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08:46:14 PM Apr 23rd 2014
Adults who play Humongous games/played Humongous games they bought for their kids
08:56:42 PM Apr 23rd 2014
I just thought there should be a topic for this.

My daughter and I spent hours bonding together with Humongous adventure games. And yes, I did sneak in some solo time with them :)

I would buy games made by Humongous because they were one of the few kid's game developer that made good games, especially the adventure games during an era when adventure was really hitting a dry spell. They had some issues, true, but always packed in a lot of extras, mini-games, and clickable treats that allieviated the problems of pixel-hunting. They were also pretty high-quality, compared to most of the other crap that was available for kids at the time.

I was thrilled to see them on Steam, my now-teen wants to go back and play them, and I can get them for my 3 year old for when he's a little older.