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09:33:26 AM May 6th 2013
I deleted King's quote. I couldn't find anything to suggest King had actually written it and to be honest it doesn't even sound like something he'd say.
04:06:30 PM Feb 6th 2012
I think there should be "Stephen King Syndrome" as a trope. Which means basically, you kill off almost every character, and if not, the favorite ALWAYS dies. XD
09:39:10 AM Apr 21st 2011
Crap, accidentally hit Enter...anyway, I've submitted a custom title request to have 'Salem's Lot fixed to how it appears on that page.
05:32:21 AM Feb 17th 2011
Cuchulainn, you deleted a pretty big part of the page yesterday, without giving a reason, so why did you deleted it?
11:56:07 AM Nov 13th 2010
So where would I put on this page that he made a bizarre and yet awesome cameo on Sons of Anarchy?
08:12:16 PM Jan 23rd 2011
The Cameo, I believe.
06:06:48 PM Oct 23rd 2010
Okay, I have not read the Dreamcatcher book, but I saw the film on tv one day, and it seemed okay. Not great, but the effects were good and the acting was decent, but I usually see comments like this was the worst film made out of a King book. Is this because it changed a lot(Which I wouldn't know), or because of the quality of the film itself?
07:48:01 PM Mar 10th 2011
That movie was a train wreck. Was not very faithful to the book, and as a movie it had terrible pacing and plotting. Parts of the book, like the shit weasels and Mr. Gray the alien's stupid accent, simply didn't translate well into the film medium. They ruined the ending. The characters were not interesting as they were in the book, especially the villain, Kurtz. The script was BAD and since they basically cherry picked details from the book it came across as confusing and full of plot holes (example: the relationship of the Mr. Gray aliens to the shit weasels and the mold is explained in the book but not the movie).

To give some measure of the failure, they managed to fuck up having Morgan Freeman in the movie by miscasting him horribly as Kurtz. Freeman's just naturally too lovable to accept as a psychotic General Ripper sort of character, and the book character is nothing like him. He doesn't come across as intimidating or insane like he's supposed to, just sort of grouchy.
05:48:57 AM Sep 6th 2010
Can we ditch the individual comments about the movies' quality and just stick with the blanket statement in the introduction?
08:20:44 AM Sep 24th 2010
I think it's worthwhile to keep some of the individual comments there, particularly when the film was/is considered a major critical success.
09:49:08 AM Sep 24th 2010
Anything about the actors and awards can stay, but the subjective stuff about the quality is natter bait and needs to be cut.
12:40:12 PM Jan 23rd 2011
I absolutely agree with that.
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