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01:33:19 PM Feb 20th 2015
I have removed the following:

  • Fez was a game that won multiple awards on release and received great reviews, with many naming developer Phil Fish to be a new visionary. Then people met Phil Fish, and, over the course of several interviews and a few hundred tweets, he managed to completely demolish the game's reputation, badmouthing Japanese developers (leading to outrage from Cave Story fans in particular), PC gamers who wanted a port, and anyone who didn't consider Fez to be a masterpiece. Though he was supported by journalists who tried to cast him as a misunderstood auteur, public opinion of the game did a 180. With the hype train crashed, people picked the game apart for being yet another indie platformer, being incredibly easy, being full of Game Breaking Bugs that Fish outright refused to patch, and stealing its mechanics from better games. To add insult to injury, accusations came that Fez had won its awards through cronyism, with a judges panel stacked with investors of Fish's company. Today, Fez is more remembered for Fish's tantrums than for its actual gameplay, and the people who remember its gameplay consider it to be everything wrong with indie games.

There are folks who still hold Fez in high regard in spite of the problems surrounding it and its creator. Considering it to be everything wrong with video games feels hyperbolic, as there are people out there who fondly recall how it got communities together to solve its puzzles, and liked the visual style. A fall 2014 Giant Bombcast is the best recent example I can think of this. Also, the perspective shift feels different enough from Super Paper Mario's that I wouldn't say it's a ripoff. Given all that, I don't think Fez qualifies as deader than disco.
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