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04:13:04 AM Feb 27th 2016
Wayne's characters racist? Most everything i can think of him in the man was an advocate for minoritys, particularly Native Americans. Even more so when you account for the general views of his generation. Can someone clarify what films draw the characterisation as "racist for his day"?
04:30:10 AM Feb 27th 2016
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Just a guess but the Yellowface he did for The Conqueror ?
09:12:13 AM Feb 27th 2016
As for Native American rights...Wayne during the Vietnam War, said that Native Tribes had it coming and words to that effect. That pissed off his ex-friends in the Navajo community. As Joseph Mc Bride reported in Searching for John Ford, one Navajo teen (who served in Vietnam) told the author that if Wayne returned to Utah he would be shot.

Wayne was nice to Hispanic people in general, on a personal level, he was a nice guy. But as John Ford said, he was also a big dope.
09:47:30 AM Oct 13th 2011
Why did nobody mention the Green Beret?
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