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12:50:19 PM Aug 25th 2013
Cut these for being Zero Context Examples, although I suspect most of these were intended to refer to Reeves himself rather than his work. Before readding, please make sure that 1. the trope refers to Reeves' acting work, and 2. the entry actually says why it fits.
04:06:14 PM Jan 4th 2013
" As of January 15th, he's slated to play Spike Spiegel in the recently announced live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop produced by 20th Century Fox. Fingers crossed that he handles it better than Mark Wahlberg did with Max Payne... after all, he is a fan. Plus, check out that picture - he looks like Spike, if nothing else. "

Come on now, January 15th of which year? Also, Examples Are Not Recent. We should keep page descriptions as timeless as possible.

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