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04:42:15 AM Jun 6th 2012
So, is this an example or not?
  • Ayn Rand was a serious student of Nietzsche's ideas, leading to her development of the philosophy of Objectivism, which is basically similar to Nietzsche's own philosophy except it rejected the premise that the Ubermensch can use force on others for his own ends. By the time of The Fountainhead, however, she was willing to deconstruct the traditional Nietzschean Ubermensch.
    • Whether Rand should be considered a serious student of Nietzsche or whether their philosophies are similar. On a rhetorical level there seem to be some parallels, but beneath the surface they are profoundly different. Rand deified reason and rationality and actively hated anti-rationalism, while Nietzsche was deeply suspicious of privileging reason over other modes of analysis, to the point that many philosophers consider Nietzsche an anti-rationalist himself. Nietzsche was critical of market economics and wealth generation as an end in itself, as well as attacking the moral root of property rights. Beyond the superficial, perhaps the only thing they completely agreed upon was their analysis of aesthetics.
    • Rand appears to instead be an Aristotlean (she attacked modern physics and non-Euclidean geometry because they didn't fit in an Aristotlean framework) in Nietzsche's skin.
03:24:36 PM Oct 20th 2012
No, she is not a trope. People should stop doing that.
08:26:47 AM Mar 4th 2011
edited by MadarseLizard
How's his name pronounced? Nye-t-see? Ney-t-z-che? Also I've heard it pronounced Nile-ism and Nil-ism. Elaborate please.
08:40:35 AM Mar 4th 2011
I've generally heard his name pronounced more like "Nee-schee" or "Nee-scha"
11:50:45 AM Mar 8th 2011
edited by Anaheyla

Sounds kinda like Nee-chya or something to that general effect.
11:22:59 AM Aug 12th 2012
I always pronounced it "nai-uhl-ism", but that's just me. It comes from "nihil", which is definitely two syllables long, but the "h" tends to get slurred over.
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