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10:54:07 AM Feb 14th 2014
  • Art Shift: While most of their games are done in 3D Strong Bad's game heads towards the cel shaded direction, and Puzzle Agent heads to a 2D animated look inspired by the Grickle cartoons. The Walking Dead is done in the style of the original comic books, though in 3D, as is The Wolf Among Us.

  • Early Installment Weirdness: The two Bone games they did were adaptations of two arcs from the story, rather than the Expanded Universe tales they tend to go for (they've gone on record stating that The Walking Dead and Fables take place in the comic continuity) and their CSI games attempt to mimic a realistic look instead of the stylized looks that most of their games go for (barring Jurassic Park: The Game).

These are all SEPARATE SERIES.

From Laconic.Roger Rabbit Effect: Live actors are filmed alongside toons. Not an example.
12:32:32 PM Oct 10th 2013
So now that The Wolf Among Us is out, where will Tropes go for it- on the Fables page, or a new one?
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