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01:07:15 AM May 27th 2016
edited by UltimateLazer
The Modern Military Shooter example has been removed, however I think it should be here. Hardly anyone will admit the MMS games are any good nowadays, widely viewed as Follow the Leader shovelware thanks to Call of Duty. It's 2016 now, and the MMS games are virtually extinct, as games are now favoring Sci-Fi shooters, with alternatives such as cops and robbers (Battlefield Hardline), Pixar-like team shooters (Overwatch), and demonic shooters (Doom).

In fact, historical shooters, once thought to be extinct, are making a comeback with games like Battalion 1944 and Battlefield 1 going back time. Even Call of Duty tossed the genre overboard to rid itself of the title, joining in on the sci-fi shooters as well. It's safe to say that the modern military shooter is Deader Than Disco, due to the negative stigma attached to the genre, and I don't see it coming back anytime soon.
01:12:52 AM May 27th 2016
It also has to be so hardly anyone will admit the MMS games were any good nowadays. If the old MMS games are still remembered fondly, it not this trope.
06:37:24 AM May 27th 2016
I think Lazer's right. Most hardcore gamers consider them brown-tinged drek clogging up the shelves for years, and casual gamers have mostly moved on because the franchises have moved on.

Even Modern Warfare 1 and Gears of War are retroactively blamed for their "additions" to the shooter genre.
10:29:46 AM May 27th 2016
Additionally, the MMS genre is also widely disliked nowadays for carrying massive amounts of Unfortunate Implications, part of the reason they fell out of favor and why basically everything but the MMS is popular nowadays — these games don't carry any real baggage in comparison.
11:48:09 AM May 27th 2016
I dunno. From the perspective of an outsider looking in, the general consensus on modern military shooters seems to be less, "Man, we were all pretty stupid for ever liking those," and more, "well, those were pretty cool until they got all played out and overdone."

Again, though, that's coming from someone whose tastes never ran that way in the first place, so I'll defer to more-informed opinions.
11:42:32 PM May 27th 2016
To me, I see the MMS as being viewed as shovelware fodder that plagued the gaming from 2007 to the end of the 7th generation. Even Call of Duty 4, the most acclaimed MMS game, has become less celebrated and more criticized overtime for launching the trend that literally everyone tried to follow. It didn't help that games that weren't MMS like Halo, Crysis, Killzone, and others copied COD in hopes of achieving its insane level of success, but failed to do so.

Those dark days are (mostly) over, as most developers have realized that the pipe dream of getting COD-level success was just that, a pipe dream. MMS games are often viewed as being emblematic of everything wrong with shooters in the 7th gen, and the fact that every shooter that comes out nowadays is basically everything but an MMS further proves this. Can you seriously name an MMS that's come out since 2013? Because I can't. It seems that Battlefield 4 was the swan song to the genre in terms of mainstream, and even that showed blatant signs of fatigue.

For that reason, I think the MMS genre should be re-added. I've seen many condemning the genre for flooding the gaming industry for years, and I don't see it making a comeback. If it ever does make anything resembling a comeback, it's unlikely to be even half as popular as it once was.
06:25:57 AM Jun 6th 2016
edited by HighCrate
The example text as written still doesn't make a good case for the example's inclusion. I'm willing to take y'all's word that it's a valid example, but it needs to be written in such a way that even someone not intimately familiar with the genre can tell it's legit.

As written, it reads less like "there's a giant backlash" and more like "the industry/audience just moved on to other things."
10:03:39 PM May 12th 2016
I've re-added the Soul Series because the franchise is often used as an example of how an A-list series can be derailed into this trope. The reasons for removing it didn't cover SC, and there has yet to be any sort of recovery for the franchise as of yet. Until VI is actually released, and if it saves the series, I'll remove this entry and put it on Popularity Polynomial. Any objections should be discussed before removal.
11:02:16 PM May 12th 2016
edited by HighCrate
Deader Than Disco isn't just "it got bad." It's, "public opinion has turned so strongly against this once-popular thing that general audience consensus is now that it was never any good to begin with, and people are embarrassed to have once liked it."

That's not the case for the Soul series. The first two games in particular are still remembered fondly, even if the audience has steadily dwindled since then.
11:50:38 PM May 12th 2016
Well, if that's the case, could V at least qualify for this trope as an example? Back when it was released, it created a massive Broken Base, but people were still defending it and the direction it was taking. After director Daishi Odashima left, and several years passed, hardly anyone is still defending it anymore. The general consensus of the game is that it derailed the series, and while people are looking forward to the future of SC, most are also excited about the fact that direction V had set will likely be undone. I believe that qualifies under that definition.
05:43:12 AM May 13th 2016
For something to be DTD it has to have been massively popular. I don't think SCV counts on that basis. It sounds more like a Broken Base where half the base just quit arguing.
06:22:34 AM May 13th 2016
I suppose you're right, I'll remove it.
06:59:58 AM May 13th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
SCV was probably a Franchise Killer, but it just made the series dead, not Deader Than Disco.
11:46:59 AM May 13th 2016
Well put. I knew there was another thing that applied, but I couldn't put my finger on it.
04:58:35 AM Apr 18th 2016
edited by WhatArtThee
I removed the entry of Sonic The Hedgehog. Though Lost World and Boom weren't well-received, Boom was just a spin-off, TV-Tie in game made by a studio who hadn't even made any games before, and Lost World has a lot of fans. Colors and Generations are still mostly well-received, and the series is still very popular and acclaimed, with most games still held in high regard. The Boom TV show has been successful, and the comics are still doing well. Given that, I'd say Sonic does not qualify for this trope.
08:48:50 AM Nov 19th 2015
Should WW2 shooters be on here? We hardly see them anymore.
09:58:17 AM Nov 19th 2015
The trope is not "Don't see them anymore." The trope is, "They used to be popular, then fell so much out of favor that people are embarrassed to have ever liked them in the first place."
01:33:19 PM Feb 20th 2015
I have removed the following:

  • Fez was a game that won multiple awards on release and received great reviews, with many naming developer Phil Fish to be a new visionary. Then people met Phil Fish, and, over the course of several interviews and a few hundred tweets, he managed to completely demolish the game's reputation, badmouthing Japanese developers (leading to outrage from Cave Story fans in particular), PC gamers who wanted a port, and anyone who didn't consider Fez to be a masterpiece. Though he was supported by journalists who tried to cast him as a misunderstood auteur, public opinion of the game did a 180. With the hype train crashed, people picked the game apart for being yet another indie platformer, being incredibly easy, being full of Game Breaking Bugs that Fish outright refused to patch, and stealing its mechanics from better games. To add insult to injury, accusations came that Fez had won its awards through cronyism, with a judges panel stacked with investors of Fish's company. Today, Fez is more remembered for Fish's tantrums than for its actual gameplay, and the people who remember its gameplay consider it to be everything wrong with indie games.

There are folks who still hold Fez in high regard in spite of the problems surrounding it and its creator. Considering it to be everything wrong with video games feels hyperbolic, as there are people out there who fondly recall how it got communities together to solve its puzzles, and liked the visual style. A fall 2014 Giant Bombcast is the best recent example I can think of this. Also, the perspective shift feels different enough from Super Paper Mario's that I wouldn't say it's a ripoff. Given all that, I don't think Fez qualifies as deader than disco.
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