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12:45:39 PM Nov 1st 2016
Should we include certain Youtube channels (not ones that are popular to hate like Pewdiepie or ones that are just NOW starting to lose momentum like Finebros) I mean once stars who have DRASTICALLY fallen.

People like Fred, Gamelife, Irategamer, etc
01:08:41 PM Nov 1st 2016
Irategamer and Fred have already been cut per the DTD cleanup thread.
10:05:03 PM Jul 31st 2016
edited by eaterofworlds
Do internet forums count? Especially now Facebook and Twitter is the place for people to chat in.
10:47:02 PM Jul 31st 2016
No. They may not be quite as big as they used to be but forums are still alive and well for most people who grew up before the social media era.
01:35:13 PM Mar 6th 2016
Can the Joel vs Mike arguments be seen as DTD?

08:11:22 AM Feb 5th 2016
The Fine Brothers may very well qualify for this page, given enough time.
09:53:38 AM Feb 5th 2016
Definitely way premature. They've had backlash, sure, but I doubt they'll hit that point.
02:50:29 PM Feb 4th 2016
Does Bob Chipman really count as being Deader Than Disco? He's always been a divisive figure, even before the Metroid/Mass Effect episodes.
05:54:12 AM Feb 5th 2016
Getting pulled from The Escapist might have something to do with it.
10:29:57 PM Jan 18th 2016
I'm pretty sure that qualifies. Once the go-to site for online reviewers like the Nostalgia Critic, it eventually reached the point where the website went defunct in August 2015. If anyone can help me with a longer write-up, that would be great.
07:38:07 AM Jan 19th 2016
No, it doesn't.

The trope is not "thing isn't around anymore."

It's when something fell so out of favor that people are embarrassed to have liked it in the first place.
12:32:53 AM Dec 12th 2015
edited by MrMediaGuy2
Do you think famous brony musician Gabriel Brown (AKA Blackgryph0n) could be added to this list?

Judging by some recent Equestria Daily commenters, people are starting to like him less due to his huge ego, and are creeped out by the fact that his best friend is a 16 year-old girl.

(Note: these are their words, not mine.)
08:28:37 AM Dec 14th 2015
"Famous brony musician". Really.

The trope is not, "people are starting to like him less." It's when the vast majority of his fans are embarrassed to have ever liked him in the first place, and admitting so is embarrassing.

I mean, it probably should be, but that's beside the point.
06:38:27 AM Jul 30th 2014
Regarding the Edit War: I'm pretty sure that "Over 9000" is actually still a pretty common meme and not a discredited one.
07:50:18 AM Jul 30th 2014
Yeah, much to my dislike. I did message them as well.
07:41:31 PM Jun 30th 2014
Would Something Awful and Xanga fit this category? I haven't heard anything about the former in years while the latter seemed to lose steam after MySpace became popular.
12:58:13 AM Mar 6th 2014
The item for Windows operating systems includes the following: " . . . and it [XP] is also still used by consumers who do not wish to upgrade their OS, even though Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft."

This is technically an error, at least at the moment when I'm writing this (March 6, 2014). Microsoft support for XP will not end until April 8, so it has one month of life left. But this is an error that will correct itself, so it hardly seems worthwhile to do anything about it now.
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