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05:34:20 PM Nov 14th 2010
I feel sorry for Don Bluth after not doing well with Titian A.E. Why can't he come back to work at Disney? It would be financially best for him. Sure, it might be a bit embarrassing to go back to a studio that you left because it "lost its magic" back in the day, but I'm sure they'd welcome him back since they want to do more 2D hand-drawn movies.
07:38:59 PM Nov 14th 2010
He's getting pretty up there in terms of age, I think he's pretty much retired aside from animation tutorials.
01:43:41 AM Jul 22nd 2010
(Random) It's been years since I last saw it, but after all this time, it's nice to have it confirmed for me that Bluth worked on The Sword And The Stone. I always thought the knights looked awfully... Bluthy.
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