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01:08:18 AM Oct 10th 2017
So...massive sexual harassment scandal deserve a mention? y/n?
09:27:35 AM Oct 10th 2017
No. We don't trope real life, we trope their works.
03:59:49 PM Oct 10th 2017
And more importantly, when we do put stuff we use the proper legal terminology as applied by parties. I consulted legal documents when making additions to Woody Allen and Roman Polanski's page about their scandals.

In the case of Whedon, he is not accused of sexual harassment. He is accused of adultery and hypocrisy and legally speaking, they are not crimes. So there's nothing to put here legally speaking.
01:27:35 AM Mar 14th 2015
Joss Whedon is the father of TV Tropes, for without him, we would have no Buffy, or Jossing. And therefore no TV Tropes.
05:07:00 PM Mar 5th 2011
This was cut from the main page si I'll post it here. It states that Buffy is agnostic. Despite the existence of demons, religious symbology to fight vampires and Buffy actually becoming a Heaven Seeker? How does that work?
07:18:30 PM Feb 10th 2011
Don't forget tropes the director himself plays!
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