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04:55:03 PM Aug 31st 2017
  • The first season initially led some fans to resent Suzaku for his Moral Myopia and nonsensical idealism that constantly got in Lelouch's way, with several believing the creators were somehow trying to favor him. However, this too was subverted in time: Suzaku was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap after a lot of suffering and he eventually came to abandon the more annoying parts of his idealism, which made him tolerable or even likable in the eyes of many detractors.

P. sure Suzaku has always had fans, so he's a Base-Breaking Character and not a Creator's Pet. Plus I don't remember the staff shilling him the way *some* of them did for Rolo.
05:00:52 PM Aug 31st 2017
02:50:18 AM May 29th 2014
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Chibi-Usa is absolutely not this trope and the entry I just deleted, in addition to straight up lying about her not being a main character in the manga (the same story arc in the manga portrayed her as more important than Usagi), does not produce any evidence of creator favoritism besides saying "There was some interview where they said this." Yea, no, you do have to produce evidence of that interview, because this fandom is notorious for inventing stories based on something they "read in an interview" that turn out to be wholly fabricated.

For that matter, the character was really popular in Japan if The Other Wiki is to be believed (, so she's really only hitting the Americans Hate Tingle trope and not The Scrappy. Character polls conducted during the original run of the series ranked her second in popularity out of 51 other characters - twice. One of them coincided with the Dream/Dead Moon Circus arc...and also the run of the Super S anime.

And for that matter, it doesn't show that much creator favoritism when she's actually weaker in the anime than in the manga - when the claim is that the anime made her a "favorite." She's a running joke character in Sailor Moon S who can't even produce a functional attack, at best annoying a monster for comedy. In Super S, her only role is to ring a bell so Sailor Moon can actually kill the monster. In the manga, she had multiple lethal attacks and does not need to help Sailor Moon do anything. She even pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment in the climax of the final story arc - when the anime wrote her out of the series entirely by that part, not even bothering to give her a farewell.
02:54:20 AM May 29th 2014
By the same token, Mana Aida from Doki Doki Precure can't be this trope by virtue of being the main character. Even if they are super divisive...they're the main character.
07:28:27 AM Apr 2nd 2013
Why isn't Kira Yamato on here? He's a perfect example of Creator's pet (The producer and writer of SEED/SEED Destiny are both Kira/Lacus fans, the writer more so) I would mention Lacus though not sure if she'd fully count but she too has gotten favortism.

Cagalli in contrast is an inverse as the writer went out of the way to trash the character.

The infamous Show Takeover is basically the result of the Director caving to the writer (His Wife!)
08:09:41 AM Apr 19th 2013
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Because Kira and Lacus were the Luke and Laura (or the Edward and Bella, depending on your view) of the CE timeline and were extremely over with Japanese viewers, as evidenced on the Newtype and Gundam Ace character polls.

Also, it was rumored that Athrun was Morosawa's favorite character.

Finally, it's more like Fukuda/Morosawa/Bandai/Sunrise pandering to the Kira/Lacus fanbase.
05:28:29 AM Apr 30th 2013
I knew who Morosawa's least favorite was: Cagalli(however you localize her name), infamously so. Though that bit about Athrun might put things in perspective in more ways than just what happened to Cagalli, such as being the focus of 2 or 3 crushes in the show (which in turn got him a fanon womanizer reputation) those being Lunamaria (at first) and Meer (Who seems to be britney spearish version of Lacus due to her demeanor and dress choices)

Though wouldn't this mean Sasuke (and maybe Iachi) shouldn't be on here? Sure it's kind of obvious but last time I checked, Japan LOVED Sasuke to a rather comical extent with the hate coming from the west.

Kira and Sasuke are often used to bash Japanese tastes in characters by the way.

Though I think some others in japan are fond of knocking Kira down a peg or two in related games (SRW, Dynasty Warriors Gundam, SD Gundam G Generation). Not to say he's not effective but in cut scenes, he doesn't have the easiest times with enemies.
02:15:55 PM May 1st 2013
In Kira's (and Lacus's) cases, as well as Sasuke, it's more of a case of Americans Hate Tingle. Wing's Relena also got that treatment in the US as well; while she was fairly popular in Japan, she was a massive Base Breaker in the US, with the majority of the bashers being yaoi fangirls.

Speaking of Athrun, don't forget Meyrin, but I'm not sure if he really likes her.
01:39:55 AM May 2nd 2013
I forgot about her, though it's not as a grievous case as well she neither has a love interest nor looks terribly similar to a ex-fiance of his. Though I think it's up in the air what Athrun's relationship status is.

Though I think with those three, they're creator's pets that are loved by japan and likely a major factor in how they mostly got away with it (GSD was considered excessive even by the voice actor cast themselves, even Kira and Lacus's)

Relena's case wasn't help by the few fans who liked het just due to how GW's designs of women were mostly mannish (peaceful Une being a massive exception).
08:13:01 AM May 15th 2013
I want to put Kira and Lacus in, but I think they don't meet the criteria, because as mentioned before, they were extremely over with Japanese viewers, and they're more of a base breaker outside of Japan.
02:22:44 PM Sep 18th 2012

  • Macross Frontier: Ranka Lee, and to a certain extent Sheryl Nome as well. The show's director Kawamori is notorious for his love of Ranka, but his enthusiasm only seems to make her more and more unlikeable. On the flip side, the writer Yoshino is a self-professed Sheryl fanatic. His bias has been criticized as the cause of the extreme contrast between Sheryl's favorable portrayal against Ranka's not-so-positive image. As the accusation goes, Yoshino wanted to promote his pet character Sheryl, so he makes Ranka a selfish obnoxious brat, and turns Sheryl into a mature and perfect Mary Sue.

Hm... I have my doubts on how true this is, considering the whole deal with how many "interviews" from the authors (specially Kawamori) were actually falsified. (Some details here.). So, at least imho, it'd be safer to first have confirmation of such "biases" instead of mere speculation that might be only based on personal views of eithe Ranka or Sheryl.
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