosen't exist-and that was more then enough to convince her to believe Brian, and when you consider all the abuse she's gone through, Brian's argument would naturally make perfect sense to her. I didn't have the same hatred for this episode that most people do, but it STILL definitely went too far with the ridiculously over-the-top scene with Brian being demonized by everyone just for being an Atheist.
  • In somewhat of a direction toward the Fridge Logic/Wall Banger portion of this, the fact that Brian is an atheist was introduced and driven toward maddening levels, completely ignoring the fact that his atheism is a direct punch in the face of the admittedly inconsistent continuity anyway. Now to be fair, the dumb line about Meg being too ugly to allow a God to exist was said by an Author Avatar, Brian and the fact that he said something so insanely wall banging with a straight face may have been an attempt at making it funny. This didn't make it any less jarring at the fact that Brian apparently doesn't believe in God and Jesus after having seen them with his own eyes, spent an entire episode trying to convince Peter that he shouldn't try to take over for the real God, and on a less notable example been the victim of otherworldly/paranormal events in the past, such as his entire house being sucked into nothingness. So either the context of this episode is that the God that has been shown in the past in the show was written off as if he never existed just to make a point or one of Brian's head injuries throughout the series caused him to forget the fact that he's been confronted by God in the past.
  • If we cut past all of Danny Smith's bad logic the moral of the episode was "If God exists then why does suffering exist?". The problem with that is that, at some point, nigh-everyone in a religious society thinks of this: we didn't need an entire episode just to hear the same question.
  • Wait, Meg had just become a Christian in that episode. Last time I checked people who've just joined a new religion wouldn't be that good at defending it.

"Family Gay"

  • The episode where Peter leaves his jobless housewife and three kids (one of which being a baby) because he suddenly turned gay. Yes, guys, we understand that it's okay to be gay, but that doesn't give you the right to abandon all of your responsibilities without so much as a token conversation about child support. Hell, Lois even agrees that Peter didn't do anything wrong! He fucking did! He left your ass with three kids and NO WAY TO SUPPORT THEM. HE DIDN'T EVEN WAIT FOR HER TO GET A JOB SO THAT HIS FAMILY (which he should still care somewhat about because, you know, gay people aren't amoral assholes) COULD SUPPORT THEMSELVES!! YES, THATS RIGHT PETER, GO AHEAD AND JUST &^!@#&*^!$&(@#*#!$YGHQSF!!!
    • Considering that it was Peter, they were better off without him, which the episode hung a lantern on. It had good comedic value, but it shows that the writers failed once again at preaching political correctness in a Dead Baby Comedy. If he had proved South Park right about it just being a Gag Series, this Article would be a lot shorter.
    • You forgot to mention the worst parts. Peter became test subject for genetic experiments because he couldn't afford to pay for the damages a horse he bought did, almost ruining the family. So Yeah, to ruin your family and then leave them without any kind of support just because you're now gay is the right thing to do, and if you dare to say otherwise, you're a homophobe. And the most shocking thing is that everybody was putting Peter's happiness before everything, despite Peter being the cause of all the problems. I wonder why there are still so many people who says that Peter is not a blatant Anti-Sue.
      • Some of you seem to be forgetting about Lois's billionaire father. Peter didn't need to support her, because daddy would just pay the bills.
      • Did anyone forget that he was injected with gay person DNA?! Did fucking Chris-Chan write this?
      • Eh, Peter's just lucky he's the main character of Family Guy. At this point, in any other show, he'd be the villain. No really, he would be. Just paint his skin a disgusting shade of green, put a nasty-looking sword in his hands, and you've got yourself an honest-to-badness Great Unclean One.
        • At this time I'm reminded of "Superman At Earth's End", a comic where guns are used to solve all the problems, and then ends with an anti-gun message. Similarly, you can't have a pro-tolerance message in an episode that makes such egregious, un-ironic use of stereotypes. Things just work a certain way, and no amount of "comedy" can make up for that.
    • Lois' line "I can't change your orientation, and it'd be wrong for me to try" absolutely made NO SENSE since they DID CHANGE Peter's orientation earlier. However, banging people's head with the idea that homosexuality is not a choice was more important.
  • I simply love how Stewie suddenly takes the stance of staunch christian conservative (or perhaps christians in general, considering the show) for the sake of a temporary Author Tract.
    • Not to mention that Stewie is gay according to the Word of God

"Road to the Multiverse"

  • "Road to the Multiverse" is ten minutes of poop and fart jokes interlaced with a thin plot and several Meg-is-ugly jokes. Then, in the very end, Brian from an alternate universe wants to come back to the main universe even though he would've already gotten the chance to stay when he traveled with his Stewie through the Multiverse and didn't take that opportunity only to walk off and be hit by a car. The car was so predictable and obvious and that there wasn't a single person who didn't see it coming. Worse yet, alternate Brian would've been an interesting plot for a future episode but no, they killed him off instantly, which made the last seven minutes of the show worthless.
    • This is exactly why the end of the Disney segment in the episode is so bad; this show is just as anti-Semitic as Seth purports Disney to be. Yes, we all know it's Disney, but don't fucking pretend that this show isn't as offensive as anything that Disney puts out.
      • If it was a shot at "Uncle Walt's" anti-semitism, it wasn't a very good one. If they had an animated Walt leading the charge to kill Mort, then that would have made more sense. But there wasn't, everything was all happy-scrappy until Mort showed up. The regular characters had designs reminiscent of various Disney characters (the latest being Meg's, based off of The Little Mermaid's Ursula, which came out waaayy long after Disney's death) and it gives off the impression that the Walt Disney Corporation as a whole hates Jews. And as for Family Guy not being anti-semitic? Well, let's see: the recurring Jewish character is Mort Goldman, who is pretty much a walking-talking personification of almost every Jewish stereotype known to man, his lesser seen family are pretty much his clones, and that when Peter once put up a "scare-Jew" (i.e. a scarecrow made up to look like Adolf Hitler) to scare Mort away from the house so he wouldn't borrow anymore of the Griffens' stuff, Mort runs away screaming for everyone to protect Jon Stewart ("He's our most important Jew!") from the "reincarnated Hitler". So while Family Guy isn't anti-semitic per se, it does absolutely nothing to offset/subvert Jewish stereotypes. But yes, the Disney universe was a shitty joke, there is that too.
        • This troper actually loved the Disney universe segment and considers it the series' Crowning Moment of Awesome. But, since Seth MacFarlane constantly makes that stupid Disney joke (Brian at the beginning of "Movin' Out, Brian's Song", the cutaway in some episode saying that Goofy goes to Hell for being involved with 9/11, etc.), I have to agree that the end of that segment was stupid. I was expecting a meta-joke about the Disney universe being too expensive to animate, and that would be why they had to leave. Not sure if that would have been better. Though, the end of that segment was not enough to make me not like that scene, "It's a Wonderful Day for Pie" and the Herbert part were still gold.
      • The thing is though, Walt Disney wasn't actually that racist, he was actually less racist than most people of his era. The reason him being anti-semetic became a popular belief was because of a comment Brett Butler made on Letterman. Brett Butler's a psychotic drug addict, and was so addicted at the time that her show went through five producers in five years.
    • I thought the whole Road to the Multiverse counts as a Dethroning Moment of Suck. You can literally put all the jokes in three categories. Bowel movements, Meg is ugly, and violence. Mayor McCheese gets shot, alternate universe Brian gets hit by a car (predictable enough), John Hinkley (Reagan's attempted assassin) painted the Sistine Chapel, and Mort the Jew gets beat to death in the Disney universe.
    • Wellesely Wild's anti-theism shines through again where he says Christianity holds back science here as well.
    • What was really frustrating about it was the statement that without Christianity there would not have been the Dark ages. In reality, the biggest contributor to the Dark Ages was the power vacuum created by the fall of the Roman Empire, and it was largely the culture and technology brought back to Europe by the Crusades that ended them.
    • Never mind the fact that Europe =/= the entire world. While Europe was enveloped in the Dark Ages, scientific advances still continued in other places like the Far East and the Islamic Empire (which reintroduced scientific and mathematic discoveries to Europe centuries after they had been lost there).
  • When they went to the world where Japan won WW2. That joke was completely racist.
  • This troper, a secular humanist, found the Christianity/Dark Ages joke in very bad taste.

"Brian's Got a Brand New Bag"
  • The worst part of the Episode was when Brian dates an older woman was when showed the younger girl a video of himself in Die Hard. It wasn't funny, and it was just another use of Limited Animation. Considering that this is coming from Family Guy, which has shown us four minutes of Conway Twitty singing with no animation at all, this can be seen as an improvement.
    • The episode where Brian got involved with an actual elderly woman. You know, someone who's actually OLD and not just above 21 years old. Even though that old lady died at the end of that episode, that was treated with a lot more respect and pathos then this episode saw fit to treat a woman who was, horrors of horrors, MORE THEN FORTY YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!
    • The supposed Aesop of this episode was broken beyond repair. Brian berates everyone for treating him poorly for dating an older woman, pointing out the hypocrisy of younger women dating older men and younger men dating older women. So, what happens? Again, the older woman tells Brian (who tells her he feels horrible for sleeping with another, younger, woman) that he's immature and that she's too good for him. Yes, according to the writers, it's not due to traditional sex roles, or double standards, or traditional reasons that the idea of a man dating an older woman is frowned on. No, according to this episode, it's because men are immature. OF COURSE! I'm not sure which sex should be offended more...
      • Even though his family's reactions were jerkassy and his girlfriend seemed to suddenly and inexplicably turn into Grandpa Simpson, Brian's actions in that episode were pretty heinous. He pretty blatantly decided to propose in order to spite his family's prejudices, and though he apologized for cheating on her, he phrased it in a way that made it seem as though it was a good thing because it proved to him that SHE wasn't too old for him. Dethroning Moment of Suck from both sides of the argument.
    • Perhaps the worst part of this episode was the writing within it. The older woman in question is screamed at by Peter, who grabs her shirt and starts demanding her age, sending her off in tears. The family seems UTTERLY DEVOTED to destroying Brian's love life. From the perspective of one who has worked very hard for his love life, I would beat my own kin if they did that. So, Brian does a good thing, comforts her, makes her feel loved and beautiful. It's amazing, maybe Brian does have a soul. Besides, age difference isn't that bad - Brian goes back and forth between 49 and 7, so hey, whatever. So, moving on from that. The woman is actually a fairly likable character. Well, we can't have that in a one shot, can we? So, in the fastest fucking case of Flanderization I've ever seen, this woman goes from being fairly on top of things and even somewhat modern to basically 80 in mannerisms and speech processes. My mother is 50. She's not talking in 1930s lingo. This is placed in to make her unsympathetic. Oh, and let's not forget the complete and utter Critical Research Failure - a picture is shown of the woman as a young child with her mother. Brian picks it up and comments "Huh... there's not enough stars on this flag!" in a nervous tone, implying she was born before Alaska and Hawaii were made states (1959). The woman is 50 (the episode first aired in 2009). If she's 50...and the picture shows her as a young, bipedal child with her mother (see, at least two years old, probably more)... then there WERE 50 stars on the flag...hmm. Thanks guys. I confirmed the Alaska/Hawaii thing in two minutes on The Other Wiki. I'm GLAD you can do the same.
      • Consider this: The entire family is ragging on her because she's "old." She's only fifty years old...In an earlier episode it was revealed that Peter is forty-two. There's only eight years between them, ten between her and Lois! And that is what they call "old?!"
      • What's even more enraging is that Brian is about 49 in human years, which means that he's technically a year younger than her! Come on!
  • Lucy getting the ever-loving shit kicked out of her in "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag?" You know, I know she screwed with Charlie a lot back in Peanuts but nothing she did could you use to justify her getting kicked the crap out of her. Especially since she's a child, to make matters worse Peter actually brings up the therapy shtick she used as another reason to kick her. I dunno, maybe it's just me because I liked Lucy and don't like the concept of children being hurt... let alone a small 8-Year Old Girl all brought about a Patrick Swayze movie and Seth paying homage to him. Thanks Seth, I'm pretty sure Patrick would've wanted to be remembered for inspiring some idiot to beat up children.
    • Not having seen the scene in particular, it sounds like a literal curb stomping, which is bad enough, but the fact that they did the same joke years before, only using Louis instead of Charlie Brown, just makes it worse. Robot Chicken did something similar, but wasn't so bad, because it was so cartoonish, you could laugh at it.
    • They did this joke already in Lethal Weapons (season 2), but much milder and to much better effect: Lois, in a martial arts training montage, runs to kick a football held by Lucy. The football gets yanked, Lois falls out of frame, then runs back to roundhouse Lucy, who cries. That's exactly the right amount of justice via cartoon violence that what Lucy did deserve. They knew how to do this joke right already, but have totally forgotten it since the pre-resurrection era.
12:33:44 PM Aug 4th 2010
Other episodes.

  • Hey, MacFarlane, we fucking get it, you hate Jews. Enough already, okay? Really seriously getting a little sick of how much we need to hear about how much you hate Jews. Honest. Don't really need to hear Stewie smarming right at the camera about how God will kick the Jews' ass for killing Jesus. Wow. Fucking seriously, we're going to go with that bit? Really? From Stewie, not from Peter, we're really going to go with "Jews killed Christ."
    • But no seriously, MacFarlane averages one Jew joke per episode. The only ethnicity he goes after as much or more are the Hispanics. Seriously, fucking enough, kk.
    • Several of the writers, producers and voice actors for the show are Jewish. It's more likely to be Self Depreciating Humour than anti-semitism, something which American Jews are hardly alien to.
  • In one episode, Jesus himself (mind you a couple of episodes before said that God and Jesus didn't exist) said that all religion was crap, and surprise, Brian agrees.
    • I think that part of the episode was a response to complaints of how Brian could be an atheist when he's met God and Jesus. Rather than a clever or thoughtful explanation of how Brian could maintain his atheism, Mark Hentemenn instead has Jesus say that all religion is crap because Brian can't possibly be wrong. EVER. That's right, Brian's now officially a Black Hole Sue and the universe bends to his will. Of course that doesn't explain how Jesus has superpowers but I'm sure we'll get another episode where that's explained to the most insulting extent possible.
      • Also the fact that deism isn't religious, but also believes there is a God. That could have been used, but NOOOOO, the Author Avatar is ALWAYS right!
        • Which makes no sense as Brian's won an award for his essay and was hired by the New Yorker on the strength of his writing and worked himself to the bone (to the point of taking the mayor hostage) to fight a discriminatory law. His novel is apparently pretty lousy and accidentally a remake of an existing story, but he does seem to have a history as a talented writer. Not to mention that he was being chewed out by a guy who has been almost explicitly shown to engage in date rape, statutory rape, incest and bestiality, has left many fatherless children, and also hits on his best friend's wife (and outright slept with his other one's). The rant would have made sense if it was Cleaveland or Joe making it, but Quagmire?
          • Also, one of Quagmire's points was that he has no illusions about who he is, what he wants, and what he's after, and doesn't particularly try to hide it, either. Brian, on the other hand...
            • There's a difference between admitting that you're shallow and admitting that you're a rapist.
            • When it comes to creative writing, Brian just sucks, has no originality, his best work is plagiarism and his mediocre work is unintentional plagiarism.
  • The Fighting a discriminatory law by taking the mayor hostage one. I'm sorry; WHAT?!?!? I don't care who you are or what you believe; tell me, for the love of all things sane, you see the problem with this! Brian, trying to prevent a gay marriage ban, takes an elected official hostage at gun point; and all it takes is a talking to from Lois about he's, surprise surprise, right again to get him to give up.
    • What ticks This Troper off even more? Lois believes that gays should have the right to be together, but is against gay marriage. This is a moderate position, and indeed may be the majority one in America. But what convinces her that this opinion is wrong, wrong, wrong? Seeing Brian performing his ACT OF TERRORISM on the news, because obviously "he feels really strongly about this." What?! News flash, idiot writers: lots of people "feel really strongly" about their opinions, that has exactly zero definitive correlation to whether or not those opinions are right! To put it another way, if Lois had taken the mayor hostage to prevent gay marriage, would Brian have been so easily converted to her side, given how "strongly" she apparently believed she was right?
    • Probably the worst part of that episode, for This Troper? The rape joke about Elizabeth Smart. Rape as Comedy is really toeing the line, even though this show does it constantly. But calling out the name of an actual rape victim, specifically a child? FUCK YOU, ASSHOLES. You know, I hope her family wasn't watching or anything.
  • ...I like to think of myself as a semi-reasonable human being, as a man of the world, so to speak, with a view somewhat grounded in comedic reality and realization. That view has been challenged. By what, you may ask? Family Guy. Sweet Jebus what went wrong? It was all going so well! Then it went like The Simpsons, and each successive season got worse and worse! I persevered, oh I sat through it! If the Beatles movies couldn't break me, then certainly Family Guy wouldn't. This last season looked so harmless too. Even though every episode seemed to be composed of pure suck, there were at least moments to make up for it. But this last one... Why? Dear merciful God in Heaven, WHY? WHY DID CONWAY TWITTY SING FOR FIVE WHOLE MINUTES?! I'm...I'm ashamed to admit it...but that was the first time I turned away from a T.V. show in disgust. It was as if all my senses were being raped by this single episode. I am a broken man... Don't cry for me, I'm already dead.
  • Family Guy has a tendency of ripping things off, shot-by-shot, word-for-word. While this effect is intentional, it comes off as greatly annoying to more than one troper. To wit:
  • Yeesh, Meg. Where exactly it started this troper can't pinpoint (and has no real desire to look anyway), but wherever it was that Meg went from angsty teenager with self-esteem issues to punching bag qualifies as the Dethroning Moment of Suck. The fact it was done because the writers allegedly didn't know how to write for a teenage female character just makes it even more stupid. Some examples: Shot full of poison darts? Check. Thrown out of a boat, caught by fisherman, and then verbally berated? Check. Blamed and punished for everything in the series? Check yet again. Being shot POINT BLANK in the head just for greeting her father? Check and mate. And, indeed, compared to everyone else, Meg is far more likable than anyone else in the series these days.
    • Agreed. I could understand it as a Running Gag (because it does make me like Meg more, because seriously, the stuff she gets put through), but Jesus, "The Road to The Multiverse" is pretty much the Dethroning Moment for me when it comes to Meg. Every single dimension hates her for the exact same reason: that she's not pretty enough for them (Ursula legs in Disneyverse, Bulldog in the Dogs Rule-verse, committing seppuku in the Japanverse for being ugly and being promptly farted on. Even in the universe where Brian and Stewie see her as a sex bomb. What. The. Hell. The worst part there is they show several other women in the background and a woman who's just finished having sex with Quagmire. None come close to as hot as hot Meg. The shallowness really just pisses me off.
      • Oh, God, yes. I thought things were looking up when Meg was shown to be apparently pretty sexy in one 'verse, but then we find out she's still considered hideous? God damn you, Wellesely. Damn you!
        • Really, the only thing funny about the whole Meg's-ugly concept anymore is the fact that in the show's entire run, she's been voiced by two ridiculously gorgeous actresses -— Lacey Chabert and Mila Kunis, for the uninformed.
        • One of the Meg's Ugly jokes that really p.o.'d this troper was when Meg was in her underwear (Which I for one enjoyed) and said to Bill Clinton he could have her and he went eww, and this man was in a limo with like five women who were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY fatter than Meg's supposed to be.
          • That scene was undoubtedly intended as a Monica Lewinsky joke. Which might have been mildly funny, if the episode had aired...oh, EIGHT YEARS EARLIER! Gee, writers—why don't you throw in some O.J. Simpson jokes while you're at it? Oh, wait....
      • The one I hated was when she is begging to get raped, because no other man would have her, and the horrified criminal runs away in disgust.
    • I sat down for that episode telling myself, "Okay, let's see how long before The Writers bash Christians." Four minutes later, I changed the channel, noted the time for the Writer on Board page, and have never watched a new Family Guy again.
  • The Miley Cyrus episode had one that was quite disturbing. Brian asks Stewie to reprogram Miley Cyrus into being Brian's sex slave and since she's a minor, Brian is a pedophile (oh God, they're gonna make him the new Herbert!). While that's disgusting enough on its own, Brian justifies this by saying that he's 7. This only makes things worse because now every girl Brian has dated is now a pedophile. While he would normally be considered 49 technically (in dog years, since one dog year equals 7 human years), he himself said he's 7 and he can't have it both ways. Either he is 49 and going after a 17 year old (which even Stewie found unacceptable) or else he's 7 and going after a 17 year old (which somehow made everything okay?) and both ways are squicky.
    • Her age isn't even the whole of it. They wanted to re-program her to have sex with Brian against her free will. She may have been a robot, but the implications of rape were definitely there - her being underage only makes an already really creepy moment worse.
      • Take into mind that Brian is a in not a many girlfriends has he had?
      • What about the scene from the Hannah Montana show where Miley's dad (who is played by her real father) told her to put on her wig so he could have sex with her under the notion that Hannah is not his daughter? Seriously, how many incest jokes do they have to have?
    • Don't forget that the Evil Monkey is really a pretty nice guy. More than a few people claimed that was a Jump the Shark moment.
  • "Stew-roids". This episode was probably just to get fans of the new, gay, Stewie (yes, they exist) to watch it when it turns out that it was a "Meg episode". But that's not the problem. Then Connie dates Chris (long story) just to make him "cool". But that's not the problem. Then Chris breaks up with Connie. But that's not the problem. The problem? Well, Connie "teams up" with Meg to get back at Chris, so Meg gets Neil to show an embarrassing video of Chris to get him to be "not cool" anymore, then the freaking principal of the school just jumps out of nowhere and says that Connie is now "cool" again for "getting back at Chris". But...when did Connie do anything? Meg at least gave Neil the deal. Now, does this show run on Status Quo Is God or not? They could have done it better, MUCH better. Bonus negative points for making Meg look like a lesbian creep near the end. (Great Pikmin Fan)
    • What the principal said was that Connie was popular because the guy who dethroned her had himself been dethroned. Therefore, anything he did was considered irrelevant.
      • And despite the title being "Stew-roids", the whole reason he got really buffed up was to get revenge on Susie for humiliating him at the party — and yet at no point does he ever go back to challenge her and his muscles get totally wasted. They also wasted a good opportunity to have him beat the shit out of Brian, and yet by the end of the episode his muscles waste away, having accomplished nothing — and Brian chases him out a window and he flies away using his flappy skin.
  • Without even getting into the politics, what really got me was the episode where Stewie questions the obvious Plot Hole of Brian, a 7-year-old dog, having a teenaged son. Brian's response is "If you don't like it, go on the Internet and complain" (yes, I am aware of the irony). Because obviously, no matter how crappy your own writing skills are, all it takes to defend yourself is to call your opponents nerds with no life. Way to bite the hand that feeds you writers. (AmuroNT1)
    • There's nothing inherently wrong with intentionally invoking the Rule of Funny, so long as you remember that the key word is "funny".
      • That moment was when I (Metal Shadow X) declared the seventh season to be the absolute worst. I'm pretty lenient on the show (Even ignoring the stupider crap listed here), but that was uncalled for; I also didn't like the other episode scenes with this "joke", but that was definitely the worst joke yet. With season 8 having no Conway Twitty segment in sight, I'd say things are looking up.
      • They do the same in the episode "I Dream of Jesus". "Ha, ha! He's on the internet, and I'm in college!" Considering college students are probably one of Family Guy's biggest markets, I'm surprised how few people seem to have noticed the huge Take That! against the target audience.
  • In "Road to Germany" when Stewie sees the Nazi uniform has a McCain/Palin 08 tag on it. I don't hate this for political reasons, I hate this because this episode aired in OCTOBER of 2008. That joke would be relevant for one month and then it would seem off-putting. We know you guys are Democrats, and speaking as a Democrat I can say it makes the rest of us look terrible.
  • The episode where they travel to Texas. There's playing up stereotypes for humor, and there's presenting a direct critique of something. Both fine by themselves; they do not go well together. Like bleach and ammonia. It's frightening that anyone out there is so bad at satire as to not know this; even moreso that a major network will still gladly pump the resulting cloud of toxic gas into people's homes.
    • I think that this is a semi-stereotype at best. Being from Texas, I find few cowboy hat-wearing, rootin'-tootin', hicks. However, I imagine some Texans do indeed enjoy filling this stereotype while traveling to irritate other people. Sadly, it seems that quite a few non-Texans are surprised when they realize that not every Texan is a horse-wranglin', cattle-russlin', stereotype. Still, the other presumptions made by Seth and his crew are definitely below the belt.
    • And then there's the pretense to get the Griffins to Texas: Stewie throws up in church after drinking too much wine and eating communion wafers, leading people to believe he's been possessed. So the whole town shows up to take Stewie away from his family to perform an exorcism, and the Griffins leave Rhode Island. Never mind the fact that most church-sanctioned exorcisms are only for extreme cases — the whole fucking town thinks that taking a child away from its family to perform a dangerous and potentially fatal religious practice based on a single instance of that child throwing up in church is A GOOD THING TO DO?! Oh, and let's not forget that while they're on the way to Texas, the Griffins learn that the police are looking for Stewie. Let me repeat that: the police are looking for a child because he may be possessed. Listen, I know it's just Family Guy, and it's not meant to be intelligent entertainment on any level, but still... this qualifies as an Extreme Wall Banger in my opinion, and one of the absolute dumbest moments in television history.
      • Also, considering that Stewie is like, an INFANT, and infants vomit a lot, it makes even LESS SENSE that they would assume that he is possessed simply because he barfed AFTER EATING A LOT. WHAT ARE THESE MORONIC POLICEMEN ON?
      • I also like that, despite the fact that the Griffins are stuck inside their house while it is surrounded by an angry mob, in the next scene they have somehow gotten into their car.
      • Don't forget the fact that the Texans immediately try to execute Peter when he tells them he's retarded. Yes, Texas did execute a mentally retarded man, but he shot a cop. They don't try to kill retarded people for simply existing.
    • What annoyed me the most about the episode was Brian's short anti-Texas rant that was flirting with being a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment where he notes that Texas is "A Red State Full of Right-Wing Nutjobs". Okay, MacFarlane or whoever the hell wrote this ep, I have one question for you: Have you NEVER heard of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, or ANY OTHER GODDAMN URBAN SPRAWL IN TEXAS!? Seriously, there are some areas in Texas that are so Blue they make LA look Red. The only reason Texas is a Republican stronghold is because the suburbs around the cities tend to be more red as well as the large population nested in the Panhandle and the Guadelupe Mountains...
  • "The Juice Is Loose": it was extremely dated (which they lamely tried to cover up in the intro), the jokes seemed to be stolen from a lame talk show circa 1993 and the ending was such a lame Shaggy Dog moment. This is proof that if an episode can be dated BEFORE IT EVEN AIRS, it won't be long until the entire show become old and stale.
    • I would like to point out that in two past episodes they made jokes that made O.J. innocent in the murder, including a news broadcast the real killer was found, and then all of a sudden he's deemed the murder again, talk about Seasonal Rot.
  • For me the final minutes of "Lois Kills Stewie" was the DMOS. The episode was (or so I thought) Stewie's final appearance, as his plans had finally succeeded. In a matter of minutes, we go from Stewie's "last hurrah" turns into a simulation. This was the breaking point, in my opinion.
  • For me, they started to get a bad omen watching Stewie's over-the-top song about world domination. Ironic that part of the lyrics berated The Simpsons for not being funny anymore, when Family Guy has managed it in fewer seasons. The main problem is watching the degeneration from actual jokes to just sex and violence (watch the chicken fights in order, they start getting a lot darker) and after watching "Love Blactually" with the most annoying, preachy, self-righteous Brian I think gives Lisa Simpson a run for her money, I don't have high hopes of the rest of season 7.
  • I stuck by Family Guy through the first 7 seasons broadcast in the UK. Then came "I dream of Jesus". Then I saw how dependent the show had become on cutaway or recurring unfunny gags drawn out so damn long, as well as all the political stuff Seth had seeped through lately. That one episode caused me to have enough of the entire show.
    • Perhaps this Christian might be looking into this a bit to deeply, but what was up with their portrayal of Jesus as an immature brat in the last half of the episode? Where did that characterization come from at all? The first half of the episode played Jesus Was Way Cool fairly straight, then dropped it entirely for "immature celebrity" gags featuring Jesus. And in the end, the make Peter out to be more mature than Jesus; maybe it would have been more understandable (if not arrogant) if Brian was the one lecturing Jesus at the end... but Peter?
  • My personal Berserk Button is the episode "Prick Up Your Ears", where the students at Meg's high school take abstinence pledges instead of being taught safe sex. Now, on one level I can agree with the basic Aesop that safe sex should be taught and condoms should be used...but what really turned this episode into a DMoS for me was the implication that if you deliberately choose not to have sex, there's something seriously wrong with you. Apparently, according to Lois, rape is alright when it's used as a teaching tool to demonstrate to people why they shouldn't be abstinent. So if I, though the freedom of choice that the episode is supposed to promote, decide I don't want to have sex, it's alright for me to be raped as a means of "enlightening" me? Yikes.
    • Especially the part about abstinence not being a "reasonable choice". That's like saying you can only either stay away from cigarettes your whole life or smoke 2 cartons every day, there is no in between.
  • The one where Quagmire begins to rape Marge and then she gives in is a particularly bad example. Matt Groening himself was pissed and chewed MacFarlane out. Eventually even MacFarlane admitted the joke was in really bad taste.
    • For me, Quagmire crossed the Moral Event Horizon when he did that. Yeah guys, go ahead and show my favorite childhood characters get raped and killed. (Emperordaein)
      • It gets worse. Marge eventually GIVES IN. And after doing it with her, he kills the entire Simpsons family. WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS wrong with these people?! Some fans do take some solemn refuge in the thought that after Maggie's distinctive pacifier sucking is heard, there is a pause before the last gunshot is heard, which some fans like to interpret as Maggie taking the gun off him and doing him in. Would be bloody glorious if that actually happened, even if it wouldn't quite make up for the previous (appalling) joke.
      • In my opinion, one of the worst wall bangers about that whole segment was that it could have actually made for a decent joke/sight gag - if they cut it off right before it went straight into Dude, Not Funny! with the aforementioned cold-blooded murder (or, if you prefer, Marge giving in).
    • The biggest wallbanger comes in the DVD commentary for the episode where MacFarlene goes off on a long, unfunny tangent in which he goes on a long, whiny tirade about the joke being cut for syndication, insisting it's some sort of conspiracy perpetrated by Fox because he insulted their beloved cash cow (as opposed to the fact that it was a tasteless joke involving rape, murder and infanticide) then goes on to say the joke was justified because the Simpsons had already made several (Minor, mostly in good will) jokes at Family Guy's expense.
  • My. God. Even after giving up on this show forever IT STILL MANAGES TO DISAPPOINT ME. On the 61st Emmys (2009) Family Guy did a segment for the show. Can you guess what they did? Have the family argue who's going to win? Have Peter meet the nominees? Do something funny? Nope. They repeated a joke. Which joke? THE ONE THAT HAS STEWIE BEATING UP BRIAN. THE EXACT SAME JOKE. The only thing they did change was the lines. And in turn, MADE THE FACT THAT STEWIE BEATS UP BRIAN MAKE NO SENSE. Any you know what, people laughed. TV's finest writers, actors, and other people laughing at this sick excuse for a joke. I died a little inside.
  • What's even more stunning than "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven" is "420", where Brian basically serves as a mouthpiece for pro-pot legalization propaganda, from conspiracy theories to all the supposed wonderful benefits that society receives once it's done. Not once does the episode really suggest that anything bad might happen as a result of wide-spread pot use, and the status quo is restored purely as a result of one man's greed.
    • I most certainly object to jokes implying that you can only enjoy Doctor Who if you're high. Not cool, man, not cool.
  • I pretty much stopped watching the show after the episode "Family Goy". Why, you may ask? I'm not going to mince words: Peter has officially become as insane as the Joker.
    • Bravo, Mark. You took one of the most chilling and disturbing scenes from Schindler's List and played it for laughs (a shirtless Peter casually attempts to shoot Lois with a sniper rifle, all while his cigarette sits on the balcony ledge (and since when did they have a balcony?)). The only way that could've made a more tasteless reference to the Holocaust would be by having Mort Goldman complain about how dirty a gas chamber is. Of course, Hentemenn will probably read this, and think that's a great idea...
  • When Quagmire gets the cat, and the other guys get annoyed and decide to shave it. We see Peter "shaving" it, actually killing it, complete with shrieks of pain from the cat, and blood spurting with each cut, landing on Peter and everywhere else. Besides not being funny in any conceivable way, this drags Peter's character and intelligence to depths never imagined, and crossed the Moral Event Horizon. The eventual payoff at the end of the episode reinforces these new lows.
    • And it is even worse when you (miraculously) make it through to the end, where Quagmire is offering $200 dollars for the information of the whereabouts of his cat. Peter grabs the money out of Quagmire's hand and says he killed the cat in a very callous tone and walks off. Credits roll. WHAT!!!???
  • The episode where they make fun of Carrot Top for his alleged over-reliance on props in order to be funny...because its not like Family Guy uses something way too much for
12:34:10 PM Aug 4th 2010
  • After watching a scene where Peter listed "all the brown people you can rape" as a benefit of joining the U.S. Navy in "Saving Private Brian", I swore myself off of Family Guy forever.
  • When they started doing a rape or domestic violence joke at least, oh, once an episode if not more. LOL a woman is being horribly assaulted! I like dark humor, but there's a world of difference between say, Sarah Silverman's infamous bit in The Aristocrats and in Family Guy where there's no other joke besides...a woman being raped. Or horribly beaten. And Peter's "Oh get over it, it's a cartoon!" was particularly sickening cause I'm even more offended by the laziness and cowardice of that defense than I am the actual jokes themselves.
    • "You shouldn't have led him on." I first saw that gag along with a friend that had been a victim of sexual assault. I had voiced my concerns with her about my own disdain over how Meg's abuse was being played for laughs, having been a child abuse victim myself, but that Aqua Man joke was the beginning of the end. Namely, the end of watching Family Guy ever again. We found that to be the turning point, sort of like Cerebus Syndrome for being incredibly distasteful. You can't just flatly mirror real-life ignorant statements for laughs. Some hate later episodes for basically saying "THIS IS A JOKE", but we hated the series far before then, when they started saying "THIS IS SEXIST/RACIST/ETC." and playing this ignorance for laughs. Like, when King of the Hill is doing its usual thing, you're just like, "Ha ha, Bible-belt Strawman Political conservative hijinks!" When Family Guy tries something similar, your reaction is more like, "Ha h—wait, incredibly offensive hijinks with a touch of Truth in Television? Dude, Not Funny!." It's hard to classify this under a definitive episode, but the Aqua Man joke is definitely when I first started realizing just how badly these subjects were being handled.
  • Next to Drawn Together, this is the animated show that defines Negative Continuity, but when it comes to the characters' backgrounds, you used to look for a little consistency. For most of the show, Peter was the son of an Irish-Catholic, but discovered that one of his ancestors was a black man who was enslaved by his wife's family. And since that ancestor was renamed "Nate Griffin", it is logical to assume that Nate was from Peter's father's side of the family. Even "Untitled Griffin Family History" acknowledged Nate as a member of the family. But then, in one extremely stupid episode, we discover that not only was Francis Griffin NOT Peter's father, but Peter's father was a drunk living in Ireland. So Nate's outta the picture, unless the writers pulls out of their ass an explanation that Nate went over to Ireland for some reason (which until he does makes Nate a complete waste of time). And then comes "Padre de Familia" where it turns out that not is only Peter at least three-quarters Irish, but he was actually born from a failed abortion in Mexico. So now all of a sudden, Peter is now technically Mexican and is an illegal. Putting aside that not only do immigration laws NOT work that way, having three biological kids and living your entire life in America would at least not make him an illegal. And he has to work with migrant workers on his father-in-law's mansion because he want to get in touch with his non-existent roots, only for a Snap Back at the end. I won't get into detail about Lois' family's changes. For the love of God (oh, wait...) guys, why do you feel the need to change what little you had established?
  • The episode "Business Guy". The episode didn't exactly do or say anything offensive but it suffered from major plot holes, poor writing, an arbitrary resolution, and had only a few mediocre jokes. This isn't the offensive episode that ruins a show, this is the mediocre episode that makes people realize a show has run out of steam. Peter takes over Carter Pewterschmidt's company after a strip club sequence, whereupon the episode meanders along for 20 minutes (with a mediocre Quagmire joke in it) then tries to use a Scooby-Doo reference that Scooby Doo fans are sick of.
  • I know it's Family Guy, and it lives to be offensive, but is anyone else starting to notice that the show has a bit of a fixation on Jewish stereotypes and antisemitic gags? We have Peter reenacting scenes from Schindler's List for laughs, an entire segment consisting of Mort Goldman coming up with dozens of ways to call Jews cheap.
    • Here's something strange worth noting— when Mort Goldman would originally appear, his large "weakling" personality was the source of comedy from him. Probably three years later after the show returned in 2005, jokes about him started to focus on his being a Jew. I am getting such a bad vibe from that shift in humor.
    • Honestly, it goes beyond antisemitic jokes. There is a ton of casual racism that's just played out for laughs, especially in regard to blacks. The first few times I noticed it was from Brian which, alright, fine; Brian's a staunch progressive with a hidden, slightly racist streak inherited from his father. But then the jokes started coming from Stewie as well. And then every other character. I know the entire cast has been more or less Flanderized into complete jackasses but when the racist jokes come so often and from every character, it starts to seem like maybe the writers have some issues.
  • Is it just me or has there been a lot of Robin Williams bashing lately? The cutaway in "McStroke" was lame enough, but then in "Baby Not On Board" a cutaway showed the kids in Patch Adams killing themselves over Robin's jokes (Something Mad Magazine already did a decade earlier!), "Brian's Got A Brand New Bag" had What Dreams May Come as one of the DVDs no one wanted to buy, and most recently in "Big Man On Hippocamus" there was a lame cutaway gag where the joke basically is "Robin isn't funny anymore". Right. Because antisemitism, misogyny, and three minutes of Conway Twitty singing are much funnier than this. And don't think I'm complaining about all this because I'm a butthurt Robin fangirl. I'm complaining because these Take Thats are unoriginal and not clever at all. My only consolation is that they haven't done a Gorn-filled animated snuff film ala Futurama... yet. I wouldn't put it past them though.
  • The second Star Wars parody managed to be surprisingly alright, its main flaw coming from missing out on the chance to make jokes (Missed Moment Of Funny?). The abortion joke, however, was just tasteless.
  • In the episode "Extra-Large Medium," the first gag of the show is Peter skating around in circles shouting "Starlight Express" over and over. Apparently just saying the name of the thing you're making fun of counts as a joke now. Taking a page out of the Seltzer and Friedberg book of comedy?
    • The entire episode is a slap in the face to a certain politician. Subtle political satire is good, but this is just pathetic. The whole concept of the plot is mean-spirited and completely unnecessary. Said politician understandably criticized the episode for taking shots at someone who was supposed to be miles away from political crossfire. In response the actor who portrayed the character in question proceeded to defend her position and attack the politician for being hyper-sensitive and treating her son poorly. But here's the punchline-Seth backs her up. Not surprising that the actor would defend her own character (she was paid to voluntarily act, mind you), and proceed to explain that the attack was on the politician, not the child, which is not only still in poor taste, but is also a terrible excuse. Not to mention, more unlikely than an episode without an anti-Chrstian/Republican undertone. Her whole "get a sense of humor" is about as weak of an argument as they come. I dare that actor to publicly tell that to every single parent with a Downs Syndrome child, or someone who actually has the syndrome. Just think about it.
  • Did anyone else facepalm after watching Lois make fun of Brian for dating an idiot in Whistle While Your Wife Works? Especially since said idiot was only about as dumb Lois's husband, but much nicer, hotter and more infinitely more mentally stable and emotionally mature?
    • Not just that Jillian is a much better companion than Peter, but considering that Lois knows that Brian has always loved her (Lois) since Brian in Love in Season 2 (and re-iterated in Play It Again, Brian), it was downright cruel for her to mock Brian for his romantic choices. The guy is trying to preserve his friendships with you and your husband, and your marriage, by moving on and looking for someone else, and you throw it back in his face?!
  • For me, another DMOS has to be what they did with Connie's character. Originally she was just the popular Libby character who would make fun of Meg for her efforts to try to fit in with the popular kids. But nowadays she goes out her way to tease Meg even if Meg is just minding her own business, and even though Meg honestly wanted to be friends with Connie in the past. It just was fucking cruel in the "Stew-Roids" episode where Meg shows Connie the cuts she deliberately gave herself over the years as a result of Connie's cruel treatment of her when Connie asked Meg for help to make Chris "uncool". Because in later episodes if anything even after seeing how badly Meg has been hurt by her bullying (and how Meg cuts herself as a result of it) she still treats Meg like shit, if not more so.
  • Ugh, the episode Baby Not On Board, we all knew Peter is an idiot but at least he has some plausible reasons for it. Here it just...I don't have the words for it but man I know I couldn't be the only person who wanted to punch out Peter for his mind blowing stupidity. But no, NO, that's not the worst of it. After all the crap he puts his family through, Lois finally blows up at him for it. And then...feels ashamed when Peter rebuffs her for it? WHAT?! No! Nononononono. Rule of Funny or not, I can't give this show that one. There are just some Karma Houdini moments I can't forgive.
    • Someone should probably elaborate for those who are curious: Lois yells at him, and Peter responds with the speech John Candy delivers in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Yes, the entire speech— almost word for word. And Lois immediately forgives him.
      • And don't forget they end it by explaining the joke with Chris going 'haa, movie reference'. Just in case ya didn't get it. DID YA GET IT?! He's stealing a monologue word-for-word from an infinitely better and funnier movie!...Futurama can't return fast enough in my opinion.
  • For me, the Dethroner came in Padre de Familia, when, in a cutaway gag, it's revealed Peter didn't even know what 9/11 was until months after...he walked in, saw Lois watching the coverage with tears in her eyes, and he laughs and says it must be a woman pilot. THAT'S NOT F*CKING FUNNY!
    • You'd think Seth MacFarlane would hold more respect for the victims of 9/11, considering he was almost one of them.
      • Objection, Seth MacFarlane did not write that episode. Let's give the guy some credit, and assume he didn't read the script until after. But, yeah...that joke should have been vetoed quick.
      • Overruled. He voices two of the main characters; of course he read the script beforehand.
  • For me, the DMOS showed up in the episode "No Chris Left Behind" when the family went to see the Nutcracker and Stewie turned to Meg and said "You know Meg, female ballet dancers are famous for anorexia and bulimia, and uh...seems to work out for them. So, hintidy hint hint." Um...ok I know Meg bashing is a Running Gag for this show but that wasn't even funny. Heck the first time I saw that part in the episode I felt disgusted. In part because I've had anorexia myself in the past, and looking back on it I can only hope that I don't ever go down that road again. Telling Meg, who was just minding her own business, that she should develop an eating disorder...could he have acted any more like a unlikeable jerkass? Oh, and that's not the first time...he also deliberately picked at Jillian's issues with her weight and the knowledge that she has bulimia in order to get her to throw up all so he could take one of her teeth to give to the tooth fairy. And Jillian has always been genuinely nice to Stewie! Oh, and basically just the fact that Stewie was getting his daily lulz out of something as potentially life-threatening as having an eating disorder.
    • That was very off putting to me as well. Another thing about the situation with Jillian's eating disorder that upset me was Brian's way of dealing with it. His girlfriend is causing serious harm to herself, but Brian doesn't do anything to help her because it makes her look "so hot" to him. What a selfish jackass.
  • I think we should start listing all the worst Flanderization moments that have degraded Lois from a loving mother and wife to a abusive shrew:
    • "Go Stewie Go" had Lois trying to fuck Meg's boyfriend, giving the wall banging excuse that Meg's boyfriend was trying to "rape" her when Meg caught them in the act, and then having the gall to insist that she could easily steal him away from her daughter if she wanted to during her "apology". Wasn't this repulsive woman a mother?
    • "Peter-assment" was an alright episode, as it made Peter out to be a much nicer guy than most episodes do (even counting him deciding to assault his boss), however, it finished off Lois as a likeable character for me...namely "It doesn't count as sexual harrasment if it's a woman on a man" let me get this straight. Men don't care if someone touches them if it's a woman, because we enjoy it no matter what, even if we really can't stand the person, and we are already deeply devoted to the woman we love? And because of that, it doesn't count as sexual harrasment? Coupled with her just ignoring the fact that Meg was, in fact, sexually harrased by a teacher...for god's sake, I never wanted a character to be permanently killed off so much.
      • I'd say it's worse than that: some have noticed that Meg isn't getting as much abuse this season as before (maybe someone's been reading this page). This was, in a way, the case here, but the conversation was so obviously meant to set up either Peter or Lois laughing at and insulting Meg that it was as if the writers figured that if they can't abuse Meg, they're not going to try to write for her.
      • Oh, Lois had an even worse moment in that episode! When Peter's boss called him to harass him over the phone, Peter begs Lois to tell her (his boss) he's not home. Lois calls him a baby, then gets back on the phone and says "Peter's in the shower...touching himself to your picture." All said with a smile on her face. So Peter has no choice but to take the call. What the fucking hell, woman?!
        • The level of general Character Derailment is at the point of no return: I was aware that what Lois did was actually quite heinous, but I just couldn't feel bad about it. Considering that the last time Peter accused someone of sexual assault was his doctor for a digital rectal exam, it was impossible for me to feel empathy for him.
          • One must remember in that episode, when Peter walked in the kitchen looking traumatised, Lois asks what's wrong, to which Peter says, "I was raped." Though it's true that Peter wasn't raped, one MUST remember that Lois's first reaction to this statement is that she LAUGHS! WTF Lois?!?
      • There's also the massive gap in logic that Lois doesn't seem to care that another woman is trying to seduce her husband.
    • Lois basically telling Meg that she should kill herself in the episode "Stew-Roids". At one point in the episode Lois attempted to comfort Meg who was denied the right to attend a party Chris was holding at their own house. However, Lois gives up trying to comfort Meg after 45 minutes, gives her a Sylvia Plath novel, a bottle of Ambien and leaves her to her misery, saying "whatever happens, happens." All because she couldn't be bothered to spend any more of her precious time on Meg. That moment pretty much made Lois out to be the ultimate Scrappy in my eyes.
    • In the episode "Peter's Daughter" when Meg thinks she's pregnant, she refuses to have an abortion. Lois suggests Meg consider drinking and smoking a lot to cause a miscarriage, but not to "wimp out halfway through", because Lois ended up with Chris.
      • Not to mention when Peter's actions put Meg in a coma Peter starts to feel bad and rethink how he's been treating Meg. And what does Lois tell Peter when he says he feels like he never treated Meg as well as he should have? "Oh, don't be too hard on yourself, Peter. We all do things that we're not proud of." It's just the idea that she basically doesn't think the fact that Peter put Meg into a coma is that big of a deal. F*ck THAT! It IS a big f*cking deal!
  • The episode that consisted of Brian getting a pilot published which was then butchered by TV execs with a subplot of Stewie suffering a severe head injury and Chris and Meg have to cover it up while he's unconscious. The jokes ranged from mediocre to Dude, Not Funny!. I was horrified that they tried to cover up Stewie's injury by throwing him under the car while it was pulling out, and the incest joke that was included in Brian's butchered show was disgusting.
    • It's completely understandable to have a subplot where a character gets knocked out and the others pretend he's okay, but when it's an infant that's knocked out, and the family shows callous disregard of the injury to the point of negligence (maggots growing on exposed brain matter, a goddamn raccoon gnawing at the wound), it just goes from being in bad taste to becoming completely, unrepentantly horrible.
    • I would like to to point out that was Peter who threw Stewie under that car, because he wanted to make Lois think she was behind Stewie's injury for no good reason and and that Meg was going to take Stewie to hospital but Peter stopped. This leads to another example of Lois' character derailment when she immediately suggests a cover-up, just as Peter had been doing.
  • The episode where Brian got angry over the Army being allowed to try and recruit at Meg and Chris's high school was it for me. I'd had enough of him at that point.
  • Peter shooting the Native American girl (who was about to be raped no less) in "April In Quahog". Might as well rename the show to Misogyny Guy at this point.
  • The episode "Dog Gone". It was pretty much just scenes of dogs getting mutilated and killed horribly, paired with an animal rights aesop. It also shows that Brian's family would love to kill and eat him to see what he tastes like, but after hearing (falsely) that he died, they still manage to be sad about it. That was the episode that ruined the rest of the series for me.
    • I seriously couldn't enjoy any part of that episode. Also, I found it weird that at the town meeting, Brian was demanding that everyone stop eating meat, even though he's a dog ... an animal that is, by nature, carnivorous. Even today, a dog's diet consists mainly of meat or meat based products and Brian's always been shown eating meat throughout the series, so from where did this come?
  • This may not qualify, since it was technically on The Cleveland Show, but it was a crossover episode, and the DMoS moments apply to Family Guy characters. So in this episode, Cleveland finds out that his ex-wife Loretta had died, and he doesn't know why he is so sad about it, considering that he hated her in every way possible. This seems like a decent emotional plot to an episode, except for the cause of death. Quagmire travels down to Cleveland's new (old) town to tell Cleveland that Peter had accidentally dropped a T-Rex skeleton (don't ask) on Cleveland's house from Family Guy, where Loretta was living. She was in the bathtub and fell out of the house in that silly way Cleveland did a lot, except she broke her neck when the tub hit the ground. Instead of calling an ambulance, Peter stood there and laughed at her "gross boobs." This was a horrible thing to do, even for Peter.
    • Oh, AND Quagmire took Loretta's dead body, put it in a French Maid costume, and then had sex with it before driving it to Cleveland's for a proper burial.
  • At the end of the episode FOX-y Lady, Lois reveals that she no longer works for FOX, with no explanation given to how or why, then she gives a piss poor excuse that no one cares, to make up for the writers' inability to properly end the episode. As a writer, it's your job to atleast attempt to write a proper ending.
  • The 150th episode begins with another Brian and Stewie episode. Brian eats Stewie's poo. And washes it down with Stewie's puke. Then wipes Stewie with his tongue. Squick does not even begin to describe it.
    • For me, it was Brian trying to pierce Stewie's ear, and getting the pin lodged inside his ear canal and getting it stuck...I mean, my GOD.
    • At the end of the episode Brian appears to say "I hope you enjoyed this very special episode." This merely served as adding insult to injury.
    • There was also the incredibly hamfisted character drama between Stewie and Brian, especially Brian being suicidal which comes out of nowhere and is done in the most eye rollingly bad fashion imaginable. And then afterwards Brian and Stewie proclaim that they're best friends and they love each other...which makes no sense when just a few minutes earlier, Stewie made Brian eat his poop and outright said he did it just to see if he could get Brian to do it.
    • I was excited to hear that the episode was supposed to have no random cutaway scenes. I wanted to see if Family Guy would be able to stand on its own without them, and boy was I not surprised. It was a 45 minute long bottle episode, taking place entirely in a bank vault. The other fifteen minutes was just old/unaired footage. Cheapest milestone event EVER.
    • The episode did not even contain humor, nor make an attempt to. In a comedy show, they didn't even try to do anything funny, or even very entertaining.
    • It was like they were just trying to see if they could piss off everyone watching the show...
    • Considering the episode upped Brian's Sueness to previously unheard levels, brought Stewie IMMENSELY OOC, focused it solely on those two, I have a feeling it was more of a take that to everyone who complained.
    • The only episode I turned off due to sheer boredom with it all, and I can't be the only one
  • The episode "Quagmire's Dad" takes the Brian hate to a new level with the blatant, unprovoked one-sided "fight" between Brian and Quagmire (who I'd already lost respect for because of his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Brian), not to mention the subsequent death threat.
    • The entire plot of the episode was cringe worthy, it starts off with the portrayal of an Easy Sex Change that is Played for Laughs and Squick for the entirety of the episode. The sex change is shown to not only change sex but do everything else as well. I believe the character in question even became shorter due to the operation as she is seen in heels the rest of the episode. No one in the episode sides with transsexuals, they just seem to have varying degrees of disgust regarding the whole situation. Quagmire admitting he just wants his dad to be happy is the closest thing. To top it all of, there wasn't even a real ending, Brain and Quagmire fight and then Brain says "I fucked your dad". No resolution, No Aesop, just "Hey look! Isn't this gross?"
    • This episode gets frickin' worse: Lois and Peter. I'm perfectly fine with Peter being an insensitive douche but Lois is Brian's friend. I mean I know his plots are boring but they totally treated him like garbage and chased him out and then laughed and laughed about how he was dating a transsexual instead of breaking it to him gently. Peter maybe but not Lois. And especially not after an episode where we learn Brian was contemplating suicide. My god these writers have lost all sense of shame and decorum.
    • This episode shows Brian's worst descent from the likable voice of reason to Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, and then enters outright jerkass territory towards the end of the episode. He starts out needy and harbours unhealthy levels of self-importance when Lois isn't on-board with his every move. Upon meeting Ida, he forces a mention of the pretentious-sounding seminar he's attended to strike up a conversation, and continues to label himself a "writer" despite recent episodes showing his woeful ineptitude. Brian makes out with Ida, and presumably reach fourth base in Ida's hotel room. Upon his return home, he's pissed that Lois is unable to show genuine interest in his seminar (did he ask anyone else what they'd be up to?), but is excited to mention the woman he met last night. Sure, Lois' reaction to the photo is uncharacteristically harsh, but when Brian hears from Stewie about Quagmire's (as-yet-unnamed) father having undergone gender reassignment surgery, he reacts just as brutally (and silences Meg when she does ask him about the seminar). Upon the reveal, Brian's disgust is a protracted Vomit Indiscretion Shot that was presumably meant by the writers to appear squicky, but if we could all take a moment to consider the long-running and unignorable quirk in the series' run of interspecies romance Brian has encountered: Ida may have a vagina that has been surgically constructed from her inverted penis, but Brian is a freakin' DOG! Brian has no right to be so vomit-inducingly disgusted (or require thorough scrubbing afterward) when he discovers that his partner was not born female, when he isn't even the same species as her. To top it, yelling to Quagmire, "I fucked your dad" confirms his unwarranted prejudice, and any remaining shred of sympathy dissolves hereon. Way to go, Brian. A real mature retort there.
      • Sounds like another fail parody of a 90's pop reference. The Crying Game at least was treated well by Robot Chicken.
    • Along with all this, let's not forget that Brian is the victim here, and he didn't even do anything wrong. He didn't know that was Quagmire's father. And Quagmire's righteous indignation and beating of Brian is especially hypocritical when you consider the fact that there are probably hundreds of people who'd be far more justified in beating him half to death for raping them and/or their loved ones. Or maybe one of those children he's fathered, but never sees, could give him a good beating.
      • Me personally, this was the episode where I gave up on Quagmire. Yes, I could agree with some of what he said in "Jerome is the New Black" (even IF it made Brian cry), but senselessly beating the crap out of somebody who had no idea of what he did was wrong, and didn't EVEN want to fight back (and was RUNNING AWAY IN FEAR) is... just... WOW. Seriously, if there a REASON for causing friction between Quagmire and Brian, ok, fine. ...but god damn, Seth...
        • The entire reason of Quagmire beating Brian makes no sense to me. Is it normal practice in Eagleland to attack your ugh... mother's boyfriend? It looks like they just thought it would be cool make Glenn beating Brian. But it's not just not funny it's not even an attempt to be funny. It's just horrible.
  • "Horton Hears Domestic Abuse and Doesn't Call 911". If they were going for Refuge in Audacity, they failed, because that is exactly how if works in Real Life. It's disturbing to watch and made me feel sick.
    • The joke itself was pretty funny (Ha, Dr. Seuss wrote a book named "Horton Hears Domestic Abuse and Doesn't Call 911". This makes no sense, why would someone write such book for children? Thats makes me laugh) Manatee Gag just ruined it. It didn't add anything but disturbing context.
    • I was really shocked when I first witnessed that cutaway, so nowadays, I would change the channel for a few seconds. They could've thought of a less painful cutaway to fill 22 minutes?
  • All the put downs towards women in "The Splendid Source" literally made this troper say, "screw you" to her television.
    • Seconded. I had given up on Family Guy, but decided to give IT one more chance. I thought this episode was kind of funny. Then I got up to the point where Peter is in the room with the smartest people in the room, and smugly comments, "Not a lot of women." Well, this woman is smart enough to skip this show and its lazy, misogynistic writers.
  • I happen to be politically conservative, and swore off Family Guy after about seven seasons' worth of straw man arguments. Stewie in a Nazi uniform with a "McCain/Palin" button? Check. Peter repeating "We should bomb Iraq" at the 9/11 memorial? Check. I literally threw my Family Guy DV Ds away.
    • Dude, Mac Phisto is a borderline MARXIST, and even he is disgusted by Seth's endless left-wing strawmanship (gives the rest of us a bad name). I believe that Sarah Palin is the worst thing to happen to this country since it was founded, and even I think "comparing-Republicans-to-Nazis" is both in bad taste and incredibly stupid.
  • "Patriot Games", home of the infamous "Where's my money?" scene and the infamous "Shipoopi" scene. The sheer unnecessary-ness of the second scene was parodied five years later in a clip show, when Stewie cringes at the fact that they have to do "Shipoopi" again.
  • The episode "Partial Terms of Endearment" (Unaired by FOX) made me so disappointed and disturbed. Not like I have anything to do with pro-life, but somehow they managed to convince me that probably they won't do abortion. I thought "Oh, it's like season finale, maybe they decided to add new character to family with hilarity and heartwarming ensuing. That must be great, even if it won't things can't get worse" but no.
    • What's even more offensive is the way Peter keeps trying to induce an abortion on Lois.
    • It gets even worse when Peter, for the sole purpose of providing a counter argument, is persuaded to become pro life after a 30 second video clip, even by his standards of stupidity, that's too ridiculous. Especially when he went from trying to kill the baby several times to being against abortion in the event of incest, genetic disorders, and even rape. What the fuck?
  • This is going to be controversal: In one episode, Peter gets shipwrecked and Brian becomes Lois' new husband. We see that Brian has sexual interest in Lois, but she refuses to do youknowwhat, even though he is a way better father than Peter. In the end, Lois is together with Peter again and NOW she tells Brian that sie did wanted to move their beds together, elaborating on what kinds of things she would have liked to do with him. Don't get me wrong, dog-on-woman is creepy and just gross. But do you really have to tease him with this? Goddammit, he got your daughter a date with a famous sports reporter (which had one of the few funny lines in this episode BTW)! It just feels like she was saying "Yeah, you were nice, but I don't feel like you should be rewarded for it. So FUCK YOU!" This scene makes me want to pay somebody to do a Flash animation in which Lois gets repeatedly stabbed with a rusty knife.
  • "Go Stewie Go". The episode was basically justifying Lois and her Wallbanging motivation of trying to fuck Meg's boyfriend, being so selfish to ignore the fact that this was apparently the first normal guy Meg has ever dated (which the episode also goes out of its way to exaggeratedly point this out). Does she take a moment to respect her daughter? (or her husband, but she's already cheated on him before, so...) No! She just continues on in her already Scrappy Flanderization. And she gets off the whole ordeal with giving a simple (and horrible) apology to Meg and Peter (wait ''silly me'' she didn't apologise to Peter, '''she blamed him''' for the whole thing!).
    • The A-plot of "Go Stewie Go", I understand they were trying to do "Tootsie", but seriously, all they did was replace "soap opera" with "kids' show." That's it, that's all it it was, other than the "band aid" gag, there was ZERO originality.
    • Peter exhibiting incestuous attraction towards Meg in the episode "Go Stewie Go" was downright disgusting and made this troper rather uncomfortable, especially when he made Meg kiss him on the lips. Given that Peter is already filling in the verbal and physical abuse aspects of being an abusive parent we can now add sexual abuse as well!
    • But the ultimate DMoS of the episode was the bar scene. Did Brian just try and hit on a baby girl? It may have been Stewie in drag, sure, but the point of the costume was to fool the producers that he was ''A ONE YEAR OLD GIRL!'' Wouldn't Brian also think that this is a ONE YEAR OLD's hand that he's trying to place on his other tail?
06:59:41 PM Jun 29th 2010
I think Not All Dogs go to Heaven should be the only one with a folder as of now. Let's compare the entry numbers of the episodes folderised as of this writing (note: some of the numbers may be off a little. But only by a little):

  • Not All Dogs go to Heaven: 26 entries.
  • Family Gay and Road to the Multiverse: 8 entries.
  • Brian's Got a Brand New Bag: 7 entries.
  • Go Stewie Go: 4 entries.

Why where the other four episodes folderised? While everything else in a folder is long, some of the entries in "Other Episodes" has more entries than Go Stewie Go and GSG is really short. I think the folder limit should be at least 10, possibly 20. If 10, then the following should be moved in a folder:

  • Meg bashing (although that one shouldn't count, they can be seperated to their respecive episodes).
  • Lois derailing (again, that could be seperated).
  • Quagmire's Dad (not 10, but rather long).

Well... actually, I'm not completly sure. But still...
10:23:03 AM Jul 18th 2010
"Why where the other four episodes folderised?"

Somebody is trying to prove what I'm saying is wrong?
04:15:45 PM Jun 20th 2010
edited by MacPhisto
can someone please explain why my entry of "Declaring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal to be the the ugliest people in Hollywood" keeps getting deleted?
09:56:08 AM Jun 24th 2010
Probably because it's a joke you keep trying to deconstruct in a hilariously desperate manner.
07:49:34 PM May 9th 2010
Seriously folks, why the occultic obsession with Not all Dogs go to Heaven here at TV Tropes? I expected to find it mentioned on this article (it's mentioned everywhere else Family Guy is mentioned on this site) but jts two sections: Not all Dogs go to Heaven and... all other episodes?
02:18:18 AM May 12th 2010
No other episode has enough entries to get its own section.
12:56:46 PM May 15th 2010
That doesn't answer the question. I watched the episode and it seems no more or less sucky than the rest (Family Guy went downhill after season 3), what I was asking is why are there so many entries? What was so (un)special about it? It's not just the “atheists have a right to exist” slant is it?
01:24:18 PM May 15th 2010
It's more that it's flat-out bigotry against Christianity. While they're taken jabs at it before, dedicating an entire episode to "it's okay to disciminate against these people because of their beliefs" is definitely gonna spark some anger.
01:16:58 AM May 24th 2010
Maybe the episode of South Park that claims that if you're an atheist you automatically "spew crap from your mouth" should be on the D Mo S page too? We can't tolerate "bigotry" like that can we? That's what bugs me: this double standard. Say whatever the hell you like about atheists, they're fair game, but god help the atheists (NPI) if they turn around and throw the insults back in you face; i.e. if they do THE EXACT SAME THING. One side is right, one side is wrong. Why?

BTW I'm not whining about that South Park episode, I believe you have to put up with such things when you live in a free country.
07:30:11 PM Jun 23rd 2010
edited by SNESMasterKI
Make your own entry for South Park doing so then. And plenty of things are (rightfully) bashed for forcing pro-religion views on people, the comic BC is the closest parallel I can think of in terms of a series adding view like this all of a sudden, and it certainly isn't ignored. And I doubt anyone on this site who commented about Not All Dogs Go To Heaven has written mainstream fiction attacking atheists, so you can't say their beliefs are being attacked in retribution.
10:20:27 AM Jul 18th 2010
I think I made it clear that I don't care enough about that episode to do so, I just want to know why everybody here cares so much about that one episode of Family Guy that they split the D Mo S section in two: one for this episode which seems to have rubbed everybody up the wrong way and another section for all the other crap in Family Guy. I simply don't get what the big deal is. I must have missed the "flat-out bigotry against Christianity" (?!), it just seemed like another crappy episode of Family Guy to me.
01:16:06 AM Sep 24th 2010
I'm wondering where this "boo hoo it discriminates against christians!" bullshit is coming from, either. Anyone who doesn't think there's a stigma to being an atheist has never been one, to be honest.
06:56:28 PM Jan 5th 2012
...Fuck you, sir. You just gave atheists a bad name.
06:57:09 PM Jan 5th 2012
...Fuck you, sir. You just gave atheists a bad name.
02:46:21 PM May 10th 2013
I wasn't especially ticked off by that episode until the ending, where Meg is convinced to reject Christianity because "would a loving God have given you a flat chest and a fat ass?" But really, yeah, I don't see what makes it so special. But a lot of people found it to be the DMOS, so it will get a lot of entries. When someone considers that episode of South Park offensive enough to warrant being on the DMOS page, it will be put on. That's just how TV Tropes works.
03:54:55 PM Apr 1st 2010
On the archived protest over blaming Seth Mc Farlane for everything, when he allows his views to interfere with the show then he deserves blame.
06:19:44 PM Jun 28th 2011
Ahem... writers.
05:51:45 AM Apr 1st 2010
edited by triassicranger
No explanation was given for this removal:

  • As if other hinted it with this episode proves Peter is now a sociopath as if his character derailment wasn't bad enough, he apparently beat up Chris and Meg all the time when they were Stewie's age and covered up their wounds and tells Chris and Meg that he's proud of them for covering up Stewie's accident and makes it even worse by throwing him under Lois' car making his wounds even worse and blames it all on her that is downright evil.
02:47:26 PM May 10th 2013
Probably due to the grammar.
09:43:14 AM Mar 13th 2010
I'm not sure that the Dial Meg for Murder is a good example. It's established that the reason she changes back is because the article describes her as being sweeter and kinder then the average american girl despite all the hardships endured. It showed that she was SUPERIOR TO THE AVERAGE AMERICAN GIRL.
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