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09:39:44 AM May 9th 2011
02:04:03 PM May 9th 2011
edited by Darkaros
Also because the person in question's not a troll, he is a prominent Web Original creator, and because his works/actions are definitely tropable. Don't cut, geeze.
02:10:22 PM May 9th 2011
The page could use some work, though. You know, to make it less gushy and all that jazz...
02:16:13 PM May 9th 2011
Agreed, but that doesn't justify cutting it. Right now the only thing that's particularly gushy is the description, anyway.
08:58:33 AM May 9th 2011
There appears to be a Troper page for Deeper Cutt that is empty. I suggest moving the contents of the Main page to the Troper page, because I suspect the page was created in the wrong part of the Wiki.
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