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05:10:09 PM Sep 15th 2013
How is he listed under "creator"? wouldn't "actor" be more appropriate?
12:29:43 AM Sep 16th 2013
All actors go in Creator/; we don't have namespaces for every profession.
05:01:00 PM Sep 28th 2013
if you don't mind me asking, why not? or could it be changed to "people"?

also, how do I get emailed that there is a reply to discussion topic?
12:15:26 AM Sep 29th 2013
There's no way to receive email notifications for these, sorry.

It's Creator/ instead of Person/ because most people are irrelevant to the wiki; creators of media are on-mission and we want to encourage pages about them and not just Useful Notes about everyone. It also means that companies are easier to categorise.
08:08:30 PM Oct 5th 2013
ah, ok. Thank you for explaining that to me.