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03:50:59 AM Oct 25th 2012
'"For Better or For Worse'' -at first I thought the resumption of Anthony and Liz's relationship was 'cute' and just rolled with it. Then the shilling started. I groaned, but lived with it.


They made Therese not just a 'bad' ex-wife, but a bad mother.

You see, Therese and Anthony had a young daughter, Francoise. Therese rejects her daughter not angrily but very thoroughly. (The lady also gets bashed on her page. :( ) And guess who's there to pick up the pieces?

Bashing Therese to try and distance viewers from her and facilitate Johnston's preferred ship is one thing. But making her a bad mother is just cruel.

I have personal feelings on this subject: When my mother left my father years ago, among other cruel things she said was, "I don't want you. You're too much like your father." Those words still ring.

My stepmother of the past three years is the one I turn to for a mother. My own... I've heard from her twice in a year and a half, both times that my sister was in town. (And one of those she said quite clearly she was only present because of my sister.) 'Mother' ignores not just me, but my kids.

So for Johnston to deliberately inflict that on a young girl, when she was writing the story, had no Executive Meddling, and the final decision was up to her... I can't stomach it.

Lynn Johnston had a chance to write a beautiful constructive story of two parents who had such differences they couldn't live together, but still loved their daughter, and then bring Liz into play as a third parent rather than a replacement or substitute. Instead she shovels up this crap.

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