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05:44:43 PM Aug 12th 2014
Would "cash for gold" businesses fit? These were everywhere in the late 2000's/early 2010's but have mostly died off in recent years, along with attempts to bring the US back to the gold standard.
12:40:46 AM Aug 13th 2014
Nah, not even close. There is still that idea around.
10:28:22 PM Sep 1st 2014
But it has gone away considerably from its heyday. In a way, austerity (which is here) replaced it in a political sense while business-wise, the latest boom has become e-cigs (which is bound to join this list in the next few years since it's been revealed to not be worth the money).
01:20:14 AM Sep 2nd 2014
That only means its importance has dropped. Not that it's gone away entirely.
11:05:42 AM Nov 11th 2013
Technology Marches On might be more applicable to a lot of these entries rather than Deader Than Disco.
05:31:00 PM Jun 24th 2013
Is it at all possible to make this page any less US-centric? Or at least point out when examples primarily concern the US?
10:29:35 AM Jul 25th 2014
Yeah... but as most tropers think that the USA is all there is to the world, probably because most tropers are American, it behooves the non-American troper to make the necessary changes. And to be honest, I'm not that gung-ho about replacing the wall of text that is this page.