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11:59:51 PM Nov 28th 2014
I think we ought to add tropes and expand. Samuel L Jackson is not just a creator, he is a character in his own right.
02:04:17 AM Nov 29th 2014
Why is this in the discussion page for the funny tab? I'll move it there.
02:15:50 PM Feb 7th 2012
Made of Win to whoever made Bad Motherfucker a redirect.
06:29:59 PM Mar 6th 2011
Saving this because, though natter-filled, it was a classic exchange of the wiki:

  • Although this troper maintains that Samuel Jackson only lost the one arm to the pack of raptors (which were much more numerous in the book), and was able to kill near all of them before getting away. He then ran into the T-rex and went (mind you at this point, he only has one arm) on to best the Rex in single combat. The Rex was impressed and vowed to avenge Jackson, thus supplying the Deus ex Machina scene at the end of the movie where the T-rex saves the day and saves Jackson's rep.
    • ...And that is now officially part of this troper's personal canon.
      • Well, now we now know what Jurassic Park 4 will be about.
      • ...Agreed.
    • Obviously.
    • I would normally say how stupid that sounds, but it's Samuel L. Mutha Fuckin' Jackson. I now submit it to a vote as to whether nerds everywhere take this as canon.
    • Or alternately, he ripped off his own arm to beat the raptors to death with it and escape the island. He's awesome like that.
      • Pffft, no. He got his arm torn off, beat the raptor that attacked him to death with it, and, having slain the pack's leader, took over the pack. The raptors hunting the rest of the cast were rebels who dared to defy Jackson's authority, so he sent the T-Rex to "discipline" them. As a reward, the T-Rex is allowed to chill with Jackson's raptors and serves as His Awesomeness' personal mount. When the Costa Rican military shows up to check out the island, Jackson hitches a ride with them back to the mainland because would you say no to the guy riding the T-Rex with a squad of raptors marching in formation behind him? Then he gets his bionic arm. It probably has a lightsaber built into it. Purple, of course.
      • While he was on fire.
      • You're all loony.
      • We're the sane ones, you're loony for thinkin Samuel "BMF" Jackson wouldn't manage it. While having a refreshing beverage.
      • Now that we have said it, IT MUST BE CANON. Which scenario you ask? Both. He's just that awesome.
        • I'm weeping tears of joy just reading all of this. I reckon he then went back and taught the Raptors and the T-Rex how to be Jedi and gave them all bionic arms. That's why the island is so fucked up by the time of the third film. They conquered the island in brutal cyborg dinosaur Jedi combat, then left to teach the rest of the world how to be badass.
          • I don't even LIKE Star Wars and I still think this is awesome.
            • Oh, and you know that thing with the Force lightning in ROTS? That just gave him the power to control ice and blasted him into a parallel universe.
07:46:31 AM Jul 14th 2012
The whole exchange is on Funny.TV Tropes. Where was it on the page? I'm trying to sort it.
06:59:37 PM Oct 18th 2010
He was also in Goodfellas. I would say that it was his least badass role.
06:21:46 AM May 25th 2010
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