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02:07:14 AM Aug 10th 2011
Something is wrong. This Wikiword is displaying as Stanisław Lem, even if used to pothole like this: [[link Stanislaw Lem]]
02:09:45 AM Aug 10th 2011
Okay. Slightly different problem, possibly limited to my machine. The slashed-through "l" showing here is being rendered as &#322, IOW not the accented character it should be. Strangely, in the discussion it renders fine, just not in the actual page.
02:58:19 AM Aug 10th 2011
edited by LordGro
About your first problem: As you describe it, the system is doing exactly what it should. If you wonder about the "ł" character, that's a (correct) Custom Title. That is, the Wikiword "StanislawLem" always displays as "Stanisław Lem". In other words, there is no problem. Or am I getting you wrong?
I can't help you with the second problem, though. I got similar problems sometimes; re-editing the page with the correct character often helps (though I am not sure why).
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