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02:01:09 AM Mar 29th 2013
edited by Candi
"Perhaps more importantly, in that story? The problem's because reincarnation is proven to the hilt—and they've started to get too good for The Masquerade's sake at retrieving memories of past lives..."

Bonus oh crap moment: It was a traveler from the primary Paratime belt who'd been studying at the university on that timeline who put together all the theories and knowledge into a workable and reusable dynamic so that the above could happen. That's right: the traveler made it so that timeline, and possibly the whole belt, had to be completely cut off and rendered a no-go, losing the entire market and all the goods from there. Nice job breaking it. This had to be done because the one unmovable inarguable rule of Paratime is PROTECT THE SECRET of the ability to travel across the varied timelines. And that will go down hill fast if a Paratimer dies and is reborn on that particular timeline. Especially if they use the older 'unconscious' form of memory retrieval.

The story is Last Enemy. Project Gutenberg has that and several other of Piper's work there that're out of copyright. In Kindle and other formats even. :p (They run on donations.)
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