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09:22:56 AM Mar 1st 2012
I am leaving the Trivia Tropes on the main page due to this being a real person. Feel free to add a Trivia tab if you must.
02:31:52 AM Jan 7th 2011
Removed this paragraph:
  • He's also said that he doesn't make movies the critics want to see. He openly admits that his movies are meant to be popcorn fun. This, of course, is a Berserk Button for three groups of people: professional critics, amateur critics, and people who extremely value the views of critics. The very idea that a director would intentionally make a movie solely for "entertainment" instead of "art" is seen as pissing right in their Wheaties.
07:09:33 AM Jan 10th 2011
What is the reason for?
08:43:02 AM Jan 10th 2011
Seemed like Natter.
12:49:50 AM Jan 7th 2011
Can the rampant Fan Boyism in this article be toned down a bit? The average creator page does not have antiHatedom-Hatedom leeching through the whole page. I'm not sure whether the actual description of Michael Bay as a film director is supposed to be a Self-Demonstrating Article (written as if Michael wrote it himself) or a Stealth Parody. Eirther way, it contains natter and seems like an attempt at putting down any criticism, including legitimate.
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