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10:01:10 PM Oct 21st 2013
Maybe this Real Life section should be deleted. It's full of too much nationalistic circle jerking IMO.
07:28:43 PM Jan 9th 2014
I agree with that when it comes to the "Military" section, but the "Other" section seems to be fine (though a few examples don't really fit the trope)
11:44:22 AM Feb 12th 2015
I respectfully disagree. I think having a "Military" section here is important because, well....we are talking about battles here. Not having a war section for Tropes titled Curb-Stomp battle seems a little empty. What we need to do is just make sure that everyone behaves themselves and that whatever is written is checked accordingly. I would hate to lose yet another good Real Life section again because certain people couldn't behave themselves.

Now on a similar note, I was thinking that we should add a "Sports" section here. It's kinda weird that there are only one or two sports examples (one of which is actually one I wrote) when there are surely LOADS of good examples out there. For example I added in the Georgia Tech Vs. Cumberland College football game of 1916 which stands as the most lopsided victory of any American football game to this day (GT won 222-0!!). If Tropers could find other examples (and avoid getting to cocky about their own favorite teams) this could be a good read for website viewers.
02:42:03 PM Aug 30th 2013
The 1997 North Hollywood Shootout was cited as one of the drivers behind the creation of SWAT teams. SWAT/ERT teams have been around long before this incident. The LAPD was the first major metropolitan law enforcement agency to form a SWAT unit in 1967. The concept of a small, specially equipped and trained unit was the brainchild of Officer John Nelson, and green lit by then Inspector Daryl Gates. The acronym SWAT originally stood for Special Weapons Attack Team, but was thought to be too aggressive/militaristic and softened to it's current Special Weapons And Tactics. SWAT's first major engagement to receive national attention was the SLA shootout of 1974, 23 years before North Hollywood.
02:08:07 AM Feb 14th 2012 This, I mean, come on, it does even have a Curbstomp Cushion for the time when one of the drunks lands a kick into the security guard.
04:55:37 PM Dec 29th 2011
Moving this here until someone who has good enough knowledge manages to denatter it.
  • The Athenians themselves were just as badass as the Spartans. In the Battle of Marathon they faced of 30,000 Persians with 10,000 men. The casualties were 192 Athenians and 6400 Persians.
    • Correction. The Persians arrived with 26,000-60,000 soldiers (modern accounts differ), but they still outnumbered the Athenians over two to one.
      • Corrected Correction. Modern estimates range from 20,000-100,000, though conservative estimates agree with you. Ancient estimates said 600 ships, 200,000-600,000 Infantry, and 10,000 Cavalry. For some reason most estimates agree the Athenians numbered 10,000 with 1,000 Plataeans, although to be fair Herodotus should have reliable information on the Athenian numbers at least.
      • Knowing Herodotus, he probably exaggerated the number of the Persians and/or decreased the number of Athenians.
    • To add to the badassness of the Athenians, the Battle of Marathon was the first Persian defeat, on land, by Greeks in the last half century. At that time just saying "Persian" could make a Greek run scared.
09:51:13 AM Nov 8th 2011
Somebody said the Germans would have curbstomped the British in WWII if they had managed to cross the channel. I'd like to contest it in light of these facts: 1)at Dunkerque, the Luftwaffe had proved unable to seriously threathen a destroyer force bottled up in an harbour. Assuming it conquered air superiority over the Channel, the Luftwaffe would have been little threath against destroyers, cruisers, battleships and carriers free to move; 2)a combined force of the German Air Force and Navy was outgunned and outnumbered by the Home Fleet alone, before the Force H could move from Gibraltar and reinforce the German Navy. Attempts to use the U-bootes would have just resulted in telling the Royal Navy where to dump the depth charges, crippling the German Navy even more; 3)the Luftwaffe was unable to protect the crossing from both the Royal Navy AND the RAF. One of them would have sunk the barges (my money on the Royal Navy, as the Luftwaffe had proven itself unable to threathen it under ideal conditions); 4)the German barges to cross the channel could have been sunk by a destroyer sailing near them at half speed, and were unable to carry any heavy equipment (tanks and field guns); 5)assuming Germans troops managed to cross the channel in spite of everything, they needed a port to receive their heavy equipment, and in the meantime they would have faced not just the British Army, that had SOME heavy equipment and was receiving eveng more, but an already armed and well organized militia and the Resistance
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