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11:23:25 AM Apr 11th 2013
This page used to be big...what the fuck happened?
02:01:33 PM Apr 11th 2013

A bunch were removed on 16th Jan '13 4:05:29 PM by latrombonista. Edit reason: "To LL Smooth J, Andy LA, Jaded Jewel, Gendo Ikari, and MM Trigger: The scene you are complaining about was making fun of Chichi, not sympathizing with her. To Blazar and Darkton: Your walls of text seemed to list at least three moments; you only get one. "

A bunch were removed on 31st Dec '12 10:49:00 AM by Darkton. Edit reason: "Rule number 3, no "the entire arc" entries."

Other than those, only a few minimal deletions.
10:08:13 AM Jan 19th 2013
Recent Deletions of Entries

I've noticed that recently a number of entries have been deleted from the Dragon Ball D Mo S page. While some of these deletions were for legitimate reasons (more than one moment per entry, "the entire arc" entries etc.), a number of others were questionable at best. I'd like to reiterate the D Mo S page rules here: "Entries are subjective and the opinion of the troper. Do not delete an entry unless it is blatantly untrue or otherwise breaks the rules." There's a difference between "open to interpretation" and "blatantly untrue," and how a particular troper interprets a given scene is fairly subjective. So, unless you can cite a specific rule that was broken or a fact that is objectively wrong, please do not delete entries. I've already seen the D Mo S pages of several other works descend into a flame war due to complaining about complaining, and would rather not see the same thing happen here.
06:41:37 PM Feb 4th 2013
That's the point...I noticed it too. I loathe when tropers try to use the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement and the rules as an excuse to delete entries that don't fit their views on something.
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