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03:06:39 AM Nov 14th 2012
Isnt this article a little too biassed and glowing? What of his anti-gay rights stance?
03:02:24 PM Feb 15th 2013
seconded. Innumerable celebrities who have less-than-stellar worldviews are dragged out and exposed here and everywhere else, and rightly so. That he has a meme attached to him shouldn't be a distraction from a biographical page on the actor, which is what this page is mean to be. Look at this page for example, a talk page loaded up with unfunny junk.
02:19:29 AM Apr 20th 2013
Let's not forget his siding with creationism as well as his belief that the bible should be mandatory as a -textbook-, either.
07:57:57 PM Jul 20th 2011
edited by PrometheusUnbound
Removed the Chuck Norris Facts. There's already a Chuck Norris Facts trope page.

     Other Facts About Chuck Norris 

07:55:53 PM Jul 30th 2011
Can we move it to Chuck Norris Facts, or make a Just for Fun page for it?
05:22:31 PM Nov 19th 2010
a mixture of Christian and Martial Arts principles

What the hell does this mean?
08:19:35 PM Jul 20th 2011
It appears to be a mix of Christian philosophy with Martial Arts pragmatism. What did you think it meant?
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