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11:30:15 PM Feb 12th 2015
edited by Kuruni

The bolded part is where I have problem with. The entry talk about why Non-ironic Magical Girl shows aimed at young girls is dead. Problem with this part are
  1. Ironic Magical Girl shows also use so call moe-fests aimed at male otaku, yet it isn't dead like Non-ironic ones, so it's irrelevant.
  2. The subject is about Non-ironic Magical Girl shows aimed at young girls. So what does moe-fests aimed at male otaku has anything to does with it?
02:47:06 PM Feb 14th 2015
I don't really care for your tone
06:04:04 PM Feb 17th 2014
Is Neon Genesis Evangelion really a good example? I'm under the impression that the series has always been firmly in Love It or Hate It territory. People hated the endings even back in the show first started airing. Has the perception of the series really gotten worse? Another question, does that apply to Japan or just the west? Because I've heard that in Japan it has about the same cultural relevance as Star Trek.
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