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06:01:37 AM Feb 16th 2018
"Also in that year, his computer hard drive with all his unfinished work was destroyed by a steamroller per his request."

But... I'm inclined to ask who might have taken a copy first. And who's got that, waiting for the right moment....
12:09:11 AM Mar 13th 2015
~11:29p, 3/12/15—Please note that i'm not speaking this as Death, but as a lifelong fan (in tears as I type this), screaming at the top of my lungs in anguish & despair:


This past weekend, I just got back from New Jersey, where I attended the funeral of an aunt who died of Alzheimer's (different strain, more common than P Terry's).

Sir Terry started writing the Discworld the same year I was born. The first book in the series I read was Eric; I fervently devoured all others in the series.

I know I'm rambling, it's just so painful.

Good night, Albert; good night Quoth. Good night, Qu; good night Abbot. Good night Laveolus; good night Eric. Good night, Igor; good night, Igor; good night, Igor (no, the other one); good night, Thcrapth; good night, Count Bela de Magpyr. (My hands are shaking, I don't want to go on...) Good night, Gaspode (as I completely break down, great heaving, gasping sobs); good night Carrot.

I don't want to go on. I don't want it to end. I don't want the eager anticipation of a new chapter (usually without chapters) to just be a memory. I don't want the ride to be over. I want the orangutans to thrive in the wild again. I want The Librarian to continue thriving in our imaginations. I don't want it to end.

Good night, Mr. Vimes; good night, Sybil; good night, Wilikins; good night, Young Sam. I was so eagerly looking forward to watching you grow up (here I go bawling again).

Good night, Dorfl. Your creator imbued you and your Dwarven cousins-in-literary-creation with some of the best & richest parts of Jewish cultural heritage, and for that and MANY other reasons, I am eternally greatful.

Good night, Witches.

Good night, Wiz(z)ards.

Good night, Havelock Vetinari, you [Magnificent Bastard], I READ YOUR BOOKS!!! You're in a dead heat with David Xanatos.

Good night, [Loads and Loads of Characters].

Millenium Hand & Shrimp!!! 12:08a, 3/13/15; Khurzog (aka: sdfkjgh, Travis Andrew Froggatt)
11:04:57 AM Apr 17th 2016
Hey, fellow Troper.

  • HUGS*

I understand completely.
02:09:36 PM Feb 16th 2014
What's the source of the page image?
02:39:58 AM Feb 17th 2014
It's a Paul Kidby illustration of him found in the covers of some of his books, I believe.
05:47:34 AM Jun 26th 2011
edited by Raisins
Regarding the last line in the trope entry for Terry Pratchett: "Sure enough, he began the process that will lead to his assisted suicide in 2011."

I don't know if I have missed an article about this, but isn't it supposed to be: "Sure enough, in 2011 he began the process that will lead to his assisted suicide". (moved the year).

Otherwise, it sounds like he is planning on committing assisted suicide in 2011 (instead of him beginning the process in 2011 for his eventual assisted suicide) Just want to be sure before I change it.
09:22:55 PM Jul 7th 2011
Oh good, I'm not the only one who saw that. I just read it and got all sad.
06:16:10 PM Aug 15th 2011
nothing about it on wikipedia. It dosn't say anything about "beginning the process" but just that in 2011 he did a documentary about assisted suicide. The only thing close to a date was "before it progresses to a critical level" so yeah, i'll change it. If it still sounds weird, tell me why.
07:49:25 AM Apr 15th 2011
edited by whtjunior
Several pages listed are not currently using a Sir Pterry quote.

"Badass Grandpa" uses Warcraft III

"Cool Sword" is now using a quote from Kill Bill.

"Deliberately Cute Child" is now using Dilbert.

"Development Hell" is using Douglas Adams

"Equivalent Exchange" has the Law of Conservation of Energy

"Even Evil Has Standards" has a KKK press release and Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG

There could be more. I'll check again later.
07:40:57 AM Apr 16th 2011
edited by whtjunior
Multiple accidental posts before editing the main topic.
08:03:30 AM Apr 16th 2011
edited by whtjunior
Multiple accidental posts before editing the main topic.
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