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03:04:53 AM Jan 8th 2014
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With Little Britain I completely understand individual instances that would cause discomfort regarding gay jokes with Dafyd and the Prime Minister's aide and a few other instances (as well as later episodes being crude and "shock factor"), but ALL of the jokes making fun of a minority? Not really. I'm not even sure if the aforementioned iffy ones are direct insults.

Refreshing myself at the Wikipedia page, I see: a politician caught in an affair, a "chavvy" teenager, a hypnotist, a parody of Weight Watchers, a youth attracted to an older woman, a shopper asking a shopkeeper if they stock this or that, a has-been silver medallist, an adult who still drinks from his mother's breast, an actor asking his agent to write and sing theme tunes.

And the "Martin it's Linda" sketches is satire of attacking people's appearance.

Also, where does the eccentric Tom Baker narration fall under regarding "making fun of minorities"?
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