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10:57:36 PM Dec 9th 2016
Won't anime like Ninja Scroll or anything from Yoshiaki Kawajiri. In the 90's and early 2000's, Ninja Scroll and anime from Yoshiaki Kawajiri was a big deal for any anime fan at the time. Now these days, Ninja Scroll is not as talk about as it used to be.
04:01:07 PM Oct 31st 2016
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Should we include Rumiko Takahashi here? I remember in the early 2000s she was a flipping god of manga but as time went on, barring Ranma 1/2 most of her work has not held up sales wise or reviews wise.

Urusei Yatsura is mostly remembered for the character that overshadowed what was supposed to be the main couple and a British gag dub

Maison Ikkaku bombs whenever rereleased and at best has a cult following (though give credit to Viz, they did their best to release the whole show in English)

Ranma 1/2 still gets rereleased but is still heavily criticized, mostly for the main romance, the anime's lack of a conclusion, annoying characters etc

Inuyasha is already covered on this page.

and her latest project Rin-ne so far has received pretty lacklsuter sales with little promotion or word of mouth.

On top of that recently she has been criticized for unlikeable characters, over extending plot via contrivances in almost all her work,blatantly recycling character designs and personalities that makes would make Akira Toriyama call her out and a big ol' case of fan dumb. If you want an idea of how far she has fallen, a quick google search for manga artists/writers brings up no results for her. A pretty sad fall for someone who was once considered untouchable
04:06:36 PM Oct 31st 2016
No. Ranma 1/2 is still considered a classic.
12:37:25 PM Nov 1st 2016
That is true but that is one exception. Same goes for director's like the Wachowskis. One very popular movie but otherwise at best cult followings, at worst absolute derision. There are plenty of other examples on Deader than Disco that have one still loved work but the rest of their career is lackluster (Orson Scott Card being another)
12:45:57 PM Nov 1st 2016
The existence of other bad examples doesn't justify another one. The cleanup thread hasn't gotten around to Literature yet; when it does, OSC will almost certainly be cut as well. The Wachowskis already have been.
11:30:15 PM Feb 12th 2015
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The bolded part is where I have problem with. The entry talk about why Non-ironic Magical Girl shows aimed at young girls is dead. Problem with this part are
  1. Ironic Magical Girl shows also use so call moe-fests aimed at male otaku, yet it isn't dead like Non-ironic ones, so it's irrelevant.
  2. The subject is about Non-ironic Magical Girl shows aimed at young girls. So what does moe-fests aimed at male otaku has anything to does with it?
02:47:06 PM Feb 14th 2015
I don't really care for your tone
06:04:04 PM Feb 17th 2014
Is Neon Genesis Evangelion really a good example? I'm under the impression that the series has always been firmly in Love It or Hate It territory. People hated the endings even back in the show first started airing. Has the perception of the series really gotten worse? Another question, does that apply to Japan or just the west? Because I've heard that in Japan it has about the same cultural relevance as Star Trek.
03:42:49 PM Oct 31st 2016
Nah, Evangelion still has a loyal following, even in the West where it's reputation has dropped.

On top of that, the rebuild movies while the third one is a little polarizing are VERY popular, even among people who don't care for the show (including me)

So no, it doesn't count.
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