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05:14:42 AM Jan 31st 2016
What is the point of this page?

It just seems like a page where people try to act cool and edgy because they didn't like a popular thing.
06:46:33 AM Sep 7th 2016
I agree. At first the concept sounds like a good idea since it promotes that there is more than one way to feel about something. But in practice the average post goes like:

I watched/listened/played/whatever *insert thing here* *insert opinon* *insert optional explanation as to why* then I got bored and did another thing
06:28:20 AM Sep 9th 2012
This page is nothing but whining about stuff that could be much better served on the forums. I tried to read it, and it's not indifferent. It's just "I hated this, therefore I say it has no impact" and the rest is "I did something in real life I knew wouldn't appeal to me."
01:59:24 PM Mar 24th 2013
edited by MikuruFan
I feel like it would be better to reverse the current policy so that this page only allows specific events and not whole works. We already have So Okay, It's Average.

A viewer being apathetic toward the death of a character is both of a moment and an example of indifference. Dethroning Moment of Suck has a similar setup.
05:39:49 PM Jan 17th 2015
Really, this shouldn't be a trope at all, as it has more to do with the way people react at the time, which is too unreliable to be tropeable. It is basically People Sit on Chairs, but somehow... less compelling.
06:36:30 AM Jun 8th 2012
Re removal of examples that don't reference fiction: See here
05:39:32 AM Sep 10th 2011
This discussion page is pretty cool, I guess. I've seen better, though.
07:08:25 PM Apr 23rd 2010
You know since this is an indifference page and not exactly leaning toward one or another side, should this be on a regular page?
09:13:15 PM Apr 23rd 2010
It's meant to mock the notion of crowning moments pages, which is what Darth Wiki does.
02:22:09 PM May 13th 2010
It does an okay job at doing that, I guess?
09:07:38 PM Sep 10th 2010
I have a thought over the name itself.

Though it's meant to mock crowning pages, wouldn't it still make sense to call it something neither "crowning" or "dethroning", but something more neutral? How about "presiding" (keeping with the royalty terms), or if you want something more mundane, try something like "mundane", "average", or "normal"?
09:27:15 PM Sep 10th 2010
Well the reason the suck page had a different name was because it meant the show lost something. This is supposed to be the peak indifference moment, which is a form of crowning.
05:02:21 PM Nov 5th 2010
So... Now that "Crowning Moment of" was murdered and buried in a ditch, does this warrant a Trope Title change?
06:44:56 PM Nov 5th 2010
On that note, perhaps it might be renamed Indifferent Moments. We can take that up in trope repair though.
10:05:38 PM Jan 18th 2014
In fact, shouldn't tropers sign their entries for this page?
06:49:08 AM Sep 7th 2016
Oh so it's a parody? I'm sorry I didn't know that
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