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12:04:57 AM Dec 8th 2013
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This is misuse of The Ace, which is a comically overpowered supporting character, and also an No Real Life Examples, Please! trope.
  • The Ace : Although little known today, Fritz Lang is a phenomenal influence on film history. He influenced all kinds of popular genres and especially the crime genre and thriller. Film Noir and Hitchcock's thrillers would not have been possible without his influence.
11:56:30 PM Dec 7th 2013
These tropes were cut for troping real life rather than the creator's works or style (see Creator Page Guidelines). If you want to include any of such information, do it *above* the trope list.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Look at the photo above. He had eye problems as a result of an injury he suffered in his military service during World War I.
  • High-Class Glass: That said, he only wore the eyepatch in his later years. For most of his life, especially in the 20s and 30s, he took to wearing a monocle that added a sinister aura that allowed him to be very intimidating to his crew.
  • Prima Donna Director: He was famous for his ruthless perfectionism and insistence on high standards and was a terror to his cast and crew, but did inspire loyalty among some of them.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Was opposed to Nazism but like many liberals of his time, he stayed in Germany until 1934 in the hope that the Nazis wouldn't last and weren't to be taken seriously. He gradually realized that they were there to stay and in his own words, made a hair-raising exit right after meeting Josef Goebbels who offered him a high-end position in the Nazi Film industry.
    • His passport at the Deutsche Kinematek at Berlin reveals that he made several back-and-forth trips between Germany and Paris and carried all his clothes, belongings and money to France, making him far better off than other exiles and emigres who literally had to start from scratch.