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11:18:31 PM Jun 15th 2015
Why is this Creator and not Useful Notes?
11:19:23 PM Jun 15th 2015
11:25:11 PM Jun 15th 2015
Most likely because his Commentaries are a famous piece of literature. Also, I believe the page was created before the Useful Notes section existed. At the time, a Creator page on the Authors index seemed the most appropriate place to put Caesar. I don't see any benefit to changing it.
05:51:23 AM Jun 16th 2015
Given the lengthy section on his life, as well as tropes associated with the man, this is clearly a Useful Notes page in all but name.

But is it worth the trouble of moving it to the appropriate section?
08:20:35 PM Aug 23rd 2011
Anyone read Colleen Mc Cullough's the Masters of Rome series? Caesar was my favorite character by far in them. Sulla was decent, but he let himself slip too far and Octavian came across as a bit of an ass sometimes.
05:27:38 PM Sep 3rd 2011
edited by Trotzky
Colleen Mc Cullough deseres a page. EDIT Masters of Rome is the page.

" teenaged High Priest of Jupiter, for which he had to break off his engagement to a plebian girl and marry Cornelia, the daughter of four-time consul Lucius Cinna.

His family connections made Caesar a target of the dictator Sulla, who forced him to spend much of his inheritance in elaborate ceremonies, as well as removing his priesthood at the pleas of his mother Aurelia and others, and had toyed with having Caesar killed when he refused to divorce his wife Cinilla after one of Sulla's proscriptions stripped her of her noble status. "

His wife was Cinilla not Cornelia, but if Cinna's middle name were Corelius, it would work.

The decree did Not downgrade Cinilla from Aristo to Peasant; it downgraded her from Citizen to Barbarian
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